Who Makes Rough Country Winches?

When traveling off-road for a trip or outing with friends, many tools can come in handy during the trip. One of them is a winch, a very useful tool attached to your vehicle. Winch is very powerful and used to pull stuck cars or anything that comes your way. It contains a cable or a rope used to haul or pull the object, to help you turn the cable, there is a motor attached to it, or sometimes it contains a handle to turn the cable inside. 

Winches are handy when dealing with heavy machinery or moving or pulling heavy objects that a human can not pull himself. They can also be used when someone’s car gets stuck in a tricky situation and requires someone to pull it out. Many companies manufacture winches, but the rough country is one of the most famous. Let’s take a close look at who makes rough country winches and when it was established.

Manufacturers of Rough Country Winches

Rough Country is a top-trending company that manufactures winches and other automobile products. It was founded by Gridiron Capital in 1975, the manufacturer of rough country winches. Since then, they have serviced its customers with the best and most affordable winches for 48 years. The Rough Country was sold to Heckethorn Products Inc in 1986. Heckethorn was the first manufacturer that made Jeep Steering Stabilizers. Since then, the Rough Country has been owned by Heckethorn LLC.

After Heckethorn bought rough country, they started manufacturing other automobile products like Fender Flares, LED Lights, and other accessories.

Types of Winches

When it comes to rough country winches, several types available in the market have different features and power levels. But the most commonly used winches are:

1. 6500-LB Winch

This winch is perfect for your UTV/ATV, having a very powerful 12V DC motor with a horsepower of 2.7HP. The main features of this winch are the automatic braking system and strong immunity against rust and water damage. This winch can pull a weight of 6500 lbs without breaking the rope; this synthetic rope is more robust than most of the ropes, like steel cables, available in the market.

2. 9500-Lb Pro Series Winch

The 9500-Lb pro winch comes with a synthetic rope instead of steel wire, which is much safer. The pro series winch has a 5.5 horsepower motor with easy bolt-on installations which is a plus feature in this winch. It has IP67 waterproof and dust immunity rating and comes with 3 years manufacturer warranty. The main feature of the winch is the synthetic rope which does not store energy in it, which is very good for the user’s safety if the rope breaks.

3. 12000-Lb Pro Series Winch

Rough Country is famous for its 12000-LB Pro series, which has a steel cable instead of a synthetic rope. This winch offers IP67 dustproof and waterproofing ratio, enough for its long-lasting life. The 12000-LB winch has a very powerful motor that contains a horsepower of 6HP. The average weight of the winch is 87.85 lbs. These winches feature a 3-stage planetary gear recovery system boasting a gear ratio 265:1.

4. 4500-LB Winch

When it comes to upgrading the recovery system of UTV or ATV, for this, the best one is a 4500-LB rough country winch. It comes with a 50ft long synthetic rope which is more vital than any steel cable; the best feature of this winch is the water-resistant receiver box and solenoid. The rough country is famous for its winches; this winch has a motor with a horsepower of 1.4HP and a recovery speed of 3.8ft per minute. This is the best winch in the market if you want to upgrade to UTV/ATV.

5. 12000-Lb Pro Series Winch

Another very powerful winch made by rough country is the 12000-LB but this winch features synthetic rope instead of the normal steel cable. The weight of this winch is just 64.15lb which makes it super easy to handle and move around. The synthetic rope is very good because it does not store energy in it and it is much safer to use. 12000-LB series winches come with a motor having a horsepower of 6HP. This winch has a 3 years of manufacturer warranty but the winch will last longer than this without creating any issues. 

6. 9500-Lb Pro Series Winch (Steel Cable)

9500-Lb pro series winch is available in two types; this one comes with a steel cable and has a very powerful and robust recovery motor having a total horsepower of 5.5HP. The rating of waterproof and dust proofing is IP67 which is a lot. This winch can handle all kinds of weather changes no matter whenever and wherever you use this winch won’t let you down at work.

Are Rough Country Winches Good?

When buying a winch, you must consider some factors before choosing a winch: the quality of the product, the life of the product, and most importantly, the reliability of the winch. This means you should choose the best winch for your needs; the rough country is one of the best companies that make the most reliable and affordable winches without compromising quality. 

Rough Country is very famous for its winches; they come in two types: one with steel cable and synthetic rope, which is more reliable than steel cable. There are 6 types of winches available in the market by rough country, and each one is the best and has plenty of features and power ranges.

Warranty Details

Rough Country is one of the best winches manufacturing companies. They are famous because of the quality and durability of their products. The warranty rough countries offer for their winches is 3 years; you can claim your manufacturer warranty if you have any issues. But their products are so well made that you won’t face any problems in years to come even after the warranty period.


Rough Country has become the most popular winch company because of its quality products; after 48 years, its products are still the best in heavy work and durability. Their winches are rust-proof and waterproof, giving them a long life.

Overall, the rough country winches are the best in the world, and they have been offering the most durable products since the first day of their appearance in the market.

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