Top 8 Best Air Compressor For Jeeps

Jeep owners wish all time that whenever they go outside for a long trip their jeep tires would never become flat. Even most travelers face tire puncture issues that make big trouble for them. Jeeps have heavy tires that can’t be lifted easily and when there is no service station nearby what would you do? Just imagine you are alone on a long road and your jeep’s tire got punctured, how you put out yourself from this bad situation. We have a perfect solution for you, take a portable air compressor with you whenever go for a long drive.

A portable compressor on the back of your jeep ends the tension of a flat tire. Anytime when you notice the jeep tire is flat, just turn on the air compressor and start inflating. As there are a lot of compressor brands in the market that are giving tough competition to each other. So, it becomes hard for a shopper to choose which is the best air compressor among hundreds of varieties.

That’s why we have tested almost 15 different brands of tire inflators and finally picked the 8 best compressors for your jeep depending on the price, durability, tire inflating time, pressure, quietness, & many more key factors. Let’s find out which one you should buy out of 8 options.

Experts Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Smittybilt 2781 5.65 CFM Air Compressor
  • Runner Up: EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor
  • Best Heavy Duty: ARB High-Performance Portable Air Compressor
  • Best Cheap: AstroAI Portable Tire Inflator
  • Best Portable: Viair 40047 400P-RV Air Compressor
  • Best High Psi: GSPSCN Tire Inflator
  • Best Tire Inflator: TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator
  • Best Light-weight: Kensun AC/DC Power Supply Air Compressor

Editors Pick: #1 Smittybilt 2781 Air Compressor

Smittybilt 2781 is the best normal budget heavy-duty air compressor to quickly inflate your jeep tires. It is packed in a zipped bag and you have to open the two clips to put the compressor out. The device is super cool that does not overheat even if you run it continuously for half an hour. With an excellent duty cycle, you can air up the tires at the speed of 72 liter per minute (72 liter/minute = 2.54 CFM).

There is an auto system installed to prevent your motor from damage, whenever the machine overheats it automatically shuts down. An analog pressure gauge is attached to an air hose to consistently check the pressure. The tool weight is about 20 pounds and for this, a metal handle is provided on the top to make it easy to lift.

The maximum pressure claimed by the company is about 150 psi but we personally checked the highest pressure is 140 psi, when it reaches near 150 psi the machine got restarted. Another good feature of the compressor is it has a long 24 feet air hose and power cable, it easily reaches all sides of my jeep.

Smittybilt is the best ever choice for your jeep, it is much more reliable that you can mount the air compressor in your forever.

Key Features

  • Maximal duty cycle
  • Automatically turn off if overheats
  • Max pressure 150 psi
  • Gator clamps for power
  • Good Warranty

Our Test

Nobody waits for an hour to inflate their jeep tires, there is a need for an air compressor that quickly airs up the tires within less time. Smmitybilt is the king in the list for rapid filling of your jeep tires. We’ve tested this air tool on our lovely jeep wrangler and it blows our minds.

The average pressure on our Jeep tires is about 35 psi. Let’s deflate it to 15 psi for getting an accurate filling time. The quick disconnects on Simittybilt is a really nice feature, you can easily connect and disconnect the air hose. So, attached the air hose to the jeep tires and switched on the air compressor.

It is much quieter and does not produce very loud noise while running like other tools in the market. The noise level on decibel meter of Simittybilt compressor while operating is 70 decibels. The old-styled pressure gauge also looks good to me. Finally, the pressure reaches 36 psi and the total time it takes to fill 20 psi is 2 minutes. That’s Amazing!

If we talk about the heat of this Smittybilt unit, it is much cooler than others. You can take a long hour job and it doesn’t stop. We think this air inflator is worth buying and a prime option for your jeep. 

What We Like
  • Speedy tire inflation
  • Much Quieter
  • Don’t get too hot even after a very hard job
  • Rubber Feet
  • Excellent for off-road
What We Don’t Like
  • Low-quality carry case
  • Inaccurate pressure gauge

#2: EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

The most-rated EPAuto is our best pick among all the portable tire inflators in the market. It is a lightweight 1 lbs air compressor that can be easily moveable and cover less space, you can carry it easily in a bag or keep it in the back of your jeep. The device is capable of giving maximum pressure of 70 psi which helps in reducing the tire inflation time. It works on DC  12 voltage and needs a minimum of 10 amperes to perform a smooth operation. The machine has a digital display where you can easily read the values of pressure.

