Who Makes McGraw Air Compressor? Meet the Makers

In current times, air compressors become the need of every homeowner. From airing up tires to painting doors, cleaning, and working on DIY projects, they are helping a lot. There are tons of brands in the market that are selling air compressors, but you can rely on some of them. MCGRAW is one of them that has been producing a highly durable compressor for a long time. Let’s know its history, what type of compressors they make, and who their manufacturers are. 

Manufacturer’s Information

Harbor Freight was founded in 1977 to make high-quality power tools. The company quickly grows, and after 45 years, it has more than 1200+ stores all over the United States. Currently, the store in different locations reaches up to 1300 in number. They have a huge customer base of more than 45 million, which is increasing daily. 

This company manufactures different tools and equipment. They deliver the best build-quality, low-price products and tools. Harbor Freight is the company that started manufacturing McGraw air compressors at the start of 2019 to enhance its market reputation. 

This company manufactures multiple tools, including power tools, welders, lawnmowers, generators, vacuum cleaners, hand tools, compressors, & many others. Harbor Freight provides affordable tools and machines, which is why they are unbearable in the market. 

Manufacture Area 

Harbor Freight headquarters are available in Calabasas, California, United States. Here MACGRAW brand air compressors are manufactured and delivered nationwide. You may have Harbor local stores in your area, locate them and reach there if you want to visit physically. 

You can visit their website and click on find a store to locate the local stores. You must enter the zip code and click the search button. The website will show you the nearest Harbor Freight store. 

Quality & Types

The most important thing every person sees in a product is its quality. 

Most importantly, you should always strive for build quality, which is the primary factor we want in our compressors or other products. McGraw air compressors are genuinely guaranteed to make quality, and you do not have any safety risks or efficiency issues while using McGraw air compressors.

There is a different type of models available in McGraw, which are given below:  

McGraw 3 Gallon Pancake/Hotdog Air Compressor

The 3 Gallon portable MacGraw air compressors come in a pancake-style tank and are one of the most reliable units in the market. It is a lightweight unit that you can easily pick and move anywhere. Pressure control quick connects, safety valve, and all other controls are installed on the top to maintain the pressure of the compressor easily. With a strong motor of 1.3Hp, you will get a quick fill-up time. The unit is perfect for performing light-duty tasks like tire inflating, nailing, & running impact wrenches. 

You won’t need any regular unit maintenance because it is oil-free. The air compressor moving around is one of the biggest problems while operating the unit, but don’t worry; rubber pads are fixed below the legs to protect the compressor from moving. We loved using this unit for light-duty jobs, and if you want a compressor for small DIY work, this unit is the best option from McGraw. 

Similarly, the compressors with the same features come in hot dog-style tanks. It has the same features that a 3 Gallon pancake compressor has; there is just a difference in tank style. You can choose any tank style you love and easily store it in the garage. 

McGraw 6 Gallon Air Compressor

Next to 3 Gallon compressors, McGraw’s 6-gallon air compressor landed on the market to help you to complete light to medium-duty jobs. The 6-gallon tank stores more pressure and allows you to run multiple pneumatic tools. All the air tools run smoothly if intense and continuous pressure is provided; this compressor can generate a strong airflow of 2.8 SCFM at 90 PSI, which helps run the tools very smoothly.

Like other McGraw units we discussed earlier, this compressor also has oil-free functionality, meaning you don’t need regular maintenance to keep the unit healthy. The maximum pressure you can get from this unit is 150 PSI; this will help to do medium-duty jobs perfectly. This is another excellent tool from McGraw in the air compressor market. 

McGraw 8 Gallon Air Compressor

This excellent McGraw air compressor has a beautiful horizontal design with an 8-gallon tank. All the controls are given on the top, which helps conveniently use the compressor. The tool can provide 90 psi at 4.1 SCFM, and you can get a maximum pressure of 150 psi. A 1.5 hp powerful motor is installed to fill the compressor tank quickly.

 Also, to protect the motor from overheating, thermal overload protection is installed to help save motor burn even in excessive use. On the portability side, a big handle is installed on the front side to move the compressor easily; if you have less garage space, you can remove this handle and store the unit. 

The rubber wheels of the compressor also help with easy movement. This 8-gallon unit can do easy to medium-duty jobs easily. You can do inflating, operate blowing guns, caulk guns, grease gum, stapler gun, brad/finish nailer, spray guns, framing nailers, flooring nailers, roofing nailers, impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, & die grinders smoothly with the help of this compressor. 

You cannot operate this compressor for running HVLP spray guns, sandblasters, and other heavy-duty tools. Overall, this unit is best for your daily tasks. 

McGraw 10 Gallon Air Compressor

McGraw aims to serve all industries by helping workers to complete their tasks quickly. They manufactured a compressor with a big 10-gallon tank, which allows perform medium to a bit heavy-duty jobs and operate for long hours. This is an oiled unit, which means you will need proper oil lubrication of the compressor after 2 to 3 months; it also costs you extra. The 10-gallon compressor has a strong 1.6HP motor to quickly air up the tank and protect it from thermal overload. 

