Where Are Quincy Air Compressors Made? Identify Brand & Get Contact Details

Quincy compressors are one the largest air compressor manufacturing company in the world. It is established in 1920 for providing quality compressor machines. At that time the company has multiple air compressors development plants in different countries like the USA, China, Germany, & Belgium. The company has expertise in producing rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors that are used in all kinds of industries from automotive to mining. Quincy compressors come in all shapes, tank sizes, power that is used for different applications. Some are designed for heavy equipment, some are for small air tools.

For your knowledge, we have covered all types of air compressors manufactured by Quincy. Let’s read in detail here.

Types of Quincy Air Compressors

According to Style

Quincy has designed 10 different styles of air compressors according to the need and working demand.

Single Stage

Single-stage compressors are those in which air is compressed only one time. These types of air compressors are widely used in chemical industries and workshops for operating air nailers, spray painting guns, pressure washing, etc.


In two-stage compressors air is compressed two times to get maximum pressure. 2 stage air compressors are used for running pneumatic tools, fuel stations, & spray guns.


Portable air compressors are mostly used for construction and agriculture purposes. It is best for the spraying of crops, wrenches, road works, & other equipment.  


Max air compressor is best for running heavy-duty tools, it is used in beverage and oil manufacturing industries.


The type of compressors that are built on a rotary mechanism is known as rotary air compressors. The compressor uses rotors to build up the pressure that helps to produce a larger amount of compressed air. It is also used for inflating car tires, water fountains, painting, hammers, & packing food.


Scroll air compressors are specially designed for heating and air conditioning purposes. It is used in refrigerants, vacuums, & heating pumps.


QGS is one of the best air compressors designed by Quincy, it is extensively used at the industrial level like producing oil, chemical plants, mining, automotive, and pharmaceutical.

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QT air compressor is most popular for dry cleaning, HVAC, soft drink plants, food packaging, and many others.


Quincy gas compressors are used for compressing air to smaller volumes so it will cover less space. It is used in refrigerators and submarines for filling the air.

Truck Mount

As heavy vehicle needs high pressure to get inflated, so truck mount air compressor is the best option. It comes with a maximum pressure of 175 psi and 13 horsepower to fill tires within no time.

According to Gallons

For performing small and big operations there are 7 types of air compressors according to their tank size.

  • Tankless
  • 20 Gallon
  • 26 Gallon
  • 30 Gallon
  • 60 Gallon
  • 80 Gallon
  • 120 Gallon

According to Horsepower (HP)

If you are looking for powerful air compressors then we have listed here 9 types that are made by Quincy compressors.

  • 2HP
  • 3.5HP
  • 5HP
  • 7.5HP
  • 10HP
  • 13HP
  • 15 HP
  • 20HP
  • 25HP


You need to ensure whether your air compressor holds a good warranty or not. Warranty adds extra care and protection to your device & also increases its life. Quincy is one of the best brands in the market because it provides multiple warranty types for facilitating its customers. They provide six types of warranties that are given here:

Royal Blue

This specific warranty is eligible for two products only, i.e. QGV & QSI. Users can get free repair or replacement for five years without giving extra fees.

True Blue

People who own products like QGSV, QGS, QGDV, & QGD can avail this True blue warranty. If their tool malfunctions within the time from the product purchase, they can get free of cost maintenance for five years.

Sterling Blue

This is anothergood warranty only for the Quincy QOF model in which customers can get benefits like fixation and maintenance from 2 to 5 years free.

Blue Shield Extended

Blue Shield provides an opportunity for your old Quincy compressors to extend their warranty. It only applies to rotary screw compressors, so if you have this model and it is five years old, you can extend the machine’s warranty from 3 to 5 years.

No Bull Warranty

This warranty contains all the things required for the maintenance of the air compressor. You can service your tool feel of cost for the upcoming three years.

10 Years

Ten years warranty is especially for refrigerated air dryers. You can get free service of your air dryer for 10 years through this warranty.

Serial Number Lookup

If you don’t know about the serial number of an air compressor or not finding where it is located, then we will help. Every compressor has a serial number written on the sticker or plate, and the instruction plate is available on the compressor’s tank, sometimes on the other parts. See the given image to get a clear idea:


How to Identify Quincy Compressor?

Identifying your Quincy compressor brand is not much complicated. Freshly made tools have a logo on them, and everyone can easily recognize that the compressor is from Quincy. But, if the tool is rusty and no brand identification remains on it, there is a problem for you. Not to worry, we will help to find out the compressor. Firstly, try to find the model number because every pneumatic tool has a unique number that will help us identify the brand.

Secondly, approach a specialist available at any service centre, and they will tell you the company of your tool.

Where to find Quincy Air Compressor distributor?

You can find the distributors on the official website of Quincy. Visit their website, go to the about us section and click on the “Locate a distributor” button. Select your country name, provide zip code, city name, and state, & click on the search button. Keep in mind to turn on your device location; they will find the nearest distributor for you.

In the same way, you can find parts for your Quincy compressor locally. For example, if you are from Newyork, add the zip code to locate the dealer. You can also call or email them for further help. The details are given below:

Call: 516-248-9096

Email: timothy.gribbin@quincycompressor.com

Address: 87 E Jefryn BlvdDeer Park, NY 11729, USA

Are Chicago Pneumatic and Quincy air compressors the same?

Both are different brands but work under the same parent company, i.e. Atlas Copco. Chicago Pneumatic is manufacturing the same tools as Quincy made.

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