Who Makes KFI Winches?

KFI Winch is a must-have accessory for your ATVs and UTVs; these winches are specially made for your UTV/ATV vehicles and are designed to fit in any model of these vehicles. One of the best things about these winches is their construction, making them the best and most durable.

These winches are getting on the top of the line because of their heavy-duty quality products; they are manufactured by professional engineers who test and maintain these winches’ high quality and durability. Many people use these powerful winches for their vehicles, but no one knows the original manufacturer of these winches. So, in this article we will know about who makes KFI winches and its complete history. 

Manufacturer of KFI Winches

KFI winches are the number one winches for ATV/UTV vehicles. These winches are number one because of their high quality and solid construction. These are new winches in the market, and they claim up so fast by providing the best quality winches to off-road travelers; they are getting new and new heights every day, and the number of their customers is increasing very fast. These winches are manufactured by a famous and leading industry in the USA known as Kappers Fabricating Inc (KFI).

KFI is located in Spring Valley, Minnesota. It was established in 1986, and it started manufacturing UTV vehicles. This company is currently running under the eyes of Jeff Kappers, who is the CEO of KFI Industries. In 2002, this company expanded manufacturing and started manufacturing these powerful winches. From over 20 years of manufacturing, this industry has never compromised on the durability and winches quality; they are faithful to manufacturing and provide the best powerful heavy-duty winches to its customers.

Kappers Fabricating Inc.’s manufacturing industry is planted over 92,000 sq. ft., where professional engineers manufacture these winches and other accessories. Kappers Fabricating Inc. also has its own packing and shipping industry, covering an area of 40,000 sq. ft. and is located on the back of its manufacturing plant.

Are KFI winches any good?

These winches are getting their name to the top of the winches market; they are providing the best and most powerful winches to their customers. Their winches are not directly shipped to the market after manufacturing. KFI hires a team of power sports enthusiasts; they test and research our products completely and help us manufacture the best and most durable top-quality products for our customers by finding all the downfalls of our winches.

KFI industry has become the top winches manufacturing company in the USA; they are committed to providing the best winches with zero downfalls so customers can enjoy a long-lasting product. This company is based on the commitment to providing high-quality and durable ATV and UTV vehicle accessories to its customers at affordable prices; they manufacture all kinds of accessories for these vehicle models. One of the best and top-selling products is the KFI winches, which has always satisfied its users in all conditions. Read more benefits below:

Hole Mounting Design

One of the best features of these winches is that they come with a standard 4-hole mounting design. This is one of the best designs for winches that can fit in all kinds of ATVs and UTVs vehicles. The holes are separated from each other by a distance of 4.875 inches. The 4-hole mounting system is one of the best and most used mounting patterns in the winches industry, making installing these winches very easy for all models of ATV/UTV vehicles. If you want an easy installation and versatile winches for your vehicle, KFI winches are one of the best options. Their unique design is the main reason behind their durability and compatibility with various models of vehicles.

Heavy Duty Construction

Another main feature of KFI winches is their heavy-duty construction; this winch is specially made to last years without creating problems for its users. KFI uses Water-resistant seals in the construction of these winches that make them waterproof and give them a good reduction against rust and corrosion. After manufacturing, these winches are rigorously tested by a special team of power sports enthusiasts who check the limits of winches to check their durability and quality. The KFI has many professional engineers and workers at their manufacturing facility who make these sturdy winches using heavy-duty materials. KFI has always manufactured the best and top-quality products from the first day of their establishment.

High-Quality Synthetic Rope

The durability of these winches increases with high-quality synthetic rope; this rope is very strong and one of the most used components in the winches. KFI winches are equipped with heavy-duty synthetic rope, capable of pulling any object that comes in its way. Synthetic rope has a very special feature: it can not store energy when stretched to its maximum limits. It is very safe to use in case of any breakage of the rope; that is why most of the winches brands use synthetic rope to manufacture their winches and other accessories.

Are customers happy with KFI winches?

Kappers Fabricating Inc. started manufacturing their KFI Winches in 2003, and for all these years, this brand never compromised on its winch durability and quality. This company has never let its customer satisfaction rate drop; they have a 98% customer satisfaction rate in all these years of manufacturing. 

Almost every single review is positive, but with these positive reviews also stand a few negative reviews that are related to the delivery of these winches; some customers received these winches not working when they came out of the box, and some people faced difficulties in installing these winches so they needed to hire a professional. Overall, the quality and durability of KFI Winches are outstanding, making it the best option for your tight budget.


Kappers Fabricating Inc. offers a one-year limited warranty on their products, which includes all components of the winches. Suppose any of the components is defective and not working properly. In that case, the warranty can be claimed, which is also claimable even if the winch failed to operate or work when it came directly out of the box. But there are also some conditions when the customer can not claim this warranty.

This warranty can not be claimed in some situations, such as if the customer misuses the winch operation and accidentally damages the winch; in this situation, the warranty is unacceptable. Also, if the winches get broken or damaged during installation, then the warranty can not be acceptable in that situation. The warranty is also not claimable if the customer’s vehicle got into an accident and damaged the winch.


KFI Winches are one of the best and most used winches by off-road travelers and professional workers. These are some of the best high-quality winches that can be useful under all conditions and situations. Kappers Fabricating Inc. has manufactured KFI winches for almost 19 years. These winches are very good in quality and durability, making them a perfect option for everyone, and their solid construction gives them a long life. Overall, these are some of the best and most inexpensive winches ever.


Are KFI winches waterproof?

Yes, KFI winches are water-resistant. KFI believes in providing their customers with high-quality products, so they manufacture all their winches waterproof. In this, customers can use these winches for longer times and also keep protected from rust. 

Does KFI make a good UTV winch?

KFI specially manufactures winches for UTV owners looking for a durable winch. Using high-quality build material, KFI made winches that work long lives and help to do multiple winching tasks effectively. 

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