Viair 300p vs 400p – Which is Worthy For Your Vehicle?

You are a road warrior that always loves to keep traveling and enjoying adventurous rides. Whenever you go outside for a trip on a car, jeep, truck, SUV, or any other vehicle, one thing that always annoys every driver is the tires. They are worried about tires that may ruin their trip because of a puncture or becoming flat. If there is no tire repair station nearby, it will become big trouble for them. You can’t do anything at that time if you don’t have alternatives.

To put out you from this problem, we have an excellent idea for you. Always keep a portable air compressor in your vehicle to save you from these conditions. When you own a good air compressor, there is no need to worry about flat tires or punctures. What you have to do is just attach the hose, turn on the machine and start filling the air.

There are two outclass inflators of Viair brand 300p and 400p; maybe you are familiar with them. Both of these compressors are excellent for filling the tires of the vehicles. We know you are here to compare the Viair 300p and 400p air compressors. Let’s dive deeper to understand the similarities and differences of both tire inflators and which is a bang for the buck for you.

A Brief Comparison

We’ve used both models for over a year and inflated different types of vehicles to conclude which will be the best option for you. Here is a detailed comparison of Viair 300p & 400p.


Durability always matters because if an air compressor doesn’t design to run for a long time, it will waste your money. Every customer wants a device that can run for years, causing fewer issues. Viair 300p and 400p both have excellent build quality; their bodies are manufactured with aluminum that will help them save from cracks and humidity.

We found both of the models are durable and are made for use for a long year.


Accessories are the parts that come with every compressor; if a device has extra parts in the box, that will attract the customer’s interest. While unboxing 300p and 400p compressors, we have noted all the parts mentioned below.

Viair 300p

Viair 300p is one of our favorite tire inflators that has been serving us for more than 12 months. It comes appropriately sealed in the box; we opened it and found a beautiful machine sitting inside along with its parts. The parts include an air hose, positive and negative alligator clips with a long power cord, an analog pressure gauge, and a pin for inflating football.

Viair 400p

Viair is an ideal compressor that smoothly fills our truck’s tires. We are most awaited for this unit when bought for the first time. When it reached us, the box looked very attractive. We quickly unboxed it; the air inflator was inside, including a pressure gauge, dual functionality air hose that can inflate and deflate, alligator clamps, & adapter for the Presta valve. This is the best collection of parts that comes with this model.

On the accessory side, Viair 400p wins the competition.

Maximum Pressure

Pressure is one of the notable factors when purchasing a compressor. If you have an air tool giving less pressure (psi), you have wasted your money, and it also takes more time to inflate air. So, always go for a device that can provide high pressure of at least 150 psi. Viair 300p can give high pressure of 150 psi, which means you can quickly air up your vehicle tires compared to the tools that produce less psi.

On the other hand, Viair 400p also provides the same pressure of a maximum of 150 psi, filling up the tires rapidly and saving time. To know the reality, we’ve done a test by inflating a 35 inches tire using both models one by one and noted the exact time they take.

Total Tire Fill up Time

Total time of an air compressor to inflate tire matters a lot because no one wants to wait for more than an hour to air up their vehicle tires. There should be a compressor that fills up tires within minutes. As there are two remarkable inflators Viair (300p & 400p), we’ve tested both and calculated the time each device takes to air up tires.

Viair 300p

We have done this experiment on our truck with tires of 35 inches. In the first step, we deflated the tires at 20 psi to inflate the tires. Next, we attached the hose to the valve stem and turned on the compressor. It takes 1 minute and 35 seconds to reach the pressure from 20 to 32 psi. It means you can inflate a full tire of 35 inches in 2-3 minutes with this Viair 300p inflator. That’s awesome!

Viair 400p

Again, we used our truck to do this test and deflated the tire at 20 psi. For final confirmation, we checked the pressure, which was 20 psi, and connected the hose to the tires for airing up. Pushed the switch on and started the compressor along with a stopwatch. It fills up the tire from 20 – 35 psi within 2 minutes and 15 seconds, which means the tool takes almost 2 minutes to fill pressure of 15 psi.

In this test, we concluded that the model Viair 300p inflates faster than 400p.


The high the Cubic feet per minute (CFM) of an air compressor, the more quickly you can get the job done. High cfm time inflators help to air up times faster than any low cfm one, and it also reduces your inflation time and maximizes the compressor’s life. Both Viair 300p and 400p provide the same cfm rate of about 2.3, which is good. This pair of compressors provide airflow at the same speed.

