Who Makes Porter Cable Air Compressors? Get All Details

Porter Cable was established in 1906 to manufacture different power tools like sanders and saws. The owners R.E Porter and  F.E Cable use their name combination to give the company name i.e. Porter Cable. The company sells a huge number of sanders, and that’s the main reason for its popularity. During that time a company named Rockwell wanted to beat its market competitor Black & Decker.

So, they bought Porter Cable in 1960 and made improvements to launch something more efficient than competitors in the market. But, sadly they fail in satisfying customers. After that, the Pentair named company purchased it in 1981. Pentair’s journey became successful when they introduced new tools, these tools started selling in big numbers and their sales are increasing day by day. Finally, in 2004 Black & Decker purchased Porter Cable and all its sister companies. Now, black and decker are making different Porter cable air compressor models.

To know what type of compressors Porter Cable made read the detail below.

List of Porter Cable Air Compressors

This brand’s made combo kits and pancake compressors are very famous among the people with a large number of sales. Their names are mentioned here with model numbers.

  • Combo Kit with Brad & Finish Nailer (Model No. PCFP12656)
  • Combo Kit with 3 Nailers (Model No. PCFP3KIT)
  • Brad Nailer with Combo Kit (Model No. PCFP12236)
  • 6 Gallon Compressor (Model No. C2002-ECOM)
  • Oilless Pancake Air Compressor Kit (Model No. C2002-WK)
  • Super quiet 1.5 Gallon Compressor (Model No. CMB15)
  • Oilless 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor (Model No. C2002)

Porter Cable Air Compressor Red vs Gray Tank – What’s the difference?

There is not much difference between Gray or Red tank porter cable compressor, just colors are changed. The official color of porter cable tools is red but the grey compressor is assembled by another retailer i.e. (Tractor Supply). Tractor Supply has just 1 air compressor of model number (SKU-109376499) with a grey tank. All the functions and parts integration is same as the porter cable.

Is it a good air compressor?

I’ve used a pancake style porter cable air compressor (Model No= C2002). It is perfectly working in my garage; I use it to inflate my car tires and sometimes for pressure washing. The device is incredible, it provides a high pressure of 150 psi. Another thing that attracted me to this model is, that it is light weighted and now i can easily take it anywhere or when I go for a long drive. It’s a little bit loud but overall, I’m satisfied with the performance. This is a good product from Porter Cable; you can buy it for long-term use.

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Porter cable only provides 1 year and 3 year limited warranty to its customers. In both warranties, users have the right to get repair and replacement at zero cost. The company has a clear policy on abusing and damaging the tool. They will not accept the tool if it is broken and misused.

On the other hand, if your air compressor stops working due to a manufacturing fault, take it to your nearest service center to get repaired. First, they will see the product purchasing slip to confirm the real owner. Then they will fix all the issues you are facing while using it. You can also call customer support to get more details about the warranty. The number is given here:

Call: (001-888-848-5175)


What is the pressure limit in a Porter Cable air compressor?

I’ve analyzed almost all air compressors made by porter cable. They can hold a maximum pressure of 150 psi, which is enough for running any kind of power tool. This is the cutout pressure of porter cable compressors if you over pressurize the tank, the chances of its blowing up may increase.

How do I tell where my Porter Cable air compressor is made?

Porter cable compressors are currently manufactured in China & Mexico. Your device will be made in one of these countries. Secondly, you can check the sticker where all general information about air compressors is written. Here the country name is mentioned where your compressor was made.

Why can’t I find a service manual for my porter cable compressor?

Maybe you’ve forgotten your compressor model number, and that’s why you are facing difficulty in searching for a service manual. Because you can easily find your compressor model related service manual online. Go to the porter cable official website, click on the service & support option and get your service manual.

Where is the reset button on my Porter Cable air compressor?

Check the back of your porter cable compressor motor; a black color button will be there. It is the reset button, you can press it and reset your air compressor.

What does dial on Porter Cable air compressor do?

Actually, it is a pressure regulator that helps increase and decrease the pressure of an air compressor. You have to move it clockwise and anti-clockwise to change the pressure value.

Where to find a model/serial number on a porter cable compressor?

People mostly know their air compressor model number, but those who don’t know can read the information plate available on the tank. Both serial and model numbers are written on that plate.

Will Porter Cable Air Compressor Fill Tires?

Yes, this will be the perfect option if you are going to take this compressor. One of the significant benefits of this brand’s compressor especially made for inflating tires is that they are light in weight. You can adjust the pressure according to tires and easily carry it anywhere.

Last Words

Porter cable is a trusted brand that has been around for 116 years. They’ve manufactured a variety of durable air compressors including kits that are loved by thousands of customers. We have listed all of their names above. However, if you have any other questions about porter cable air compressors, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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