About Us

Who Are We?

At Thirstycraftsman, we provide helpful tips, hacks, & ideas to increase the performance of your power tools. We are passionate about delivering you the best-unbiased reviews of different products, comparisons, and helping you to choose a great product under the budget. From fixing issues to upgrading the power tools, we guide with the help of live examples & tutorials. 

We primarily focused on sharing informative tips about air compressors with our readers. Our team aims to solve any query of users. 


David Smith, the owner of Thirstycraftsman, is an experienced guy in running power tools and fixing their issues. He is vetted for checking the quality and trustworthiness of content because of his expertise in the related field. David Smith loves to share his opinions after using the product and double-check every aspect before sharing it with the readers. 

How We Review Products?

We believe in testing the products with hands-on experience. First, we buy the product and continue using it to check the nitty gritty. We analyze how the product performs and compare it to its manufacturer’s claims. Our goal is to test all the product features and tell our readers what things are good and bad. 

The Way We Pick Products

Picking a product isn’t easy; we do a critical analysis before picking the best product. Before that, we check every factor and conclude the points where the product performs incredibly. We also do the durability test to check how much time the product will long last. When we get the whole data on the table, we choose the best product for the readers. 

Contact Us

Happy to see you here! If you have any questions or want to give any suggestions, we are waiting for you. You can easily reach us through the email at contact@thirstycraftsman.com or contact us here.

Thanks for visiting!

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