Who Makes Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors? Know All Information About the Brand

In the 1800s farming industry had not evolved much, farmers used different types of hard methods to maintain the quality of crops that also needed more human resources. Due to this, three people in  1836 decided to make a company for facilitating and making the work easier for farmers. The brand got its name Campbell Hausfeld from its founders James Campbell, William Campbell, & Joseph Hausfeld. Joseph had a company that was making good quality air compressors and his company made the most famous air compressor named Pressure King of their time. 

When Joseph acquired the Campbell brand, his company also started making other power tools. Seeing its business potential, a company named Scott Fetzer purchased it in 1971. They also made quality tools and maintained the interest of consumers in the brand. Fetzer owned this brand for 44 years and in 2015 the Marmon Group purchased it. Now, Marmon group is manufacturing all the Cambell Hausfeld brand air compressors in Leitchfield, United States.

Types of Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

Campbell’s main goal is to serve all kinds of customers so to fulfill their demands, they have made 11 types of air compressors that are made for performing different jobs.  Their names are:

  • 1 Stage Air Compressor
  • 2 Stage
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Quiet
  • Pancake
  • Twin Stack
  • Gas Powered
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Portable
  • Dental

Parts List

During the repair or performing different jobs with Campbell’s compressor, there is a need for genuine parts made by the same brand. It is recommended and you will get them at normal prices. The accessories or parts used in the air compressor are given below:

  • Air Plugs
  • Gauges
  • Inflating Tools
  • Air Couplers
  • Kits
  • Blowing Guns
  • Air Pumps
  • Spray Guns
  • Hoses
  • Lubrication Material
  • Oil

 You can buy the parts directly from retailers like Amazon, The Home Depot, and Lowes at low prices as compared to others.

Locating the Reset Button

People who run air compressors for long hours have the chance of motor failure. Because the motor continues running for a long time without any break, it overheats and may get bad. Sometimes your air compressor won’t start because of overheating so the solution is to press the reset button. It will start the compressor functioning smoothly and again you can do your job for more hours. It is a red color button available on the back of your Cambell’s compressor motor or near the wiring. If you face a motor overheating issue or your compressor is not running then first cool it down and press the reset button. It will start working again.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Reset Button

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You can get a warranty of one year, two, three, and up to five years on purchasing Campbell’s air compressors. From the buying date, if you face an issue in the air compressor or any manufacturing defect, you can get replacement and maintenance free without paying any buck. Company must see the proof of purchasing the product first before tool repair.

You are not eligible for taking benefit of the warranty if you have abused the compressor or not used it in the right way. Similarly, if your tool is repaired by any third person you are ineligible for the warranty. A person with a genuine case like the tool is not working due to the manufacturing default,/can repair it free of cost. So, to get your tool repaired you can call the company helpline or go to the closest services center. We’ve given the phone number and its address below:

Call: 1-800-543-6400

Email: chpowercustomerservc@campbellhausfeld.com

Address: 100 Production Drive Harrison, OH 45030 United States


How long to fully charge Campbell Hausfeld compressor?

If you have a Campbell battery-operated air compressor, it takes 8 to 9 hours to fully charge its battery. It is recommended to properly charge the battery before use, this will help to increase performance and more job hours of your air compressor.

How old is my Campbell Hausfeld air compressor?

To know how old your Campbell compressor read the information provided on the sticker that is available on the tank of your air compressor. The manufacturing date will be mentioned there so calculate the days from its making to the current day. This way you can know the exact age of the compressor.

What is the cut-in and cut-out air pressure on Campbell compressor?

There are about 66 different air compressors made by Campbell; most of them have the same cut-out pressure of 175 psi and cut-in pressure of 40 psi. Other remaining models have different cutout pressure so the best way to check is by using your air compressor model number. Go to the Campbell official website, enter your compressor model number, and know the exact cutout pressure. You should know the maximum pressure limit of your device because it may blow up if the pressure limit exceeds. Always follow the guidelines and precautions to safely use the air compressor.

How long do a Campbell’s compressor tank last?

If you want a long-lasting air compressor then go for oil-free. Because oil-less compressors need not much maintenance as compared to oiled and no oil change is required. On average, a good company compressor lasts for 10-15 years and  Campbell’s air compressor provides a long job of 15-20 years.

How to find out what model is my Campbell Hausfeld?

The model of Campbell’s compressor is given on the sticker. Look at the right side of the compressor, a sticker will be available there. On the sticker you can read the model number, it looks like (HM700000RB). Below the model number, you can read the serial number that is written like (RB3/24/2011-94518). Here is the image:

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Model And Serial Number Lookup

Who sells Campbell air compressors?

The brand does not sell it directly so if you are from the United States you can buy it from 10 different retailers. We’ve mentioned their names in the list below:

  • Amazon
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Power Equipment Direct
  • CPO Outlet
  • Northern Tools
  • Zoro
  • Summit racing equipment
  • HD Supply

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