Who Makes Smittybilt Winches?

Winches have become the need of every professional and off-road traveler, as the winches can pull any kind of object. The Smittybilt winches are known to be the world’s top most reliable winches. Winches are becoming popular every day, and more brands are going to this race. Still, no matter how many brands join the winches industry, Smittybilt is one of the top manufacturers of winches and off-road accessories.

Smittybilt winches are among the best and most powerful winches in the history of winch industries. These winches are earning their name on the commitment to providing the best heavy-duty winches, which have been in the market for over 65 years. In this article, we will know who makes Smittybilt winches, their warranty, and other details. 

Manufacturer Behind Smittybilt Winches

Winches are very useful in many situations, and one of the best brands that manufacture top-quality winches for its customers is Smittybilt. Smittybilt is one of the oldest and most trusted brands that manufacturers all kinds of trucks, ATV models, and accessories that are needed with these vehicles. Smittybilt started their journey in 1956 and was founded by Basil Smith, known as Smitty. This brand started from a small shop, and as time passed, it became the world’s number one winch and other vehicle brands. Smittybilt is one of the top off-road industries in Southern California.

For over 65 years, this industry has provided heavy-duty trucks, other vehicles, and accessories to its customers. They use the best material to manufacture their winches to satisfy the customers. After Basil Smith, his son Tom Smith took control of the industry and based the industry on quality and heavy-duty products. Tom Smith started manufacturing different accessories for their trucks and off-road ATVs and introduced the classic tubular front and rear bumpers.

In 2022, Smittybilt ownership was transferred to Transamerican Auto Parts (tap), a privately started company founded in 1972. TAP is one of the leading distributors of automotive parts and other vehicle accessories, which also owns many other brands that manufacture off-road vehicles and their accessories. But Smittybilt continues to manufacture its own products to stand out against all other brands. The current owners of the Smittybilts are the shareholders of Transamerican Auto Parts.

Are Smittybilt Winches Any Good?

Smittybilt winches are becoming popular every day because of their reliability and performance. These winches are specially built from heavy-duty materials, which are the best materials used in the manufacturing of winches all over the world. Smittybilt winches are considered the world’s best and most durable because of their reliability and long-lasting life.

Quality Construction

The main reason behind the quality and durability of these winches is their solid, sturdy construction. The manufacturer of Smittybilt uses very high-quality components and parts to manufacture these powerful winches. The most considerable and heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum are mainly used to manufacture long-lasting, sturdy winches. The gear system of these winches is specially made from high-quality forged steel, which helps the winch stand against all kinds of conditions and off-road roughness.

Powerful Motors

Another main component that is the reason behind the power of these winches is their Permanent magnet Motor. These motors are specially designed for heavy-duty work; they can pull any object under their capacity. Even if you slightly pass the limitation of these motors, it can still pull the thing, but it is not recommended to do so as this can damage the components of the motor. The capacity of each motor is written over it; with the increased size of the motor, the capacity of the motor also increases. These powerful, heavy-duty motors are the reason behind the recovery powers of these winches.


Smittybilt winches are one of the best for all kinds of trucks and ATV vehicles that are made to last long. They are IP67-rated winches, meaning they are dust-proof and waterproof, making them the best durable winches. Smittybilt winches can survive all kinds of situations and even the most challenging conditions a winch can enter; their durability is the main reason behind their unbreakable reliability. Smittybilt winches are worth getting your hands on as these are very durable and affordable, which every professional recommends.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback about Smittybilt winches is very positive, and the customer satisfaction rate is impressive. According to thousands of online reviews, these winches hold 4.7 out of 5-star ratings on their winches and every product they manufacture. Smittybilt winch customers are delighted with the quality, power, and Ease of use of these winches. But with all these positive reviews, there are also a few negative reviews that some customers gave because of their poor experience. 

Some of these negative reviews are about Smittybilt customer service, and some are related to damage to winches. The damage to the winches might happen because of misusing the winch or when trying to pull a heavy object that overlimits the winch’s capacity. Always remember to use the winches carefully and never cross their rated capacity limits; this ensures the long-lasting life of these winches.

Warranty Details

Smittybilt offers an excellent warranty period for its winches; the average warranty period of their winches is from 3 to 5 years. The Smittybilt provides a three-year warranty on some Winches models, and some of their Winches models come with five years of warranty. This warranty can be claimed if the winches that arrived at the customer’s door are already broken, as they came right out of the box. Another case where this warranty is claimable is if the winches fail its operation or the winches have any defective components; if you face any kind of this problem, the warranty is claimable. 

This warranty can not be claimed if the winches get damaged due to Improper installation or because of misuse, and the warranty will also be not claimable if the vehicle had any collision or accident and if the winches get damaged because of the crash.


Smittybilt winches are very good in quality and durability, making them the best choice for those looking for powerful and affordable winches. This Winches brand is over 65 years old and earned its name through hard work and by providing its customers with the best choice of winches. Smittybilt Brand manufactures its own winches at its facilities, using the best high material to make them stand out in front of every other winch. This Brand is entrusted with providing its customers with the most affordable and heavy-duty products that can be useful in all situations.


Where Are Smittybilt Winches Made?

Smittybilt winches are manufactured by Smittybilt brand itself at their manufacturing facilities, these facilities are located in Southern California, where these are manufactured and tested against all kinds of conditions that these winches can get into. 

Where To Buy Smittybilt Winches?

Smittybilt is a very popular brand and you can get their winches and all other products at their official website, amazon, walmart and other online stores.

Are Smittybilt Winches As Good As Warn?

Yes, all models of Smittybilt winches are similar to warn winches in terms of quality and durability. Smittybilt winches are also reliable as warn winches have almost the same performance as warn winches offer.

Who Sells Smittybilt Winches?

There are many online stores and brands who sell these Smittybilt winches, most officially these winches are also available at Smittybilt official online store, where you can visit all kinds of accessories and other products that this brand manufactures.

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