How to Refill Co2 Tank With Air Compressor? Step by Step Guide

A lot of people have their own air compressors to fill tires and other things. While it is possible to use the same air compressor to refill co2 tank; is it not a good idea? Yes, it is because these tanks need to be filled frequently, and you have to pay extra dollars every time for refilling. Actually, filing a co2 tank with an air compressor is not a big task. You have to follow our simple guide that will help you to fill the tanks at home and shops as well.

Co2 tanks are used for multipurpose like paintball guns, soda streams, airsoft guns, grow room, air tools, indoor gardening, kegerator, incubators, tire inflation, & at restaurants. We will provide here 5 simple steps that will work for filling any tank. So, let’s start refilling.

How to Refill Co2 tank with Air Compressor? 4 Simple Steps

Refilling a co2 tank is a boring and time-wasting process; it also costs you money at every refill time. You can also refill it home, which will save your money and there is no need to worry about any future fillings. You own an air compressor and have a carbon dioxide tank, but you can’t refill it easily without following an expert’s guide. So, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you that helps refill the cartridge within no time.

Do Initial Inspection

Check the Co2 cylinder and air compressor thoroughly; if you see any damage on the tanks, then try to change it or initiate hydro testing for confirmation. 

What is hydro-testing?

Hydro testing is the process in which air is removed from the tank and water is added; then a continuous pressure is applied that reveals damages and leaks if a cylinder has. You can easily identify it by adding a colored liquid, when the pressure increases inside the tank, the colorful liquid starts coming out, then you can easily identify which place of the cylinder or pipe is leaking.

According to the department of transportation, every cylinder should pass the hydro test after five years. If a tank passes more than 5 years and there is no hydro test applied to it, then you should run this test. It is good and safe to check the weakness and strengths of air cylinders. 

Check your tank pressure

It is compulsory to check the internal psi rating of the tank so that you can fill the required amount of Co2. An air tank has its own psi value according to its manufacturers. The psi rating is punched or available in the manual of every air tank. Know your psi number from that manual and try to keep pressure in between those numbers.

Choose a good quality adapter

A good quality adapter with the right fittings will make your work simpler and easier. The adapter should have a pressure gauge to properly maintain the pressure. For a proper and sealed connection, you will need a Co2 compatible fitting i.e. CGA-302 threading. These fittings prevent the tank from any leakage.

Begin the refilling

Recheck all the fittings properly if everything is Ok, then turn on the air compressor valve. On the other side, also open the Co2 tank valve. Keep your eyes on the pressure gauge, if the pressure reaches 860 psi then close both valves. The psi value varies according to the cylinder weight, if your Co2 cartridge is big then increase pressure according to it. Congratulations! You’ve refilled the tank.

Also Know Who Makes Air Compressors of Different Brands:

Refilling Soda Stream Co2 Tank

Soda Stream is a great way to make your own soda at home. It requires ingredients, flavors and the most important thing carbon dioxide tank. If you already have a co2 tank and it is empty, then you need to refill it. You can refill it at home but it is not much easy as filling a propane tank. You will need to properly check and fill the tank according to the requirement. We’ve provided the instructions below, follow them.

Step by Step Guide to Refill Soda Stream Co2 Tank

  • First, check the pressure and weight of the tank to know how much amount there is needed to fill.
  • The average pressure for soda stream tanks including 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, & 20lb is 3000 PSI. Keep this value in your mind.
  • Now attach the air compressor with Co2 tank and keep all the valves off
  • Turn on the air compressor valve, the filling starts and you have to keep monitoring the pressure
  • When the pressure reaches about 3000 psi, close the air compressor valve
  • Again check the pressure and avoid overfilling. That’s it


Can you put Nitrogen in a Co2 tank?

Yes, you can put Nitrogen in a Co2 tank. It needs a nitrogen regulator and adapter. You have to connect the nitrogen regulator with the valve of co2 tank using an adapter. Now, open the switch by turning it into one side to start putting Nitrogen in carbon dioxide tank. When it reaches the required value that you want to fill then close the switch.

How to tell if Co2 Tank is Empty?

There is a pressure measuring scale on your Co2 tank, if the pressure is completely dropped on the scale then you can say the tank is empty. The normal pressure of co2 cartridge is 860 psi at room temperature. Check if the pressure value on the scale is below 100 psi then you can tell the tank is empty.

How much does it cost to refill a Co2 tank?

Everyone who refills air tanks charge their own prices, it also depends on the size of your tank. If it is big-sized, then you’ve to pay more and if it is small-sized then you have to pay less amount. We’ve made a table below where you can see refilling prices according to their weight.

Co2 Cylinder SizeWeight in GramsWeight in KGWeight in OZPressure (PSI)Price
0.004lb12 Gram0.012 KG0.42 Ounce800 PSI$1
1.25lb 566 Gram0.56 KG20 Ounce837 PSI$7
2 lb907 Gram0.9 KG32 Ounce850 PSI$12
5lb2267 Gram2.26 KG80 Ounce1200 PSI$30
10lb4535 Gram4.53 KG160 Ounce1800 PSI$60
15lb6803 Gram6.80 KG240 Ounce1800 PSI$90
20lb9071 Gram9 KG320 Ounce1800 PSI$120

How long does a 50 lb co2 tank last?

A 50 lb carbon dioxide tank is a heavy-weight cartridge that can last up to 11 days. It has a pressure of 1800 psi which means you will get a long time work from it.

What to do with old co2 tanks?

If you have old or leaked co2 tanks and don’t know what to do with them, then follow our tips below:

Give back to the Manufacturers: If your tank is close to the expiry date or you don’t want to use it anymore, then you can return it to the owners or manufacturers. Simply, tell them that you don’t want to use it or it is causing some issues. They will take it and provide a new one.

Resell: You can resell your old co2 tank to any person or company that deals in selling air tanks. They will buy it again at half price or maybe less.

Don’t Miss:

Dispose: If your carbon dioxide tank is in bad condition and the owners refuse to take it or none of them are purchasing it then you can dispose of it in waste.

Can you use an air compressor to refill a beverage Co2 tank?

Co2 is an essential part of beverages, it keeps the drink fresh and bacteria-free. Yes, you can use an air compressor for refilling a beverage Co2 tank.

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