Who Makes Vevor Winches?

Vevor Winches are also available in the market and compete against huge brands, challenging them in the quality and durability of their products. They offer a wide range of very powerful and affordable winches. Vevor winches are professionally used power tools that can help you get out of any problem, like getting stuck on the road because of a fallen tree or any object in the street; you can pull that object or tree with the help of this winch. It can also be used whenever your car or off-road UTVs get stuck on the road because of mud.

These winches can also come into use in any problem requiring a strong pulling force. Have you ever thought about who makes Vevor winches? In this article, we are going to discuss this winch brand and the manufacturer behind it.

The Makers of Vevor Winches

Regarding Winches for your UTVs and ATVs, the best and most affordable you can choose is the Vevor Winches. These winches are manufactured by Vevor brand, a Chinese company still growing its name by providing the best and top quality products. Vevor company not only manufactures winches but also offers a massive range of other products: power tools, welding tools, and all other products that professionals need to do their work correctly.

This brand is known for the quality and durability of its products; it manufactures all kinds of products with heavy-duty materials and still provides affordable prices without decreasing the quality or sacrificing the durability of its products.

Why Are Vevor Winches Good?

The main reason why these winches are so good is their affordability and long-lasting life. This brand has a vast range of all kinds of winches, and the prices of every winch are very competitive. You can get a high-capacity winch for just a few hundred dollars, but it costs thousands of dollars if you choose to get the same winch of the same capacity from other brands.

Vevor winches have an excellent waterproofing system and strong resistance against rust, which keeps the winch components safe and guarantees long-lasting life. Since these winches are made from heavy-duty materials, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. Because of some prominent factors, this brand is getting popular and earning its name toward the top of the line every day.

Affordable Winches

Affordability is the main reason why these winches have become so popular. The Vevor brand is bound to provide the best quality of their product while keeping their prices within the range of every person. They use top-line materials in the manufacturing of power tools and winches. Their most powerful winch only costs a few hundred dollars, making it the best and most affordable winch in the online market. The highest capacity winch that Vevor manufactures is 20000 lbs, which only costs seven hundred dollars at their official website and other online stores.

Vevor Winches Type

Vevor winches are available in various sizes and capacities that you can choose depending on your requirements. The bigger the size of the winch, the higher the power. Vevor manufactures all kinds of winches for vehicles like UTVs and ATVs; they also manufacture winches that can be installed on trucks. 

Their winches come in two types; both are electrically operated, but the main difference is that one comes with a  wireless remote controller, which can be used to manage the winch within 10ft of range. The other type also has a remote but is wired with the winch. The wireless one is much safer to use. Another difference is that they are available in steel cables and synthetic ropes. The smallest winch they manufacture is the 2000 lbs winch, and their winches’ capacity starts from here and climbs up to 20000 lbs.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Before purchasing any product, it is essential to check for product reviews and customer feedback about that product. In the case of Vevor Winches, the customer reviews are very positive, and about 96% of the customers are satisfied with their experience with Vevor Winches. Since this brand continuously grows, it provides the best quality and durable products to satisfy and fulfill the requirements of all its customers.

The negative reviews are not about the winch’s working; most are related to late delivery. The working and operating of these winches received entirely positive reviews, with one or two negative reviews. Still, those customers can claim their warranty in case of any issues with their winch working. Overall, the Vevor winches are the best to get your hands on.


Vevor Winches comes with a one-year warranty, which can be claimed directly from the manufacturer. If you face any issues with the working of the winch, like low pulling speed, the motor not starting, or the wireless remote features not working properly or missing and needing to be pressed twice to work, then the warranty can be claimed.

The warranty is also claimable if you receive a damaged winch or broken part when it arrives at your doorstep. You can claim the warranty, and the manufacturer will replace or change the damaged part of the winch. These winches are made from the best material, so you don’t have to worry about the warranty of your winch. It will last years without creating any issues while working or pulling any object.


Vevor winches are manufactured by a Chinese company named Vevor. This company is in the growing stages, which is why it’s not that popular, but its products are very durable and manufactured with top-of-line materials. This company not only manufactures winches but also all kinds of power tools and hand tools that professionals require to do their work.

These winches are the best and more affordable than any other brands available in the market. Their unique waterproofing system keeps them safe from any conditions, an excellent feature of Vevor Winches. Vevor Brand is committed to providing the best affordable winches to its customers without decreasing their products’ overall quality and durability.

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  1. I just purchased a vevor winch 6000lbs came remote but not sure which model I have. Reading the installation manual to get set up, I think I’m missing a Blue cable and Yellow cable and the circuit breaker. The unit has Hawse Fairlead and I would like to buy a Roller Fairlead. Do you offer portable mount ,so I can use on the front and rear of my truck, I have a class three hitch front and back.
    Can you help me identify which unit I have. Any help would really be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Bob Hunter

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