Who Makes Can Am Winches?

Can-Am Winches are among the top-quality winches running by professionals and off-road travelers. Winches can sometimes be very useful when pulling some objects or being required to pull someone’s car. Can-Am winches are popular among its competitors and are still climbing newer heights. These winches earned its name by providing high-quality and durable winches to all its customers. Everyone uses these winches, but no one has ever thought about who makes Can Am winches? So, in this article, you can get all the details about the manufacturer, quality, and warranty of these winches.

Manufacturers Of Can Am Winches

Can-Am winches are getting popular daily; they manufacture the best quality and affordable winches for their customers. This Can-Am Brand is very well-known for its durable and high-quality products. This Brand is running under a Canadian-based company known as BRP, which is known as Bombardier Recreational Products.  BRP manufactures Can-Am winches; these winches not only run for longer times but also help you do multiple winching tasks effectively. 

BRP is not only known for its winches but also for its all-round products and vehicles. They manufacture Lynx snowmobiles, Can-Am on- and off-road vehicles and many more products; the list goes on to Quintrex, Stacer and Savage boats.

This company is based in Canada, and the exact location of this company, where it is implanted in Valcourt City, Quebec state in Canada. BRP was established in 2003, and for 20 years, they have been manufacturing all kinds of power winches for vehicles and trucks. The BRP is under the control of three people who own this company, but the company’s CEO has been Jose Boisjoli since December 18, 2003. 

The company shares have been divided, but the primary owner is Bain Capital. Bain Owns 50% of this company’s shares, and the other members own 35% and 15% shares of this company. The owner of the 35% shares is the Bombardier Family. The BRP is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality and inexpensive powerful winches; it has always held complete customer satisfaction over the years.

Why Can-Am Winches Are So Good?

Can-Am winches are considered to be the no.1 winches in the world. The Can-Am is a vehicle brand that manufacturers winches for their vehicles and sells them separately. These winches are getting on the top of the line by providing their customers with the highest quality products. Can-Am Winches are designed to be durable and reliable under all conditions; their unique design and heavy-duty material make them invisible against all kinds of atmospheric conditions. Some of the main features of these winches are as follows.

High Quality Construction

Sturdy construction is one of these winches’ best and most essential features. Their manufacturer used to manufacture these winches from the best, high-quality materials. Their solid construction is the main reason behind their immunity against rust and corrosion. Since the first day of winches, they always strive to construct these winches, making them the best and keeping the prices so low that everyone can get their hands on these winches.

Powerful Motors

The main power behind these winches is the permanent magnet motors. These motors are the reason why these winches are so powerful and can pull anything that comes their way. The Can-Am winches are very powerful, and their capacities increase with the size of the winch. As the winch size gets bigger, the motor’s power also increases, increasing the pulling capacities of these winches. These winches are available in wide ranges of capacities and power levels, which suits the needs of every professional looking for a perfect, reliable winch.

Long Lasting Synthetic Ropes

Can-Am Winches are equipped with solid synthetic ropes to help pull objects. This rope is so strong that it can not break even if you pass the limits of the winch. The main advantage of these synthetic ropes is that they do not store energy when fully stretched. In some cases, if the rope breaks, the user can stay safe, as these synthetic ropes will not rush back because of zero energy stored in them. It is highly recommended to buy those winches which come with synthetic rope features.

Remote Controller

Another of the best features that Can-Am winches have is the remote controller functions, which allows you to control the winches with the help of a remote controller. This remote can be wireless and wired with the winch in some models.

This will allow you to operate the winch efficiently, and the main advantage of this controller is that you can stay safe when pulling any object. The remote controller has all the buttons required to operate the winch. Overall, the primary function of this remote controller is to make the operation and working of the winch easy and safe.

Customer Feedback

Can-Am winches have been available in the market for almost 20 years, and in all these years, Can-Am has never got a major complaint regarding their winches. They hold 100% customer satisfaction on online stores and other platforms. It has almost all positive reviews that customers have shared their experience with these winches. Some customers also provide negative thoughts about the recovery speed so that it can be faster. Overall, this winch brand has always maintained the quality of its products. They are committed to providing the best high-quality products to their customers, and for all these years, they have been providing the best durable products.


BRP offers a 1-year limited warranty on Can-Am winches; this warranty can be claimed for all kinds of breakdowns and issues winch offers. If the winches fail to recover the rope or the speed of the recovery is very slow, then this warranty can be claimed directly from the official website of BRP.

This warranty also applies if the customer received a broken winch when it arrived at their home. But if the winch was broken by the customer while installing or mounting, the warranty can not be claimed, but the manufacturer can repair the damage at affordable prices. If your vehicle got damaged while installing the winch by a BRP authorized dealer, the car damage will also be fixed by the BRP company.


The Can-am winches are the top trendy winches in the online market. The can-am itself does not manufacture these winches as it is a brand run by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) company. The BRP directly manufactured this brand winches and owns the Can-Am brand. This brand of winches is one of the most inexpensive and durable winches that every professional can get.

The BRP was founded in 2003, and for all these years, this company has always maintained their product durability and functionality. Three people own this company because the company shares have been sold out to different investors, and this company is running under the control of Jose Boisjoli, the CEO of BRP Company.

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