Can You Blow Up Balloons With An Air Compressor?

Popping balloons on birthdays and parties are totally fun, especially for kids who love to have balloons at their special events. Balloons add joy and fun to the environment and make our moods more pleasant. 

In a small event, if you’ve decided to decorate the room with balloons then blowing up them isn’t a difficult task. You & your team can inflate the balloons easily with your mouths manually. But, for a big event where the challenge is to inflate balloons more than 200-300, it would become difficult. 

So, to make this task easier we have a method for you that can help you to blow up a number of balloons within a short time. We will use an air compressor for this purpose, let’s learn how you can safely inflate balloons without popping. 

Note: The air filled in the balloons will be atmospheric air, if you want to make the balloons float then you’ve to use helium gas. Helium gas is lighter than air and it will help the balloon to float. So, for helium gas, you should have a separate tank.  

Things You Should Look In A Compressor For Inflating Balloons

A small air compressor will work perfectly for inflating balloons, if you already have the compressor, it would be great. But, if you are going to buy a small compressor you must consider the following things. 

PSI:  We don’t require a compressor with higher PSI because here we just need to inflate balloons that will use less pressure. The compressor below 90 PSI would work perfectly and comes at an affordable cost. Higher PSI can cause the balloons to explode and also waste your time. So, go for a compressor within at least 90 PSI pressure. 

Tank Capacity: The tank capacity is significant because if you have less capacity in the tank, it will end in a few minutes, and you will want to fill it again. A large tank can take longer to fill, but we can use the compressor for a long time. A small air compressor is best for inflating balloons. The small compressor works best for home but if you are an event planner company then you should have a big tank compressor (6-10 Gallons would be enough). 

Duty Cycle: This measurement determines how far the pump runs when inflating balloons in a given period. The pump needs some break after some time of use. If you do not stop blowing the balloons, the pump will stop and start overheating. So, if you are going to inflate a lot of balloons at a time then you need a compressor with more duty cycle. The more the compressor will run the more quickly you can air up balloons in an emergency. 

Oiled or Oilless: We will recommend an oilless compressor because it has many benefits. It doesn’t need any extra maintenance costs. Inflating balloons with an oiled compressor can be a risky task and balloons may explode because while blowing up balloons there are chances of oil particles entering. So, an oilless compressor will work safely. 

Quietness: If you don’t like loudness then go for a quiet compressor. For long-hour jobs, a loud compressor can give you a headache. But, if you already have a compressor that is loud then you can use headphones to reduce noise. Air compressors producing noise from 70-80 decibels can be easily used for a long time. 

Best Air Compressor For Blowing Up Balloons 

So, now you know what things you can consider before buying an air compressor for blowing up balloons. The main thing you should consider in a compressor is its duty cycle. Because, it helps in getting the job done quicker. We personally tried inflating balloons with a Kensun AC/DC air compressor. 

It is a small compressor that can be easily movable and needs less voltages to run. 

It has dual functionality that means you can run it on AC and DC both currents. You can use it at home or anywhere and if you are on a road trip, this small unit will help in inflating required air. We inflated almost 25 balloons at a time and then turned it off for rest of 2 minutes. Again we started our work and ended up inflating 63 balloons that were used in the decoration of a hall. 

If you are deciding to buy a compressor for inflating balloons then we will recommend the Kensun AC/DC compressor. 

Keep concentrated, we are going to learn how you can inflate the balloons safely without popping them and what will be the right attachment.  

The Right Attachment For An Air Compressor To Inflating Balloons

There is a nozzle attachment that comes with every compressor. If you’ve Kensun inflator, it also has a nozzle attachment that is specifically made for filling air in footballs and inflatable pools. This attachment will be enough for blowing up balloons perfectly. 

Otherwise, if you have a big compressor then the air blower gun will work. Let’s learn the simple steps to blow up balloons. 

Basic things you need while inflating the balloons:

  • A Small Air Compressor
  • Air Hose pipe 
  • Attachment (Air Blow Gun)
  • Balloons for Blowing

5 Simple Steps To Inflate The Balloons

Follow the steps:

Step 1

If you’ve a big tank compressor, turn the switch on and wait for a few minutes to build the pressure. On the other hand, the compressor like Kensun AC\DC doesn’t need any time to build the pressure, just turn on the power and start using. 

Step 2

If you are using a big tank compressor, set the pressure at 90 PSI on the gauge so it won’t burst the balloons quickly. Similarly, you don’t need to worry about compressors like the Kensun inflator. Whenever the balloon fully blows up just turn off the button. This way, you can easily manage the pressure. 

Step 3

Now, connect the available attachment to the compressor tank. You can use an air blow gun or nozzle attachment because it can make the job easy.

Step 4

Air blow gun is much easier to use, you’ve to push the trigger to release the air and when the balloon inflates, free the trigger it will stop blowing air. 

Additionally, the nozzle attachment is also very handy to use, put it on the top of the balloon and try to make a complete seal so the air couldn’t leak. Turn on the compressor and slowly launch the air into the balloons. When it fully blows up, quickly turn off the compressor. 

Step 5

Take the balloon off once it has filled with air and tightly bind it. You can also use the balloon-tying tool. This way, you can inflate balloons as much as you want. That’s it!

Last Words

Blowing up balloons with a hand pump is a very difficult task and it needs more energy.  You will not inflate 100s of balloons with a hand pump because it can make you tired, that’s why we always recommend using a compressor. Now, if there is any emergency event or party you can quickly inflate balloons and get the room decorated. Enjoy!

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