Northstar Air Compressor Manufacturer, Return Policy, & Replacement Parts Information

Northstar has been a dominant air compressor manufacturer for over years. It has a wide variety of compressors from portable to high-horse powered. These highly efficient air compressors are a perfect choice for construction jobs, workshops, or any other application where you need air. They are manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment which was founded in 1981 by Don Kotula. The company was known for making log splitters, and hydraulics.

Northern tool has 120 + stores and 2500 employees working in it. To expand their business, they started a new company named Northstar in 1991 and begin creating other power tools like paint sprayers, pressure washers, air compressors, and generators. Here we will discuss different types of compressors made by Northstar.

Northstar Made Air Compressors List

Northstar has taken a leading position in the development of pneumatic tools. They’ve made several types of models depending upon the need of customers. All of the compressors are built for long time use and also offer great value for money. Here is the list of its all models:

  • Model No. 459382
  • Model No. 459242
  • Model No. 459392
  • Model No. 53009
  • Model No. 75711
  • Model No. 459212
  • Model No. 459222
  • Model No. 75710
  • Model No. 75859
  • Model No. 99306
  • Model No. 106694
  • Model No. 106693

These are 12 types of air compressors made by Northstar including different tank sizes, pressure ratings, gas-powered, oiled, oilless, quiet, twin tank, two-stage, vertical and horizontal. Every single compressor from Northstar runs for long years and you will need less maintenance.

Warranty Details

The Northstar Air Compressors Warranty is a special program that gives its customers an additional layer of protection on the purchased products. It encourages customers to use the tool without worrying. Northstar provides 1,2,3,4 and 5 years of limited warranty on the air compressors. It means, from the date of purchase you can get any type of fixation or repair free of cost. If your compressor stopped working or facing any fault you can go to the Northstar’s service center and get a free repair.

According to the company, they only replace parts of the air compressor if it gets bad. You wouldn’t get your whole device replaced.  The company will not accept free repair requests if the tool is operated or abused badly. If the user has taken any maintenance service outside the brand, they will not able to get the warranty’s benefit. Users with legit issues or faults can get their tools repaired at zero cost.

If you are thinking to visit their service center, must take the receipt of purchasing that product along with you. Before visiting the service center, you can also call their customer support for important details regarding the warranty. Their phone number is given below.

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Customer Support

If you are living in the USA or outside and have any questions related to the product replacement parts or warranty details, you can contact the support team through the given details.

Call: (1-800-222-5381)

Product Details Inquiry: (1-800-221-0516)

Replacement Parts Inquiry: (1-800-657-0516)

Global Customer Queries Email:

Return Policy

Northstar has provided a quite good policy of returning the product if any user got the defective or damaged tool. Customers can return the product within 60 days if they received a damaged one and get a refund or replacement free. You can visit the nearest Northstar retail store with its product purchasing proof or call at (1-800-222-5381) to return the tool. The whole process may take 15 to 30 days.

You are not eligible to return the air compressor if you have added gas or oil to it. The other option is, you can get it repaired free through warranty service.

Coupon Information

Northstar continues to provide different discounted offers to its customers. You can save your money on every purchase from Northstar if have a coupon code. Also, you can get discounts up to $5, $20, and $100 valued gift cards.  Keep checking their website continuously for getting updated discounts and upcoming offers. For more details visit their website.


Where to get Northstar compressor replacement parts?

You can get all of the parts or accessories of the Northstar air compressor on the official website Northern tool. If your tool’s any part gets bad then we recommend using its own brand manufactured replacement parts of high quality and average prices. Following parts, you will get:

  • Manifolds
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Oils
  • Lubricants
  • Filters
  • Air Compressor Pumps
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Switches
  • Drain Valves

Do not go for any third-party manufactured parts because they may disturb the smooth functioning of your tool. Only use the accessories that are made by the Northstar brand. 

How good are Northstar Air Compressors?

I had to do spray painting and other jobs collectively. I searched for a compressor with a good pressure rating and a big-sized tank. Finally, I got a Northstar 30-gallon air compressor, proving that my selection was right. I’ve used this device for almost two years and done a lot of jobs. Its long hour of running time impressed me and helped to complete my single-day task on time. There is no extreme loudness; it runs quietly. Its portability should be improved because of the little heavyweight, and two tires must be provided with it.

Recently, I had to go to paint the main gate of my friend’s house, I couldn’t lift it easily. I suggest the compressor should be portable; maybe others have a different opinion. Moreover, I’m fully satisfied working with this Northstar air tool. Here is the picture of my air compressor that I’ve purchased two years ago.

Last Words

Northstar Air Compressors are made for people looking for quality and durability. They offer both gas and electric air tools that are built to last long for years and will help you get your work done much faster. The company provides a good warranty package and customer support. If you want to do hard or long-hour jobs, you must go for Northstar compressors. Want to ask any questions? Share your thought below; we will answer them as soon as possible.

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