Duty Cycle

Most folks are looking for a compressor that can give maximum duty cycle so they can inflate tires without any interval. Higher the duty cycle, the more you can run the compressor for a long time. Also, you need to wait less for the tool to cool down. Viair 300p and 400p have the same duty cycle, which means you can run it for 15 minutes continuously, and after that you have to wait 30 minutes to cool it down.


Especially travelers who want to take an air compressor with them on the trip are searching for a portable one. A portable machine has many benefits, it’s lightweight, and you can take it anywhere. It also covers less space, and you can easily place it in the back of your truck or car.

Viair 300p and 400p are both portable, so you can take them where you want. Viair 300p weight is about 8.7 lbs and Viair 400p weight is 8.50 lbs.

Thermal Overload Protection

When we continuously run an air compressor for long hours, its chances of getting bad may increase. So, to deal with this issue, manufacturers have installed a built-in function that automatically shuts off the compressor when it extremely overheats. It helps to save the motor from burning and enhance the lifetime. In both models of Viair 300p & 400p, a thermal overload protection system is installed that prevents the compressor from any severe damage.


The loudness of a compressor is an essential element that maximum people consider before buying. Everyone wants their device to be quiet so that it doesn’t irritate them while running. That’s why we have tested both models of Viair to calculate the exact decibels produced by the inflators.

The noise level we recorded on the decibel meter of Viair 300p was 73 decibels. In the opposition, the model Viair 400p produces a super-quiet sound of just 13 decibels.

Here Viair 400p is quiter then 300p.

Power Source

Viair 300p & 400p are both corded, which means they need a power source for running. As they are portable, your vehicle’s battery is the primary power source to operate these tools. That’s the reason why alligator clamps are attached to the compressor.

Some portable compressors have an additional power source of a cigarette lighter socket, but it is not available in both Viair models.

We think the direct connection with the battery through alligator clips provides a smoother operation. You must attach those clips to the battery to turn on the device, and both need 12 volts to run and would also not fail your vehicle’s battery.


The air compressors that don’t overheat so much are best because they need less time to cool down and prevent the device from burning. Viair 300p and 400p both get overheated quickly. When we recorded the temperature, the Viair 300p reached 120 F after inflating 20 psi of pressure. On the other hand, Viair 400p peak temperature is 116 F when inflated at 20 psi. So, there is not much difference, but 400p is cooler than 300p.

Hose Length

We always love those units with larger air hose lengths because they can help easily approach all the sides of the vehicle, even if there is a big truck. Both compressors have the same length of coiled air hose, which is 25 feet with an inflator/deflator attached. This length is enough for us, and we can easily reach all the corners. We also have the option to extend the hose, which is a crazy thing.

Cord Length

The power cord length is pretty good in both Viair 300p and 400p. We calculated the cord length of both models, which was 8 ft and the same. It is enough and can easily reach the vehicle’s battery, and there is no need to add any further extension to the power wire.

Carry Case Quality

Always consider everything when you spend your bucks; also, we do the same. The bag size should be enough to carry the compressor easily, and we can also place attachments in it. Viair’s 300p bag has a good carry case made of black nylon. You have to unlock the two buckles on the front side and then unzip to put out the compressor. We think the bag is a bit small; it would be better if its size is big, which helps us easily store the compressor and hose.

We love the carry bag of Viair 400p, it is light brown, and a handle is provided on the top to pick it up easily. It has pretty good build quality, and its size is enough to store the compressor with an air hose.


The compressor produces vibrations while running and starts moving from the place. Many compressor brands have provided vibration resistant base to reduce the vibrations. Similarly, Viair 300p has a base below that absorbs maximum vibrations and prevents the compressor from moving.

On the other side, Viair’s 440p has something better than 300p. It has a vibration-resistant tray with four rubber feet installed, and it always stays on the ground where we have placed it.


A brand that gives a warranty on the products got more loyal customers because the users have an option to contact customer support from the company if the tool malfunctions. The reason why the majority of the customers love Viair is its customer support and warranty. You will get one year warranty on both models 300p and 400p, which means you can get repair any time free within a year if the tool gets bad.

Final Verdict

We have compared almost everything here between Viair 300p and Viair 400p 40043. Those who are confused between these two models can get a better idea of buying which one is good. We have used both compressors for a long time and concluded that Viair 400p is a good option you should go for compared to 300p. It works efficiently for 35 inches tires and will be a good partner in your trip. If you loved this comparison or have any questions in your mind, share your thought below. We will highly appreciate it!

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