Craftsman vs Ridgid Air Compressor – Which is More Efficient?

Standing for the best in quality, performance, and durability, both Craftsman and Ridgid air compressors are the excellent options you can go for. We know you are confused about choosing which one will be perfect for you. So, here we have made a detailed comparison between the compressor of these two brands. We compare the pressure, price, loudness, and portability of these air tools in depth.

History Of Brands


Ridgid was founded in 1923 to manufacture highly durable tools. The brand made 300 different tools but gained popularity in making quality pipe wrenches. In 1966 Emerson Group purchased this company and became the owner. Still, Ridgid makes the tools, including the air compressor under the ownership of Emerson Group.

When Ridgid launched its first air compressor, it became famous due to the performance and long-lasting job. They are still reputable and produce thousands of air tools for the DIYers, mechanics, construction site workers, & home use.


Craftsman is the most popular brand in the market of air compressors. They manufacture air tools with beautiful designs, including pancake, vertical, horizontal, twin tank, & hot dog. The brand already has a good reputation in the market, but they got an overwhelming response from the customers when the 6-gallon combot kit was launched. For detailed history, read here.

Overall Comparison

The overall comparison tells us which brand will be best for the folks.



When we talk about the working of Ridgid compressors, they are best at the performance. We’ve tested Ridgid 6 gallon compressor and performed heavy jobs, inflated car tires, run sander, nail gun, did painting jobs and everything that can operate with this air tool. At maximum pressure of 150 psi, the device continues to provide air for a long time.


I will say the Craftsman compressor is great if compared performance with Ridgid. You can do long hours or heavy jobs with its help, and it can run different tools like brad nailer, finish nailer, crown stapler, pressure washer, inflating pool floats, balls, and others. This oil-free air tool gives a maximum pressure of 150 psi, providing smooth working.



I’ve used Ridgid 6 gallon pancake compressor for almost 1.5 years. This device is loud while running, and I’m continuously searching for a method to make it quiet. No doubt, this compressor works perfectly and runs for a long time. I checked its noise level, and the average number I got on checking 2 to 3 times is 82 decibels. This is also the best option for construction site workers, but I was using it in my home garage, and that’s why want a quieter one.


Like many other users, I’m also sad about the loudness of the Craftsman compressor. It’s just my opinion; maybe the other guys have a different point of view on it. But, the brand should work on reducing the noise of the air compressor. I’ve tested it 3-4 times with the decibel meter and got the reading of an average of 80 decibels. Furthermore, the noise issue will be ignored if we see its other features and performance. I love my Craftsman 6 gallon compressor and have been using it for 13 months.



The very first reason to purchase Ridgid 6 gallon compressor was its portability. As a road warrior, I keep travelling every day for some fun and doing small jobs, and I need an air tool that can be easily picked. This is why I chose this compressor; its weight is about 35 pounds, and that can be easily moveable with the help of handle given at the top. On the portability side, the tool gets full numbers.


The second option I tried is the Craftsman 6 gallon air tool which is super lightweight at 1 pound. It is much lighter than a Ridgid gallon; a handle is given on the top of the air compressor to pick it up easily. I prefer Craftsman’s this air tool on any other brand’s pancake style compressor. While going on a long route, I always keep this device on the back of the truck; whenever the tires become flat, I put it out and start inflating.


Ridgid’s 6-gallon compressor comes with a pancake style tank and focuses on providing a better job to the users. It is a little bit heavy weighted as compared to Craftsman air tool. The design looks good; a handle on the top makes it more attractive. On the other hand, Craftsman 6 gallon also has a beautiful design in pancake style. Their primary focus is on providing the best work experience and good design as well. The brand uses light materials to reduce the compressor’s weight, which is why this 6 gallon comes with 1 pound weight.



A warranty increases the life of any tool because it contains proper maintenance and repair when the tool malfunctions. Every brand provides its warranty types on products so their customers can use the tool free of tension. Similarly, Ridgid offers their customers several warranties, including full lifetime, limited lifetime, and three-year limited warranty. Any person who purchases the tool can get free repairs anytime when they face issues. You can go to the service centre along with product payment proof and fix your compressor issues at zero cost.


There are many reasons for liking the brand Craftsman, and its warranty is one of them. I love the warranty provided by this company and getting a lot of benefits. The previous month my Craftsman compressor stopped working; I tried my best to fix the issue myself but don’t know the exact cause. I reached their service center to troubleshoot the problem. They repaired my device free of cost because it holds a warranty. This brand is my favourite and remains at the top of the list. As a big name, Craftsman provides multiple warranties ranging from 1 to 15 years, limited lifetime, and full lifetime warranty.

Customer Support

Every customer wants quick response to the query they asked while contacting with support of a brand. Those companies who don’t provide any help to their users couldn’t survive in the market. The brand Craftsman and Ridgid provides 24/7 customer support, and they assist every consumer and help until their issue is resolved. You can contact them through the helpline or email address.


I had both brands’ air compressors for more than a year; during this time, I experienced all the good and bad things about both tools. They are best in performance and durability too. But I think Craftsman compressors are more suitable than Ridgid if we compare performance, price, and longevity. Its air tools are made to run for years, and also you need fewer maintenance costs. I will recommend you to go on Craftsman’s side.

I hope this comparison will help you choose which compressor is best for you. If any question pops into your mind related to the functioning of both tools, ask us.  

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