How To Clean AC Drain Line With Air Compressor? 6 Steps Guide

You should clean the AC drain line if your AC is wholly stopped working or functions partially. An air compressor usage is the best method to clean the AC drain line. The air compressor has become an essential part of home tools, and homeowners usually prefer to clean their AC drain line by themselves using an air compressor. To maintain their AC for a long time, they want to clean their drain line regularly. 

Generally, AC works in an operation that removes humidity from the indoor atmosphere. This humidity changes its form into water that should be drained out. For this purpose, a condensate drip pan is planned. This may eventually cause the drain line to clog.

So, we have crafted this article to solve your clogging issue.

What is the AC drain line’s main function?

The drain line’s main function is to take the condensed water out of the air conditioner. The moisture air condenses to water collected in the condensate drip pan. A drain line is attached to this pan. This drain line is a plastic tube that can be clogged easily by the tiny particles and bacteria in the water that flows through this pipe. Once your drain line has clogged, there is a chance of water filling in the pan that can destroy the functions of an air conditioner. 

Can the drain line be cleaned using an air compressor?

Yes, you can clean AC drain line by using an air compressor. Even it is the best process now a day to maintain the AC drain line clean. But you need extra care while using compressed air. Try to avoid blowing dust into the AC and other parts of the AC attached to the drain lineIn addition to maintaining a clear drain line, check and clean the filter frequently.

Clean AC Drain Line With Air Compressor In 6 Steps

As previously mentioned, you can blow out the debris from the AC drain line with an air compressor.If you did not notice earlier that your drain line has been clogged, you would need to face the worst circumstances, like your AC being tripped down or collected water overflowing into the house. You might need to hire professionals to fix the issue and repair your unit. It will be a costly project. However, you can clean the drain line by applying compressed air. 

To perform this project, you need to gather these tools. 

Required Tools

  • Air compressor
  • Electrical tape
  • Sponge
  • Plastic tumbler

Once you have gathered your instruments, proceed as follows to clean the drain line.

Step 1: Cut-out the power

Be sure to turn off your unit before beginning the process.Mostly you can find the power button near the circuit breaker. Please find it and turn it off. For further security, you can fix it in one location with tape.It will ensure that the switch will not turn on while performing the procedure.

Step 2: Locate the evaporator

Now find the AC evaporator in your house because the drain pain of AC units is located on the evaporator. The common approach of joining the evaporator to condenser is through pipes. The evaporator box always installs near the unit’s fan.

Step 3: Find the location of the drain line

After locating the evaporator, now find the drain line. It will be attached to the drain pan. one side of the drain pan is attached to the condensate drip pan, and the other is located in the drainage system where the water can drain. 

Step 4: Remove the water from the pan

Check the pan by opening its cover. Eliminate all of the water from the pan if it is full of water. As you blow air using an air compressor, it will cause trouble while performing the process. Use a plastic tumbler to drain the water. Then use a sponge to soak the remaining water. 

Step 5: Attach and run the air hose 

Now attach the air compressor through an air hose at the opening position of the drain line. Make sure to join it tightly. Turn on the compressor and blow the compressed air through the drain pipe for a few minutes. By doing this, you can drain out the clogging material. Turn off the compressor when the drain line is immaculate.  

Step 6: Check the drain line

In the end, check the drain line by turning on the AC. If the water runs through the drain line, that means your drain line is clean now, and your unit is working perfectly.

Tips for maintaining AC drain line clean

No one wants to lose their expensive things with carelessness. An air conditioner is that expensive equipment. If its drain line is clean, you can retain the functionality of the entire unit. Replacing your unit will cost you high. Instead, follow these tips to maintain your AC’s drain line clear:

  • You can buy a drain line filter from the market. Fix that into your drain line. It will keep the drain line free of debris. 
  • Timely check the pipework for any leaks. A small leak can cause clogging in the drain line.
  • Besides the drain line, also keep clean your unit’s coils. Debris in the coils also affects the performance of AC.
  • Regularly check a clean the condensate drip pan. 
  • Try to place only a few indoor plants. Moisture expelled by plants could be the reason for drain line clogging. 

Final Thoughts

To maintain your AC’s performance, besides checking the other parts of the unit, you must regularly clean the drain line. Cleaning the AC drain line is not a hectic task. Infect it is simpler method now by using an air compressor.Just apply the correct method. You can efficiently perform this task if you are a DIY project lover. However, if you are not experienced, you should contact the professionals. 

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