Sometimes, when you go outside at night, one of your jeep tires becomes flat. Due to the dark, you can’t properly fill air in the tires. For this situation, the manufacturer has integrated an LED torch into it. Whenever the tire gets flat at night, turn on the flashlight and fill the air.

Key Features

  • Maximum pressure 70 PSI
  • LED torch
  • Digital display for reading
  • Auto Turn Off When Overheats
  • Long power cord and hose
  • Extra fuse for backup

Our Test

We have inflated the tires of our Jeep wrangler using an EPAuto air compressor. It is a corded device so you need a power source to run the tool. For this a cigarette lighter is attached with it, you have to plug the male side into the female socket that is available inside the jeep. Also, we’ve measured the cord size and it is 9 ft long, that’s enough for me and I can easily move and fill the air in all 4 tires. Its hose size is also sufficient which is 2 and half feet in length.

Now, we deflated the tire up to 10 psi to run our test. Turned ON the inflator and attached the hose to the tires. The current pressure of the tire was 25 psi and when we start filling the air, it takes 2 minutes and 25 seconds to fill with a pressure of 10 psi.

Also, check the temperature when the required pressure is filled in the tire. The device doesn’t overheat, the temperature we recorded is about 100F,  as the average temperature when it automatically shuts off is about 167F according to the manufacturer.

Another thing we analyzed about this inflator is its loudness. The decibel meter is giving the average reading of 80 decibels when the inflator is running. Moreover, the air tool isn’t vibrating too much because of the rubber feet. Overall we are in love with this product. Let’s compare what things are good in this EPAuto and what should be improved.

What We Like
  • Portable flashlight for night use
  • Lightweight
  • Power up with a cigarette lighter socket
  • Very simple to operate
  • High tire inflating speed of 1.06 cfm
What We Don’t Like
  • It’s not working properly in winters, maybe due to freezing temperatures.

#3: ARB (CKMP12) 12V Portable Air Compressor

ARB 12V air compressor is the best option if you want to inflate the jeep tires quickly. This portable compressor can be stored on the backside of your jeep. It’s easy to lift because of the 15 lbs weight and housed in a high-built quality box with a handle attached. You can easily grab it up with the handle and carry it anywhere. The tool is equipped with a 19 feet air hose and 7 feet power cord that is enough for inflating jeep tires. No battery is provided, you need to connect the clips to the batteries of the jeep to run the device. It is properly sealed which helps your compressor to prevent water and dust.

With a 50% duty cycle, you can inflate all the four tires of your jeep up to 35 psi in a single try. After that, you have to cool it down for the next use.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and easily picked with hand
  • Appropriately sealed so no chances of leakage
  • Long air filler and power wire attached with crocodile clips
  • Suitable for running all types of air tools
  • Extra thermal protection is installed to prevent it from blowing up

Our Test

Again we tried this ARB 12V air compressor on a jeep wrangler and placed it near one side of the tire. The air hose is long enough that it can reach all the tires easily, due to a little heavyweight the tool stays on the ground and doesn’t move on pulling the air hose as long as possible.

First, check the pressure of a jeep tire with the help of a pressure gauge. The current pressure in the tires is 20 psi, so we will inflate the tire up to 30 psi. This will help in getting an idea of how much time it takes to add 10 psi and the temperature of the device.

Now, connected the air hose to the tires and turned on the compressor along with a stopwatch. The tool successfully inflated 10 psi within 2 minutes and 5 seconds. It means if the tire is fully flat you can inflate it at 35 psi within an average time of 4 to 5 minutes. We also calculated the temperature when the compressor ended the job, it was about 80 F. The device won’t overheat due to the available thermal protection.

Furthermore, we recorded the noise level of this air tool when running. It is not much loud as compared to other inflating tools, the noise we noted was 80 decibels which isn’t too loud. This ARB CKMP12 compressor is a great purchase and we hope it will work for a long time.

