Who Makes Champion Winches?

Champion winches are powerful and durable; they are specially made to handle all kinds of conditions and help users with all needs. These are the most powerful winches that are built to last years. 

Champion winches have unique features and functions, making them the best of all other winches. This winch can help you and your vehicle under all situations without creating issues while working. Champion winches are famous for their high quality, durability and solid construction. They are crafted from heavy-duty material and unique components to make this winch the best choice for everyone. But do you know who makes champion winches? Let’s get more details about the manufacturers and the quality of their winches.

About Champion Winch Manufacturers

Champion winches are the world’s most durable and powerful winches that are available at Champion brand’s official websites and in other online stores. These winches are running under this champion brand and manufactured by Champion Power Equipment. This company is one of the leading companies in America that manufactures champion winches, power tools, air compressors and generators. Champion Power Equipment is the top manufacturing industry in California. This industry was established in 2003, and it is located in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Champion Power Equipment is not the owner of the Champion brand. Mile Marker Industries owns this brand, but this industry does not manufacture its winches; they have manufacturing contracts with this company, which is why this power industry manufactures these winches.

Mile Marker Industries was established in 1984, and from all these years, this industry has become the world’s best by providing its customers with the best top-quality products. This industry is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Jack Clingingsmith is the CEO and President of Mile Marker Industries.

Are champion winches any good?

Champion winches are famous for their durability and work. These winches are built from heavy-duty materials used to make the best high-quality products. Champion winches are specially designed to stand against all rigors of off-road and to withstand all kinds of conditions. The manufacturer of these champion winches tests the durability of their products before they reach the market to avoid poor quality and to provide the best one that can be easy to use and have long-lasting life.

Durable Construction

Champion winches are specially designed in a way that makes them the most durable winches. These winches are made from heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum, which give these winches more solid construction. Champion winches are waterproof because they have an extreme reduction against rust and corrosion. Their durability is the main reason behind their Brand popularity and every day, these winches are reaching newer heights by providing their customers with top-quality winches.

Powerful Motors

Champion winches are known to be very powerful winches; the reason behind their power is the permanent magnet motor, which can pull any object even if it exceeds the motor’s capacity. But it is highly recommended to avoid passing the limits of the motor as this can damage the motor. The power of the winch increases with the size of the motor. The higher the capacity of the winch, the bigger the motor will be, and the power levels will also be higher with the increase in size of the motor. 


These winches are made to run for longer times and to provide consistent performance. Champion winches are different from other cheap brand winches that run for 6-12 months and then start getting rust. As a result, these low-quality winches may become faulty and cause many difficulties while winching. But the champion-made winches are the best, and you can rely on them longer. 

Remote Control

Another feature of champion winches is the remote control functionality that makes these winches one of the best. These winches come with a remote control that can be used to control the operations of the winches, like recovery speed and unwinding of the rope. But these remotes are not wireless, as you might have seen with expensive winches; they can be attached to the winch through a wire. The wire of this remote is big enough to keep you safe from getting hurt in case of the breaking of the rope, so you don’t have to stand with the winch to operate it.

Warranty Details 

Champion Power Equipments offers two years of limited warranty on their products. This warranty can only be claimed if you have the registration warranty card and a copy of your purchasing slips. Their customer can only claim the warranty if the winches fail and do not recover the object correctly.

Champion Power Equipment also mentions that the warranty is not claimable if the user passes its limitation. Also, if the customer makes excess use of the winches and the winches get damaged because of excess use in both cases, the warranty can not be claimed. 

On the other hand, the warranty can not be claimed in some cases, like if your vehicle got into an accident and damages the winches or the winches get damaged because of poor installation. This warranty can only be claimed if the winches were already broken when the customer received them at home or if they failed to work when they came out of the box.


Overall, Champion winches are considered the number one in the market. These winches have unique features like an auto load-holding brake system, a wireless remote control, and an effective cooling system to prevent the motor from burning, which makes them different from other winches. They are durable and made of high-quality material that prevents the winches from getting rust and mud. Champion winches can do smooth operations for longer hours and help complete multiple winching tasks of the day. Overall, these winches are the best if you are looking for highly reliable winches. 


Where are champion winches made?

Champions winches are powerful enough to effectively perform any winching task without creating issues. The brand champion power equipment made these winches using high-quality materials so the winches can run for longer times. Champion winches are manufactured and assembled in the USA. 

Who sells champion winches?

Winches made by Champion Power Equipment are widely available in online and physical stores. The price of the winch may vary from store to store because it also includes shipping charges. You can buy champion winches from Amazon, Acme Tools, Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, & other online stores. 

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