Who Makes Badland Winches?

Whenever you are on off-road adventures and need to tow your vehicle, here a solid and reliable winch helps like a savior. Various winches are available in the market that help adventurers tow their vehicles stuck in the mud or water. At that time, if you have a robust winch, then you can easily get yourself out of the bad situation. You will get in more trouble if you have a low-quality or less-capacity winch. So, always keep a good winch with you for any adventure. 

Don’t worry; I know a famous brand for its winches with exceptional performance and durability. Badland is one of the major brands winning the market because of its high-quality winches. Their winches are strong and work for longer times. But do you know who the manufacturer of Badland Winches is? So, let us know who makes Badland winches, where they are made, what type of winches they make, their quality, warranty, & they are good to use. 

The Makers of Badland Winches

The original manufacturers of the Badland Winches are the two Chinese companies, Ningbo Antai & Ningbo Lianda Winch Technology Co. Both of these units manufacture high-quality winches then are branded as Badland Winches. Badland winches are popular in the market due to their strong build material. 

Harbor Freight purchased these winches from both Chinese companies and started selling them in 2017 under their brand. Harbor has successfully maintained the quality of Badland Winches for years. They also provide a good warranty so every user can conveniently use this tool for longer. 

Types of Badland Winches

Badland manufactures different types of winches according to the pulling capacity. From heavy to light duty jobs, Badland serves every customer so they can pull their vehicles without any issue. We’ve gathered all Badland winches here according to their pulling capacity. 

Badland ZXR 12,000 lb winch with wire rope

This amazing Badland winch from Harbor Freight is the best option for offroading. Its weather-resistant build quality will help you to save from rust and dust. You don’t need to worry about motor burnout when pulling longer because a high-quality series wound motor is installed that keeps the motor cool. This is the perfect winch for your vehicle.  

Badland APEX 12,000 lb winch with synthetic rope & wireless remote 

This Badland winch has a pulling capacity of 12,000 lbs to take you out from the mud easily. With more reliability, this winch has a strong synthetic rope that lessens the chances of breakage while pulling the load. You will get a wireless remote with a wide range of 50 ft to control the winch effectively. This winch is a great option if you want to do longer-pulling jobs. 

Badland ZXR 9500 lb SUV/Truck winch with wire rope 

If you are an SUV or Truck owner, Badland ZXR 9500 lb would be enough to pull you out from mud or sand. With an automatic load-holding brake system, you can safely do the pulling. The remote control helps you control the winch and save you from any misadventure. This winch must be installed in your SUV or truck wherever you go for offroading. 

Badland 1500 lb 120 V electric winch

Badland 1500 lb. Winch is ideal for your garage or shop for light-duty tasks. This winch helps you to pull items with medium weight easily. This winch also has a remote control to make the winch function properly. With a robust quality cable, you don’t need to worry about cable damage. This affordable winch is enough for doing your daily light-pulling tasks. 

Similarly, Badland has many winches with different pulling capacities like Badland 2500 ZXR lb With Wire Rope, 12,000 lb winch with steel rope, 3500 lb ATV winch, APEX 5500 lb UTV winch, 2000 lb Utility Trailer winch, APEX 5500 lb UTV short drum winch, ZXR 5000 lb UTV/Powersport winch, 2000 lb. Marine electric winch. 

Badland Winches – Are They Any Good?

Badland Winches are one of the most reliable winches for years in the market. They come with great pulling power and a powerful braking system, making the winching easier and risk-free. To manufacture the winches, high-quality build material is used, saving it from dust and water. From cable to motor, braking, remote control, roller, & hook, Badland winches perform great in every pulling job. You can go for Badland Winch without any worry. Also, consider the following factors why these winches are good. 

Harbor Freight’s Commitment to Quality

Harbor Freight always aims to provide quality products to its customers, and you can see their dedication to manufacturing Badland winches. The company follows strict manufacturing processes, ensuring that each winch meets rigorous standards before it reaches the market because they understand the demands placed on winches during off-road adventures and prioritize the reliability and durability of its products.

Innovative Design & Technology

To cater to the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts, Harbor Freight Tools invests in innovative design and technology for their Badland Winches. These winches are equipped with cutting-edge features that enhance their performance and user-friendliness. From powerful motors and efficient gear systems to wireless remote controls and robust synthetic ropes, Badland Winches are designed to provide maximum functionality and ease of use.

Extensive Product Range

Harbor Freight Tools offers various Badland Winches to cater to different requirements and budgets. Whether you need a compact winch for occasional light-duty tasks or a heavy-duty winch for demanding applications, they have a product to suit your needs. The product line includes winches with various weight capacities, line speeds, and mounting options, ensuring a Badland Winch for every situation.


One of the key advantages of Badland Winches is its affordability. Harbor Freight Tools always try to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, making Badland Winches a cost-effective option for off-road enthusiasts and professionals. This accessibility ensures that individuals with varying budgets can enjoy the benefits of a reliable winch without compromising on quality.

Customer Support & Warranty

Harbor Freight Tools understands the importance of customer satisfaction and provides excellent support services for Badland Winches. In case of any queries or issues, their knowledgeable customer support team is readily available to assist customers. Additionally, Badland Winches come with a warranty, providing peace of mind to users and reinforcing the manufacturer’s confidence in their products.


Behind the success of Badland Winches lies the reputable manufacturer, Harbor Freight Tools. With their commitment to quality, innovative design, extensive product range, affordability, and strong customer support, Harbor Freight Tools has established Badland Winches as a go-to brand for those seeking reliable winching solutions. Whether you are an off-road enthusiast, a professional, or someone who requires a dependable winch for various tasks, Badland Winches from Harbor Freight Tools is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.


Where to buy Badland winch?

You can buy Badland Winches from any online shop or physical store. Online retailers like Amazon & Walmart are the best places to buy Badland winches. You can also purchase it from their own Harbor Freight store. Must check the warranty details before purchasing from any store. 

Can I get replacement parts for my Badland winch?

Yes, Harbor Freight usually provides product replacement parts, including Badland Winches. You can often find replacement parts on their official website or physical retail locations.

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