Who Makes Stealth Air Compressors? Get Full Details

Air compressors are an essential part of a number of industries, from construction to medical, everywhere it is used. Most of the brands made good quality compressors, but many users are unhappy with them due to their loud noise. That’s why Stealth jumped into the market and gave tough competition to its competitors by making ultra-quiet air compressors. It is an independent brand that does not come under any subsidiary and manufactures compressors under its own Stealth brand.

Stealth compressors make almost no noise while operating, as other brands’ pneumatic tools produce the sound of about 60-90 decibels, but Stealth makes its half or less sound. It is more portable; you can move it anywhere quickly due to less weight. We’ve made a complete list of tools made by Stealth that are given below.

Stealth Air Compressors List

Stealth compressors are specially made for doing hard and long-hour jobs. They are very quiet that wouldn’t bother you while working. Due to portability, it’s much easier to move and take it anywhere you are going. Just hold it with your hand, put it in the truck and go. Here are the total number of compressors made by Stealth according to tank size.

  • 1 Gallon
  • 2 Gallon
  • 3 Gallon
  • 4 Gallon
  • 4.5 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 8 Gallon
  • 10 Gallon
  • 12 Gallon
  • 20 Gallon

The style includes Hot dog, Vertical, and Twin stacked shapes that give maximum pressure from 90 psi to 225 psi. You can easily do spray painting jobs, inflate sports balls, car tires, run power tools, and other pneumatic tools.

Warranty Information

Stealth is the only brand that provides a lifetime warranty on all its products. You can’t be able to get any limited time, 2, 3, or 5 years warranty from Stealth. Because they believe in helping the customer in any condition, not like other brands that give customer support for some time and after that no help.

You can freely use the tool in their lifetime warranty package, even for long job hours. If the compressor is not operating smoothly or any part gets bad, contact customer support; they will identify the problem and fix it without charging any money. You can also replace the whole tool if it is not working fine. Keep in mind that do not go to any third-party replacement shop to repair the Stealth product. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to get any warranty. The manufacturer knows what parts are compatible with the tools, it increases the air compressor life, and that’s the main reason behind this policy.

On the other hand, if another person instead of a brand fixes the tool, it may reduce life and not function properly. So, always go to the Stealth service center to repair your products.

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How can I Register my Stealth Air Compressor?

If you have a Stealth product, it is compulsory to register it on the company’s official records. It provides significant facilities to the registered members, including discounted offers and money-saving warranties. You can avail warranty only if you are registered. Following are the steps to register your product.

  • Go to the official website of Stealth store.
  • Click on “Register Your Product” to start the registration.
  • Fill the boxes with required information, including username, email, & password. Click on the continue button to proceed.
  • Provide your model number, date of purchase, store name, & serial number.
  • Put all the asked details in the customer information area and click on submit button. 
  • Within a couple of days, your registration will be approved, and enjoy the offers and facilities from Stealth.

How can I locate the Model number on Stealth Compressor?

Mostly the users don’t pay attention to remembering the model number of their air compressor. When they go to the service center for any repair and do not know the tool’s serial number, it becomes a big trouble for them. Because it’s not easy to use the right part for replacement without knowing the model number, compatibility and other issues would also come.

So, follow our guide to locate your Stealth air compressor’s model/serial number. Check the whole compressor carefully and find a sticker or silver plate available on the tank that contains specifications and all other details. You can see the model number SAQ-12018 is written on the sticker. This is the number you will need to remember, and you can easily get all the parts of the tool. For more information regarding air compressors, call the Stealth’s helpline or email them; details are given here.

Call: 1-888-899-0146

Email: info@StealthCompressors.com

Are Stealth Air Compressors Any Good?

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about Stealth compressors that they are not quiet and durable. But, my experience with their tools is different from what other people are saying. I’ve used the Stealth 12-gallon compressor for more than eight months, and it is running very smoothly. As it is a quiet tool, its whispering sound is good compared to other loud tools.

The company made its movement easy by adding two-wheel because of its 90 lbs weight. As a traveling guy,  I keep my truck on the road and do multiple jobs like painting and nailing. It also fulfills my need for inflating tires; whenever my truck tires become flat, I turn on the compressor and inflate them within minutes. After analyzing the product for 250 days, I concluded it is one of the best compressors in the market that helps do tough jobs and lasts for a very long time.

One issue that I’ve also faced, like many others, when the first time I purchased it, the tool I received was a little bit damaged. It has a small dent on the corner of the compressor tank but can be ignorable. The company should focus on these issues if they want more and more customers. In conclusion, I’m happy with this tool’s working performance and suggest others use it. The image of Stealth air compressor that I’ve purchased and used is given below.

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