What We Like
  • Quick tire inflation
  • Less loud
  • Less overheats as compared to other
What We Don’t Like
  • No LED flashlight for night use
  • A bit pricey compared to others on the list

#4: AstroAI 12V DC Portable Tire Inflator

You are planning of having an adventure, especially on the jeeps with your friends. Every vehicle owner is stressed for some time when he thinks about what if the tire becomes flat and there is no service station. But no worries, you can take a portable tire inflator with you on the trip and forget about flat tires. One of the best options you can go for is the AstroAI 12V tire inflator which is lightweight and easily moveable.

This is the 2nd most reviewed tire inflator having 40 thousand plus positive reviews which means it is much loved by the customers. It comes in a bag with extra accessories including valve caps for tires, fuse, ball pump needle, and Presta to Schrader fittings. The tool can provide a maximum pressure of 100 psi which helps it to run for a long time. Its weight is about 1kg and a handle is given at the top for holding.

A good feature that we liked is the emergency flashlight to do operations at the night. Anyone whose jeep tires become flat at night, can turn on the light and start filling the air. This air compressor can also perform multiple jobs like filling bicycle tires, pool floats, inflatable kayaks, & many others.

Key Features

  • Accurate
  • LCD display and programmable
  • Use for multiple applications
  • Auto shutoff when reaches the set pressure

Our Test

Once more time, the jeep wrangler is in the ground to face the test. On the digital display there are buttons available, (+) is for increasing the psi rating, (-) button is decreasing the psi number, and button (M) is for setting the pressure.

First, we checked the tire pressure and it is 25 psi. Now, set the pressure on the air compressor to 35 psi and attached the hose to the tires tightly. The tool starts inflating tires that take up to 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Furthermore, a loudness test is also taken using the sound meter. AstroAI is a bit loud than others on the list, we recorded an average of 90 decibels on the meter.

Also, we tested the LED flashlight mounted in the inflator at night to know how much it is bright. It’s good, not too bright or dim but properly fulfilling the purpose. You can put it in the front of the tires and do the operation.

One of the things that I liked about this device is its vibration-reducing rubber feet. It remains stable and doesn’t move from the place too much. We are satisfied with the overall performance of this AstroAI inflator. Let’s dig out what features we loved while using the tool and what things should be improved.

What We Like
  • Digital display to preset the pressure
  • Integrated flashlight to use in the dark
  • Cigarette lighter for power source
  • Cheap
  • 3-Years Warranty Support
What We Don’t Like
  • The hose should be on out front side instead of inside

#5: Viair (40045) 400P Portable Air Compressor

VIAIR is a noteworthy option if you are looking for a portable compressor to inflate jeep tires. It is one of the most demanded air inflating tools that run for years. This variant comes in a brown color bag along with an air filtration system. The air filter helps to intake clean air and speed up the inflating process. A primary black color coiled hose of 30 feet helps you to move around the jeep easily. The power cord of length 8 feet with two crocodile clamps makes it easy to connect with the battery of the jeep.

 Viair 400P wins the competition on the vibration side, there are four springs attached to the base stand that helps in reducing vibration and prevent the compressor from moving. An analog pressure gauge is also provided to check the tire pressure.

Key Features

  • Operates on 12 Volt
  • Air up tires at speed of 2.3 CFM
  • Maximum pressure of 150 psi
  • Lightweight

Our Test

Viair’s air compressor is the one that should be in the back of every jeep due to its rapid air filling job. There are thousands of positive opinions of users about this air tool. So, we will try this handy compressor to inflate our jeep wrangler tires of 35 inches. We will check how much time the tool takes to fill desired pressure, the noise it produces while functioning, & the temperature.

The tire pressure of our jeep is about 35 psi and we deflated it to 10 psi. To start airing up the tire we connected the air hose to the tire and tighten it properly to avoid any leaks. Now, turned on the machine and stopwatch to count the exact time. The pressure reaches 35 psi in almost 2 minutes and 35 seconds. It means the tool takes 2 and half a minute to fill 25 psi pressure.

One thing that we have a concern about is its temperature, this Viair compressor gets too hot when inflating all four tires. The holding handle feels like burning, so avoid holding the device when you run it for a long time. You have to wait for it to cool down and then start the next job. The temperature we recorded was 140F which is high according to us.

