Who Makes Black Ops Winches?

Black Ops Winches are magnificent winches you can get for any vehicle model. Whether your vehicle is a UTV or a mini-truck, these winches are available for all vehicle models and brands. These winches are among the most sturdy ones available online at SuperATV.

Black Ops winches are the best and most inexpensive winch every professional and adventurer can get for their vehicles and trucks. These winches feature a solid synthetic rope and a heavy-duty motor that can pull anything under its capacity range.

About Manufacturers of Black Ops Winches

Black Ops Winches has earned its name by providing its customers with the best quality and sturdy winches. These winches were manufactured by an American company known as SuperATV. SuperATV was founded in 2003 by Harold Hunt’s. This company is based in Madison City, Indiana state.

Black Ops brand remained under the shadows of SuperATV and earned its name by manufacturing top-of-the-line winches for its customers. Black Ops is a well-known brand because of its quality products; they manufacture various winch mounting kits. Black Ops Winches have been earning its name for almost 20 years, and in all these years, they never compromise on the durability and quality of their products. This brand competes with the world’s biggest brands in all terms.

Why Black Ops Winches Good?

Black ops winches are very popular and famous winches in the market. These winches are the most inexpensive winches offered by the Black Ops brand. These winches are manufactured for all kinds of vehicles and their models. Black ops winches are very easy to install on any model of car. The installation process is straightforward: remove the front fender, mount the winches into your vehicle correctly, and reinstall the fender. 

You can even install this yourself, but it is recommended to take professional advice before installing it yourself; you can also hire a professional to install it.

This brand is committed to providing top quality and sturdy winches to its customers and making them in such a way that these can fit anyone’s bank. These winches are crafted from heavy-duty material, making them perfect for any job. Black ops winches can withstand any atmosphere because of their unique material and design, making them invincible against rusting and other elements that can damage the winch.

Durability Of Black Ops Winches

One of the main reasons why these winches are so famous is because of their durability. These winches can handle any situation without any issues. Black ops winches are the top-line winches in the market, which are crafted and manufactured with very heavy-duty material, making them super durable. 

Before sending these winches into the market, the black ops brand professionals check their durability under all kinds of conditions to know their limitations. These winches hold a lot more power, which can pull much heavier weight than its rated capacity. But it is not recommended to pass the limit of any winch as this can break the cable or rope, which can hurt someone.

Remote Control Feature

Another great feature of these winches is the remote control function, which most winches do not have. This feature allows you to operate the winch remotely without standing near it, which is much safer than standing near the winch and running it manually. This remote has all the buttons and functions required to operate the winch; this gives the ability to control the winch functions. With the help of this remote control, you can also control the recovery speed of the winch. This remote can be wireless with some models of winches and can also be attached to the winch with the help of a cable.

Customer Feedback

The Black Ops winch is the best option if you are looking for an affordable and high-quality winch for your vehicles. These winches have fully satisfied their customers with various options and features. Black Ops winches holds the best customer satisfaction rate of 98% with positive reviews. Many customers are delighted with these winches, but one or two customers have mentioned that the recovery speed of the winch could be faster in some models. This might be due to some fault, and those customers can claim their warranty from the manufacturer.


Black Ops brand offers a one-year warranty on their winches. This warranty can be claimed in all kinds of failures during working. The customer can claim this warranty if the winches fail to operate with the remote, meaning if the remote is broken or missing, then this warranty can be claimed from the Black Ops manufacturer. Black ops also claims the customer warranty if the customer receives a broken winch when the customer receives it through the courier. But you don’t have to worry about these issues as these winches are very durable and high-quality products specially made to live a long-lasting life.


Black Ops Winches is one of the best and an excellent option if you are looking for an affordable and high-quality winch for your vehicle. These winches are very durable and made from top quality heavy duty material, which grantee the long life of these winches. Black ops have been in the market for almost 20 years and have been manufactured by a well-known and popular American company SuperATV, and it has always satisfied their customers all these years.

Most feedback about these winches is very positive, and the number of reviews is countless. Black Ops winches have traveled a very long distance because of their quality products. This brand of winches is considered one of the top winches in the world.


Are replacement parts available for Black Ops Winches?

If your winch parts get bad and start malfunctioning, you can replace them easily. You can find all the replacement parts of Black Ops winches online; many suppliers offer their parts at affordable prices. You can get replacement parts like solenoids, cables, remote controls, & other components.

Can I install a Black Ops Winch myself?

Black Ops winches are designed simply for easy installation; anyone can install these winches on their vehicles easily. You can also read the installation instructions in the box and install the winch safely. Still, if you need help installing the winch, you can contact their customer support, who will help you throughout the process. You can also hire a professional guy to install a winch. 

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