Who Makes Hyper Tough Winches?

Hyper tough winches are one of the most used winches in the world. These winches are very powerful tools needed when your car gets stuck or when you need to move some heavy object around the house or construction site. They are reliable and manufactured with high quality material, so customers can use it for longer times.  Hyper tough is committed to provide robust quality winches so users can easily do winching tasks without breaking the cable. But, do you know who makes Hyper Tough winches? In this article we will provide complete details about this brand and what type of winches they manufacture. 

About Hyper Tough Winches

Hyper Tough is not a company or manufacturer that makes these winches, it is a brand that belongs to Walmart. This brand was established in 1993, and in all these years, this brand became the top brand in the world. But still, the question is that Walmart does not manufacture any products; it is a platform where these winches are sold.

The Hyper Tough winches are manufactured by DAYE North America factories based in Taiwan and China. This company was established in 2017, and its factories, where all the power and other tools are made, are located in China and Taiwan. This is a Taiwan-based company that makes these winches. DAYE companies not only manufacture winches but also manufacture other power tools like drill machines, screwdrivers, grinders, etc.

This company does not make these winches at their America-based headquarters. The main place where all the tools and winches are manufactured is in Taiwan and China, the main factories of DAYE North America.

What Sets Hyper Tough Winches Apart

Hyper Tough are the best and most affordable winches currently available at online stores, such as Walmart and others, and are recommended by all professionals and other off-road travelers. Quality and durability are the main reasons these brand winches are so popular. These factors make them a long-lasting partner for your vehicles. 

Another reason is that these winches can be operated with the help of a wireless remote. The minimum capacity starts from 1500 lbs and climbs up to 12000 lbs. These winches come in two types of pulling ropes; one is the steel cable, and the other that is mostly used is the synthetic rope. The cable or rope length depends on the winches’ model. The higher the capacity of the winch, the longer will be the length of the synthetic rope and cable.


Hyper Tough winches are famous for their affordability, as these are the most durable and affordable winches available at such low prices with remote controlling functions. This brand manufactures the top winches at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality and functionality of their winch. These winches are specially made for those who want to get the best and most durable tools without breaking their bank’s limits.


Another factor in which the hyper tough winches are so famous is their durability. In the history of Hyper Tough Brand, they have always maintained their products’ top quality and durability. Their winches can withstand any atmosphere and all kinds of conditions you can put them into because of their strong resistance against rusting and waterproofing, which leads to the long-lasting life of your winch.


Hyper tough winches are also famous because of their lightweight design, making them very easy to use and carry anywhere without issues. Their unique design is the main factor behind their low weight. This makes them very easy to handle and operate under all kinds of conditions. The Hyper Tough 10000 lbs winch only weighs 59.41 lbs when fully assembled, and the 12000 lbs winch only weighs 60 lbs, which is much less than another winch available in the market.

Easy To Use

These winches are very easy to use; they come with a remote controller, with the help of which you can easily operate or use the winch functions. The remote has all the features and processes required to use the winches. Controlling the winch with the remote can be very safe sometimes and can save someone’s life; in case of cable breaks, the kinetic energy stored in it will push the line backward, and this backward force of the line can hurt someone badly. The remote feature is considered to be the best one.


Hyper Tough brands offer one year of manufacturer warranty on their winches. If the winch fails during working or causes issues when pulling any object, you can claim your warranty directly from the Hyper Tough headquarters. You can also claim this warranty if the pulling speed becomes slow and fast automatically because of any damage that happens to the motor while working. Another reason is that the warranty can be claimed if the remote fails all the winch functions during testing or on-site work.


Hyper Tough has been manufacturing the best and most affordable winches for over 30 years. This is a brand that Walmart owns. These winches are manufactured by an American company based in North America and are known as DAYE North America. These winches are not manufactured in America. This company, DAYE, has made factories in 2 different companies. One is in China, and the second is in Taiwan; these are the main factories where all kinds of winches are made. These factories not only manufacture winches but also manufacture all types of power tools.


Where Hyper Tough Winches are Made?

DAYE North America Company manufactures Hyper Tough winch. This company has planted two factories in Taiwan and China where workers and engineers actually make these winches and other power tools that professionals use. DAYE is the main headquarters of this brand, which is based in America.

Are Hyper Touch Winches Good?

These winches are considered to be the best in the world. Because of their design, they weigh so low even the biggest 12000 lbs winch only has 60 lbs weight. The main feature is the remote controller, which you can use and don’t need to come close to the winch while it is pulling something. So, in this way, you can stay safe in an emergency if the cable breaks due to high tension. Whenever a fully stretched cable breaks, it comes back with the same amount of power it took from the motor to pull the object; these winches are so good because of their functions and controls, which can save you from getting hurt.

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