This compressor unit is not too loud, we also noted the noise level and it is about 72 decibels on the meter.  We will say this is a great choice if you are thinking to take a portable air tool but the company should work on reducing its temperature.

What We Like
  • Provide quieter job
  • Inflate the tires very fast
  • Perfectly works with the jeep’s battery
  • The tool automatically turns off when overheats
  • Anti-vibration tray
What We Don’t Like
  • Gets warmed quickly

#6: GSPSCN Heavy Duty Air Compressor

Silver-colored GSPSCN is another worthy tire inflator that everyone should have who loves to keep driving on the road. This tool is known for its quick air inflation and quiet operations. It is box-packed when reaches you with additional accessories including black color carry bag, coiled hose, cigarette lighter power cable, adapters, and fuse.

It needs 12V to run the system at 25 amperes, too easy to operate just turn the button on and start airing up tires. This device is too stable you don’t need to worry about the vibration, it remains in the place where you kept it. A steel handle is available on the top to pick up the compressor, its weight is about 6.8 pounds so you can easily keep it on the backside of your jeep.

The company recommends the customers wait for some time after a 10-minute job. This helps the air compressor to cool down and work for long years. According to us, the brand should fix this issue of waiting. Because, if folk want to inflate 4 tires then it will take up to an hour to fill the air in all tires. Let’s see what are the extraordinary features of this GSPSCN air inflator.

Key Features

  • Airup average size tires in 1.5 minutes
  • 150 psi maximum pressure
  • Vibration resistant rubber feet
  • Dual cylinders to boost air inflation time

Our Test

We are going to inflate our Jeep wrangler tire with a GSPSCN air compressor. There are tons of reviews we read about this unit that inflates the tire fastly, so here we examine the time it will take to fill tires.

At first, we noted the tire pressure that is 20 psi and we have to take it at 35 psi. Keep in mind to tighten the air hose when attaching to the tire, and check the air leakage by adding a few drops on the air hose connection. It helps to prevent pressure drop and provides the exact pressure that we want.

The other way to deal with this situation is to add a little bit more psi than the required pressure. Most of the pressure gauges are not accurate so that’s why adding some more amount will help in reaching the exact value. 

Turned on the air compressor with a stopwatch to note the time, it take 2 minutes and 30 seconds to inflate a pressure of 15 psi. It seems there is a big difference between what the company claims and our actual readings. We can’t say it is the fastest inflator in the world but can do a pretty good job with it.

One more thing we noted is its temperature, we inflated all the four tires one by one after some wait for it to cool down. It is recommended by the company to wait until after the 10-minute job, this looks boring. Who waits for hours to fill up their jeep tires, this thing should be improved.

The tool runs quietly and the number of its recorded noise level on the meter is 75 decibels. We are satisfied with the purchase and will surely keep this in our toolbox.

What We Like
  • Works well in freezing temperature
  • Airup multiple inflatables
  • Good carry bag
  • A dual power source (Cigarette Lighter & Gator Clamps)
What We Don’t Like
  • Quickly overheats
  • Slower tire inflation over 35 inches tire
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#7: TIREWELL Tire Inflator 12V

One more notable air compressor for your jeep is TIREWELL 12V which fills up tires rapidly. The tool is specially designed for light vehicles and further, we will see the performance by filling our jeep tires. It also comes in a black bag with all required tools that include a cigarette lighter socket and alligator clamps to get power from the vehicle. Other accessories like the air hose, air inflator needle, and the extra fuse are added to the bag.

No need to worry about the hose and power cable length, you can fill all the tires easily and it doesn’t need any further extension. The coiled air hose is 5 meters long and the power cord of length of 11.5 feet is also enough for reaching the power source. At 150 psi maximum pressure, you can quickly fill up the tires with a flow rate of 2.12 CFM.

Key Features

  • Dual cylinders
  • Run quietly
  • Additional hose extension for long wheel-base vehicles
  • Very easy to use

Our test

We’ve analyzed thousands of thoughts of people on this device, some are saying it is the best to purchase for my vehicles and others are saying it doesn’t work for vehicles that require less pressure. So, let’s do an experiment and conclude, is the TIREWELL compressor really worth using or not.

