How To Fill HPA Tank With Air Compressor? Step-by-Step Guide

In this modern era, HPA tanks are gaining more popularity for storing high-pressure air at home. When you own an HPA tank, it could be a hectic task to take your tank to the gas stations every time. Moreover, it would be costly for you to pay charges for refilling these paintball stores. As for filling the paintball/ airsoft tanks, there is a need for air pressure up to 3000-45000 psi. Every store cannot perform this task, so you have to travel to their specific stores.

Air compressors are the alternative solution. You can quickly fill your tank with the help of an air compressor. Although air compressors can perform various tasks, filling the HPA tanks is becoming famous among people.

You can fill the HPA tank with a good-quality air compressor by yourself; if you are confused about performing the process, this article is worth reading. In this article, you can learn a helpful guide and the necessary tips.

A complete process to fill the HPA tank with the help of an air compressor

Required Equipment:

  • Air compressor
  • HPA tank
  • Hose
  • Safety equipment ( gloves, mask, goggles)

If you have already gathered this equipment, follow the following steps to fill the HPA tank with an air compressor.

Step 1: HPA tank inspection

The first step of filling the HPA tank is to inspect the tank thoroughly. Suppose there is any tank leak or damage; you cannot complete the process successfully. From these damaged points, air will emit and cause severe accidents.

Step 2: Release Air of HPA tank

After inspecting and repairing the tank, the next step is to clear this out from the air inside. Do not release the air inside the house because this air can cause breathing issues. So put your tank in a well-ventilated place, open the valve, and remove the air.

Step 3: Setting up an air compressor

The next step is joining an air compressor and HPA tank to a hose. After ensuring the tank’s good condition and removing air, connect it to the hose. You can do this by connecting the nozzles, present on both. Check the compatibility of these nozzles to avoid any leakage while performing the task.

Step 4: Turn on the air compressor

The next step is plugging the compressor into its power supply and turning it on. For a wireless compressor, make sure to charge this fully. Plug the compressor and switch it on. The filling process of the HPA tank with air will start. At this stage, you need to maintain the psi for a tank. If the psi of the compressor is not suitable for your tank’s required pressure, you cannot perform the task properly.

Step 5: Measure the PSI

While filling the tank, make sure to calculate the required psi. It could be a crucial step because it will let you know whether your tank is full. If you do not maintain the psi during the procedure, you will have a disaster. Read the psi from the pressure switch located on the air compressor.

Step 6: Switch off the compressor and store your tank

Switch off the compressor when the readings indicate that your tank is filled. Carefully disconnect the nozzles of both (compressor and tank). Then, store your tank in a safe area for further usage. Try not to place it in an open space or under the sunlight.

Note: Make sure to empty your air compressor and clear the remaining air after completing the procedure. You can do it by pushing the “pressure relief valve” attached to the air compressor.

Essential tips for filling the tank

  • Each HPA tank has its own “Hydro date,” indicating its previous inspection. For better maintenance, it should be re-inspected once every five years.
  • Always avoid using grease or oil on an HPA tank’s nipple. During the filling of the tank, it will cause the building up of heat, and the oil will warm up, creating a great fire.
  • Always try to keep in the shade instead of sunlight. Also, avoid putting these tanks in hot vehicles. Significantly, the paintball tanks, because heat will increase the pressure and blow the CO2 tank. However, this does not happen with the HPA tank as its pressure will not increase, but extreme heat spoils its regulator seals.
  • Always try to wrap your tank with a fabric bag to protect it from the atmosphere.
  • While filling your tank at home, always fill it slowly; if you fill it at high speed, there is a chance of losing its psi, and you will end up at 2500 psi of the tank with 3000 psi.

Benefits of filling the HPA tank by using an air compressor:

Air compressors are the most popular tool among people. These can be used for accomplishing numerous tasks. Out of all people, the paintball/ airsoft gun players must know the worth of having a reliable air compressor. You can have the following benefit.

  1. The most significant advantage is that it can save you the cost of refilling the tanks. Instead of paying hefty charges to the paintball stores, you can fill your tank with a high-quality air compressor.
  2. Filling your HPA tank with an air compressor at home is a handy procedure. You don’t need to drive far to perform this task.
  3. When you fill your tank with an air compressor, you will be entirely sure about the air quality rather than tanks bought from the store. There is no assurance that the air in their tank is of high caliber.
  4. Another benefit you can obtain from air compressor portability. This feature makes these convenient, and you carry these wherever you want.
  5. The final benefit of using an air compressor is its ease while filling the tank. It doesn’t require unique learning skills to operate correctly—only using appropriate safety equipment.


Can you use a standard compressor to fill a paintball tank?

Its short answer is No. The standard air compressors come with a maximum of 180 psi and can not use for this purpose. Because the minimum required pressure to fill the paintball tank is 3000 psi.

Is it safe to fill a tank at home?

Yes. It is not complicated to Fill a tank. You can fill it at home while using all the safety measurements. Besides, it could be less costly to fill a tank at home as the airsoft/paintball store charge a lot.

How long does an HPA tank last?

If the HPA tank is maintained appropriately, it should continue for up to five years. To keep it safe, always release the air from it after its usage.

Final Thoughts

You can quickly fill your tank by yourself after reading the complete guide mentioned above. As you can see, filling a tank with an air compressor is not a complicated process and does not require any unique expertise. However, we recommend you follow the safety measurements when dealing with high-pressure air machinery. If there is any leak or damage you cannot handle or fix on your own, leave it to the experts.

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