You can easily do long hours of jobs like blowing guns, painting, nailing, & stapling because of the high airflow rate of 4 SCFM at 90 PSI. You can fill the tank at a maximum cut-out pressure of 150 PSI; the unit will automatically stop to protect it from tearing. This compressor is very portable; you can take it anywhere by holding a big handle installed on the front. The rubber wheel below the unit helps smooth moveability, even on construction sites. It is an excellent tool from McGraw for performing long-hour jobs smoothly. 

McGraw 20 Gallon Air Compressor

One of the most popular and customer-loving compressors is the McGraw 20-gallon air compressor. It is a vertical-style unit perfect for doing long-time jobs smoothly. The compressor is oil operated and needs proper oil lubrication after every two months. A 1.6HP motor helps you to fasten up the tank filling time and to protect the motor from burning; a thermal protection system is installed. You can increase or decrease the pressure from the controls at the top. You can open the drain valve beneath the vertical tank to drain the unit. Overall, the compressor is convenient to use and runs longer. 

McGraw 21 Gallon Air Compressor

Another excellent unit from Harbor Freight is the McGraw 21-gallon compressor, which comes in a vertical-style tank. This big tank compressor helps to do heavy-duty jobs on time. You can take on construction sites and operate any pneumatic tool for long hours. The unit reaches maximum cut-out pressure at 175 PSI, and for solid and continuous airflow, the unit can generate 90 PSI at 4 SCFM. It is one of the most portable units; you can move it anywhere quickly by holding the handle on the top.

This unit also covers less space in the garage or shop because of its vertical-style tank. You should consider this compressor for People looking for a unit for their workshop, DIY projects, and other medium to heavy-duty jobs. 

McGraw 29 Gallon Air Compressor

The best unit specially manufactured for heavy-duty tasks from Harbor Freight is McGraw 29-gallon air compressor. This giant unit has a big-sized tank to run multiple pneumatic tools at a time smoothly. As the tank size is big, a 1.8HP motor is installed to speed up the compressor’s functionality and tank filling time. It is an oil-lubricated unit, so you must change the oil after a few months to smooth its functioning.

The unit operates your pneumatic tools longer because it can deliver a maximum pressure of 165 PSI. If you are a contractor, construction site worker, DIYer, workshop owner, or mobile detailing company owner, this unit is perfect for your business and won’t waste your investment. It will run for long years and help to complete the projects on time. 

Here we’ve listed all the McGraw air compressors manufactured by Harbor Freight and provided a short detail about them. But a lot of people still have a question in their minds: is the McGraw compressor good to use? So, we’ve answered it below. 

Are mcgraw air compressors any good?

McGraw air compressors are among the best in the market, delivering outstanding performances and helping people do their projects quickly. From light to heavy-duty jobs, McGraw has every size compressor to meet your project needs. High-quality build material like cast iron is used to manufacture the tank; it helps to protect it from rust. From portability to affordable prices, McGraw air compressors are the best choices that you can go for. 

Warranty Details 

After purchasing your McGraw tools, support services are available to you after the warranty period is over. They offer a 3 to 4 Months warranty on an air compressor for which you can change parts and other tools for free. But You cannot buy free repair if:

  • If the tools are damaged or broken
  • If any third person repairs the product
  • If any original parts are changed

The nearest McGraw service center will provide free repair if you do not face the above conditions.

Tips: Read the user manual before operating the air compressor or another tool provided by McGraw. This will help you in managing the product quickly. 

Customer Reviews

McGraw has a top and the highest rank in the market. McGraw Air Compressors has the best-satisfied customers because they build a product with quality and the best parts. So, you can believe in this brand.McGraw Air Compressors Have 5-star ratings from their customers. McGraw air compressors provide safe and very effective functions that help you from any safety damage and offensive issues. 

For confirmation, we contacted some of the old customers who are using this compressor, and they have added some additional information regarding McGraw’s performance; for example, even after years, compressor noise was low, and the build time of pressure was the same as the new.

Customer Support Details

Quick customer service with a friendly support team helps customers to solve their queries regarding products quickly. Harbor Freight has an active staff that responds to customer questions 24/7. Below we mentioned their contact information; you can approach them anytime.

Contact #:1-800-905-5215 or 1-805-445-4912


Which compressor is best in the market at the moment?

All types of compressors are suitable, but the company which made the product with the best parts and things in making the air compressor has the best build quality and delighted customers. Hence, the McGraw air compressor is the best in the market.

On Which Website Can You Buy McGraw Air Compressors?

You can buy this compressor at any famous E-Commerce Store. For example, many sellers in the market sell McGraw air compressors, such as Amazon,eBay, Atlas Copco, and Harbor Freight Itself. But their price may vary from store to store.

Final Thoughts

McGraw air compressors are the most suitable tools available now because of their flexible size, portability, and many more. As this is portable, you can carry this air compressor easily anywhere and move around the house as required. Harbor Freight is undoubtedly manufacturing high-quality McGraw compressors that run for many years. If you want a reliable compressor, you can choose the McGraw brand.

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