To check this device, we will inflate the tires of our jeep and know the exact timings, maximum pressure, temperature, and loudness levels. At this time we will deflate the tires completely to get the exact numbers. Now, connected the power source and attached the hose to the tires. Switched on the compressor and also started the stopwatch to record the total time.

When the compressor starts, it seems to be loud but after some time the noise becomes okay. The tires take 4 minutes and 25 seconds to fully inflate the tire from 0 to 35 psi. One thing that looks weird about this tool is, that there are two cylinders in it and one becomes hotter than another one while running. We don’t why just one side become hotter along with a pipe. The recorded average temperature in the middle and when the job is done is about 150F.

We also double-checked the pressure gauge mounted on the top of the compressor and compared it with other gauges. The built-in pressure gauge shows slightly high pressure than the other three gauges that we checked one by one. But, it’s ok, there is not such a big difference. You can go for TIREWELL’s pressure gauge if doesn’t have any extra.

Another good point of this inflator is that there are rubber feet fitted below the compressor stand to minimize the vibrations. For getting 35 psi pressure the tool works perfectly and maybe it becomes slower if we need the highest pressure. We will say you can go for it and also take it with you when going outside.

What We Like
  • Quickly fill up jeep tires
  • A great option to take it with you when going on a trip
  • Not much loud
  • Provide stable operations
What We Don’t Like
  • Rapidly get warmed
  • Become slow when inflating heavy vehicle tires
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#8: Kensun Portable Air Compressor

The dual power source Kensun compressor runs on both AC and DC power to escalate the tire inflating speed. It is a handy device with a weight of almost 3.50 pounds and handles mounted on the top. The plastic casing and a combo of black and orange color give it a professional look. On the front side, you will see an analog pressure calculating gauge that makes the compressor rich in features.

Due to a good duty cycle, you can run this device consistently for half an hour which means if big inches tire takes a maximum of 5 minutes to fully inflate then you can air up four tires within 20 minutes. Even after this job, the compressor is still ready to fill up more air in the tires. That looks awesome! Here we have only given a rough idea about tire inflation time, moreover, we will see in-depth the exact time to air up tires.

The purpose of adding AC/DC functionality in the Kensun compressor is to make availability of the power source. That means you can run it in the home on AC power and while traveling on DC car battery power. Its long woven air hose of 19 inches can reach all corners of the vehicle, and its 9 feet power cable is enough for reaching the vehicle’s battery.

Key Features

  • Very lightweight
  • Good plastic build quality
  • Both for indoor & outdoor use
  • Provide high pressure of 100 psi

Our Test

Before the test, we have to clear something that, there are two buttons AC/DC for power on the front of the air compressor. If you are using it at home then press the AC button of 110V to run the device, and if want to use it on the jeep’s battery then press DC button to start the machine. If your current is AC and you are pressing the DC button the tool will not turn on, so keep in mind to push the right button.

To initiate the test, we checked the tire pressure of our Jeep which is about 20 psi. So, connected the air hose to the tire and turned on the air compressor. It runs smoothly and does not too loud. The tool takes 2 minutes and 41 seconds to fill the tire up to 35 psi. It indicates that you need almost 4-5 minutes to fully air up a tire of 35 inches.

This air tool provides a very cool job as it does not get overheated as compared to others on the list. If we see at the whole portable compressors its loudness is much high. The sound level on the decibel meter is around 90 decibels. According to the price, this Kensun compressor is a good option. There are a few things that should be fixed in this unit.

The length claimed by its makers is long, but the actual length of the air hose and power cable is not enough. There is a place on the backside of the compressor which is very small for keeping both wire and hose in one place. We think it is perfect at the cheap price, if any user wants an air tool with more features then he can look at others in the list.

What We Like
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Dual AC/DC operations
  • Not get warmed quickly
  • Simple to operate
What We Don’t Like
  • Not quiet
  • Fewer Features as compared to others
  • No Auto-shutoff

Which will be the best option for inflating your jeep tires? Read the Buying Guide

Many of you are struggling to find a good tire inflator for your jeep according to price, features, functionality, quietness, & much more. In this buying guide, we will help to pick the best portable compressor from the 8 that we have discussed and reviewed above. We’ve personally used all the inflators listed here and got real numbers about how much a tool is good or bad.

