Who Makes Snap On Air Compressors?

Snap On is a leading brand in the market, manufacturing different tools for heavy industries for the last 100 years. The company comes to help the people and companies doing much hard work in running different heavy machines that took a long time to complete the project. The brand thinks five people can do the work of 50, which means with the help of their manufactured tools, we can easily automate the job and quickly complete it without any extra workforce. You should know more interesting things about this brand and who makes air compressors for Snap-On; let’s learn in detail. 

History Of Snap On

Snap On is an American tool manufacturing company established in 1920 to serve the industry by making handy equipment and machines. This 103-year-old company makes tools for industries like Automotive, Aviation, Railroad, Marine, & others. Joseph Johnson & Bill Seidemann are behind this big brand; both founders realized people work all day and still need to complete their projects. 

They use ineffective traditional tools that don’t help speed up the work. So, they decided to make a brand to manufacture helpful tools for professionals. 

This is how Snap-On was founded, and from the start, they provided quality tools and built a solid customer base. 

The company manufactured tools like pliers, screwdriver blades, tool storage cabinets, wheel changers, sockets, wheel balancers, extension bars, & others. 

Snap-on Tools Corporation is a USA-based company headquartered in Wisconsin, which is especially famous for manufacturing quality air compressors. They’ve made a variety of compressors; let’s know about them in detail. 

Type of air compressors made by Snap-On

Snap On manufactures their units for heavy industry use; you can get horizontal or vertical compressors. 

Snap On Vertical 30-Gallon Compressor

It is a vertical-style air compressor with a big tank of 30 gallons. This unit is best for home garages and uses in medium jobs. You can easily operate any pneumatic tool with it accurately and perfectly. The compressor has a pretty good design, the red color catches the attention, and its cast-iron build material protects it from getting rust. 

The unit is very efficient for working on a job site; you can easily move it anywhere with the help of two tires installed below. The tires are made of good quality rubber that helps in easy movement over unpaved roads. 

It is a belt-driven compressor with a strong 3 HP motor that increases durability and runs longer. This single-phase unit can provide a high airflow rate of 7 CFM @ 125 PSI. If you are working on construction sites or DIY projects, this compressor will be a great option from Snap-On. 

Snap On Horizontal 30 Gallon Compressor

Folks who love horizontal-style tanks will love this 30 Gallon compressor. It is a stationary compressor that is specially made for workshops or garages where there is no need to move the unit. 

FYI: A stationary compressor is a type of compressor specially designed for putting it into a specific place like an auto shop, home garage, and any other location where there is no intention to move. 

This unit is used explicitly for doing air tools jobs, such as spray painting, tire inflating, blowing water lines, & nailing because of its higher CFM rates. The compressor can deliver 23 CFM @ 175 PSI. You can get enough jobs done with its 30-gallon tank and fill a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. This compressor will do a perfect job for home garages and gas stations. 

Snap On 40 Gallon Stationary Compressor 

One of the best names in the compressor market for performing heavy-duty jobs is the Snap-On 40-gallon compressor. This is also a belt-driven compressor that helps in building the tank pressure quickly. 

On the maintenance side, you have to keep it with complete maintenance. If the unit is oiled, you need to change the oil after every 2 to 3 months. Daily tank drainage is also recommended because this 40-gallon compressor has no automatic draining system. The daily draining will help protect the unit from rust and water. 

With a capacity of 40 gallons, this unit can build a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. Its strong air delivery rate of 16 CFM @ 175 PSI enables it to run any pneumatic tool efficiently. If you are considering installing it in your garage, go for it. 

Snap On 80 Gallon Vertical Compressor

One of the great products from Snap-On for heavy industry is this 80-gallon compressor. It is specially manufactured for heavy-duty tasks requiring high pressure for longer times. Many giant mobile detailing companies can use this compressor to get a great job done. This big 80-gallon tank can store a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. 

Due to its huge tank, you can’t move it easily from one place to another. Two or three people are required if you want to shift it from the location. 

It can be one of the best options for mobile detailing because its high-speed air delivery of 23.5 CFM @ 175 PSI makes it more efficient to run air tools. 

The unit requires 40 amps to run, so whenever you do the wiring for this compressor must consider the ampere count. Additionally, the build material of the compressor is also solid and of good quality, which can prevent rust for a long time. 

Big compressors produce a loud noise. Are you thinking the same? No, it’s not. This 80-gallon compressor doesn’t scream while running. It makes noise of 70-72db that can be bearable for every owner. If you are unhappy with this noise, use headphones to reduce the loudness or follow the guide to make the compressor quieter

Moreover, to prevent this compressor from walking, vibration pads are installed below. Vibration pads function to absorb all the vibration generated by the compressor. This helps the compressor to stay in the same place. So, you must consider this unit for company owners or heavy jobs. 

Last Words

Snap On manufactures highly durable and good-quality compressors for professionals, mechanics, & DIYers. From stationary to portable, you can get any style compressor with various features and capabilities. Their compressors are expensive compared to other brands, but it is a good investment for users looking for a durable and long-lasting machine. 

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