Who Makes Husky Air Compressors? Know Everything

The brand Husky was founded in 1924 by Sigmund Mandl with the motive of making quality handy tools. It earns fame in the market due to its high build quality and super strong wrenches. In 1929 another company named Olsen Manufacturers purchased Husky and continued making different power tools. In 1932 Husky had a new owner, the New Britain tool group. Again it was sold to a new company National Hand Tools in 1980. The process continued, and after passing six years, Stanley Black & Decker purchased Husky. After this, Home Depot became the owner of the Husky brand in 1992. Now, Home Depot is making and managing all about Husky air compressors, including its warranty and customer support.

Husky Manufactured Air Compressor Types

Husky has made different types of air compressors for operating framing nailers spray painting guns, drills, inflating tires, & others. Here is the list of all air compressor model numbers of the Husky brand.

  • Model No. 3332013
  • Model No. 0300816
  • Model No. C202H
  • Model No. C304H
  • Model No. C271H
  • Model No. 3320445
  • Model No. 3300113
  • Model No. C041H
  • Model No. SAC22HPD
  • Model No. L210VWDVP

Serial/Model Number Lookup

If you are struggling to know your Husky air compressor’s model or serial number, we will help to find it. Just see at the backside of your air compressor; there will be a sticker available where pressure and horsepower-related information is given. The model number is printed here like VT631403AJ, and serial number is written like L7/14/09 – 00401. See the picture here:

Husky Air Compressor Serial Number Lookup


A warranty ensures customers have the facility to repair the tools if they fail to run. Similarly, Husky provides various warranty types for the users so they can get benefits any time when their air compressors go bad. Husky provides the following warranties:

1 Year Warranty

Customers who hold 1 year warranty can get a free replacement if their tool has any defect or it’s not working properly. The replacement will be within the warranty time; if your tools warranty expires, you can’t get any facility. For getting a new tool, you have to provide the payment of purchase proof.

2 Year Warranty

If your air compressor has a two-year warranty and it stops working due to any reason, you can call the Home depot helpline and get a free fixation of the tool. They will ask for product id, receipt of tool purchase and provide you a free repair without any charges.

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3 Year Warranty

Within 3 years, if your air compressor is not building the right pressure and it is not turning on due to some defects. You have two options, first is you can repair the tool, and there is no need to pay anything. If the tool is not in repairing condition, the second option is to get a free replacement. But remember, you can’t get a warranty facility if your tool is abused or badly damaged.

5 Year Warranty

The 5 years warranty is the same as the others; you can get free of cost tool replacement and fixation for 5 years if it causes any issue or stops working. This is the second-best warranty by Husky and the favourite for those who continuously use compressors for different jobs.

Lifetime Warranty

The best ever warranty that is popular among construction works, tire inflating, spray painting, and workshops. Whenever the tool gets faulty or not operating well, you can call the helpline or visit their service centre to get repair and replacement without any money.

How to Register Husky Air Compressor Warranty?

As Homedepot owns the Husky air compressor brand and there is no separate website of Husky where you can request them for registration so you have to call customer support to get tool warranty registration. Call their helpline, provide your air compressor model number, give proof of purchase and get your warranty registered.

How to Get Warranty Repairs?

Warranty repair facilitates customers to get free restoration if their tool start malfunctioning within the time of warranty. This is the best tool protection provided to the customers so they can operate the air compressor without any worry of getting bad. To get the free warranty repair, call the Husky helpline number given below:

Call at: 1-888-HD-HUSKY (1-888-434-8759)


Where is the reset button on a Husky air compressor?

A reset button is available in every air compressor that helps when the compressor is not starting or the machine gets overheated. Simply, you have to press the reset button, and your compressor will start working fine. If there is an overheating issue, wait a while to cool it down and press the reset button, your compressor starts running. On the Husky air compressor, you can find the reset button near the electric motor.

What is the lifespan of a Husky air compressor?

The life cycle of an air compressor depends on the built quality. More perfectly designed the compressor is, the more you will get its job. Husky made compressors are also on the top list due to their high performance and lifespan. You can run it for years; if you face any issue, you can also repair it. The air compressor will provide a superb job until it is damaged or broken.

Are Husky air compressors any good?

Mostly, I work in the garage for long hours, and an air compressor is also needed. I was frustrated with the loud noise of my previous compressor and finally switched to Husky’s brand. It is a super silent machine that provides good working performance and high pressure. Now, I can work for long hours without an ear-splitting noise. Husky proves a good brand to me, and I will use it for life.

Where are Husky air compressors made?

Husky was manufacturing air compressors just for the USA, but due to an increase in its popularity, the company started making them in China & Taiwan.

Who Makes Husky Air Compressors for Home Depot?

Home Depot is the place where you can get Husky brand pneumatic tools. There are several brands that collectively make air compressors and other tools for Home Depot, including Apex Tools, Stanley Works, & Western Forge etc.

How long are the Husky air compressors guaranteed?

When you first buy a Husky air compressor, a 90-day money-back guarantee is provided. If the device starts creating issues, you can return it within 90 days and get a new one.

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