You should know some factors about the compressor before buying, at last, we will pick one for you that is perfect for everything.


You should go for a tire inflator that is durable and runs for a long time. Because no one wants to spend their money after every third month when their inflators stop working. We also know a lot of brand compressors that run only the first one month and then start malfunctioning.

Always go for a durable and good-quality build compressor so you can use it for more time. The air tools we listed above are all durable, we also checked their material time, some of them are built with metal and some with plastic.


The portability and size of the compressor are important factors you should consider before choosing an inflator. The majority of people are looking for an air tool that is lightweight and small in size, so it can easily fit in the jeep or any other vehicle. Less weighed inflators are easy to move and you can take them when going on trips.

Maximum Pressure

A portable compressor with high pressure provides a long-time job. The air tools that have maximum pressure from 100-150  psi run for more hours and inflate your vehicle tire without any cool-down break. High psi compressors work perfectly as compared to those who have less pressure. Always try to buy an air tool above 100 psi for trouble-free use.


Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the airflow rate that a compressor turns out. The higher the cfm rate, the faster the job will get done. For example, there are two compressors having cfm rates of 1cfm and 3 cfm. So, the tool with 1 cfm inflation speed fills the air in the tires within 2 minutes. On the other side, the tool with a 3cfm inflation speed will take 1 minute or less time to air up the tires. Greater cfm compressors work quickly and also save your time.


The majority of the users don’t happy with the loudness of their compressors. They want a tool that works quietly and never creates too loud noise while running. We also experienced some inflators that produced a loud noise and starts pain in our heads. From them, Simittybilt is the one that runs quietly and produces the sound of 70 decibels. If you are satisfied with the working of your inflator then you can ignore the loudness.


Some air tools vibrate too much while operating, if placed on a table they will drop to the ground. But, the good thing is, that all the companies work on making their products vibration resistant by adding rubber to the feet. These rubber feet help the inflator to move around and absorb maximum vibrations produced. Must check the feet of your air compressor, are they vibration resistant or not.

Total Tire Inflation Time

You’ve decided to go on a trip with your buddies on a jeep and are also worried about flat tires. We know all the friends are in a hurry to reach their destination but what if the tire becomes flat and your air compressor is taking a long time to air up. Obviously, it looks tedious and also ruins your trip plans. So, there should be an inflator that fills up tires within minutes and doesn’t take an hour.

From the air compressors that we tested and also calculated the average tire inflation time, we only found Smittybilt quick that fills the air in the tires within 2 minutes of 20 psi. It is the best partner to take on a trip.


Overheating is one of the biggest problems in air compressors. Some manufacturers especially give precautions to the customers for cooling down the inflator after every use to avoid motor damage. But, there are inflators available that come with auto shut off functionality when overheating. 

Always buy an inflator that doesn’t overheat quickly because it will help your tool to run smoothly for long years.


It adds more value to the customer’s purchase when he gets a warranty on the product. Every company has their own terms & conditions on the warranty. Mostly you will get a 1 or 3 years warranty on purchasing an air compressor that includes free-of-cost repairs.

So, must check whether the warranty is available or not before buying your tire inflator.

Comparison of 2 Best Picked Air Compressors

Making the selection easier we have picked the 2 great options for you that are best in any category like performance, quietness, price, and much more.

EP Auto

EPAuto is the worthiest option if you are looking for a durable tire inflator under 100 bucks. It will be an amazing purchase because of having exceptional features that include rapid tire inflation speed, a quiet job, fewer vibrations, no overheating, and a flashlight for nighttime use.


For jeep owners, Smittybilt is the air compressor that wins the competition by providing the quickest tire inflation rate. This tool takes full numbers from quietness to durability. It inflates the jeep tires up to 20 psi within 2 minutes. This is an exceptional option under 200 bucks if you are looking for a long-lasting tire inflator.

Final Verdict

We as a team did detailed tests on the air compressor listed here and put the advantages and drawbacks of every single unit in front of you. We found Smittybilt the best among all of them and it never disappoints any jeep owner. With its high cfm rate, you can air up your jeep tires within minutes. Must try this product you will never regret.

We hope this detailed comparison helps you to choose the right tire inflator. Further, if you have any questions then comment below, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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