Who Makes Kobalt Air Compressors? Get a Quick Guide to Find Serial Number

A good air compressor is something that anyone who uses pneumatic tools needs. Finding a good-quality air compressor isn’t easy. There are different types of brands available in the market that confuses the customer to buy which one. Each brand has its own unique build quality, and each one is priced differently. So, it becomes hard for a new person to select the right one.

But there is a well-reputed brand in the market producing advanced and powerful tools for the last 100 years. Its name is Lowes, which began manufacturing Kobalt air compressors in 1998 with the collaboration of another toolmaker company J.H Williams. Kobalt is a trusted name when it comes to quality compressors. It is a very popular choice with homeowners and even those in the construction industry.

The reason why Lowes launched their own air tools is to compete with other big brands like Homedepot, Sears, & Craftsman. Lowes focuses on quality, and within no time they succeeded in creating a place in the market. So, let us know what type of Kobalt air compressors are there.

Kobalt’s Manufactured Air Compressors List

There are 12 types of Kobalt air compressors manufactured till now, and each product is very popular among users. We’ve mentioned their model numbers below:

Model No (3332644)

It is a single-stage air compressor with a 26-gallon tank capacity and has two wheels so it can easily move. You will need a proper electric connection to operate because there is no battery installed in it. This quiet tech compressor has a strong motor of 1.8 horsepower that helps to speed up the tank filling. It is beneficial for working on garages and job sites for operating spray-painting guns, nail guns and other air tools.

Model No (3320447)

This is a single-stage air compressor that comes with ultra-quiet technology to provide a noiseless operation. It has a twin stack tank (air compressors with two tanks) of 4.3 gallons and a maximum pressure of 150 psi. It is an Oil-free pump, which means you have to provide 12 volts to run its one hp motor. The device is a little bit heavy with a weight of 28 kg, but due to its portability you can take it anywhere.

Model No (0300842)

It is one of the best built horizontal single-stage air compressors that perfectly suits job sites and home use. The machine has a big-sized tank of 8 gallons to fulfill all of your needs in a day; you can easily do small tasks like inflating car or bike tires, spray guns, & others. A handle and two tires are also provided to move the compressor easily.

Model No (3300244)

This model number belongs to a Hot dog-shaped air compressor that has small air storing capacity of 2 gallons. It is a super silent compressor compared to others having a sound rating of 60 dBA. It works on amperage 5.7, which helps to run the compressor with full power quickly. In addition, its weight is about 20 kg, and anyone can pick it up with hands easily.

Model No (LK3197)

It is another hot dog-styled Kobalt air compressor from Lowes with a 3-gallon tank. It has almost 12 kg weight, and for easy movement a handle is given at the top. This single-phase compressor runs on 120 voltage and has a maximum pressure of 150 psi.

Other Air Compressor Manufacturer History:

Model No (LK20175)

For performing big tasks, this air compressor is the best option because of the large-sized tank of 20 gallons. It is also a single-stage compressor that provides maximal pressure of 175 psi. It runs smoothly and causes no noise irritation because of the 75 decibel rating.

Model No (XC602000)

If you are searching for a multipurpose air compressor that can perform small tasks as well as big ones, then this 60-gallon machine is a perfect choice. This 2-stage device fulfills all of your needs of operating spray guns, airbrushing, drilling, painting, nailing, grinding, bolting, and many more.

Model No (0332041)

This all-black Kobalt air compressor gained much popularity when launched for the first time. You can easily perform all types of tasks like spraying, sanding, roof nailing with the help of this single-stage compressor having a 20-gallon tank.

Model No (0332641)

The second full black color air compressor from Lowes comes in a vertical shape with two wheels attached. It has a large air filling capacity tank of 26 gallons that can fill maximum pressure up to 150 psi. We can use it to run many power tools like finish and framing nailers, cutting, HVLP painting, impact wrenches, & ratchets.

Model No (XC302000)

Every mechanic loves an air compressor that can perform long hours of job. Kobalt’s this model compressor has a specialty to run up to 5000 hours or more. Air is compressed two times because of its two-stage functionality and then stored in the 30-gallon tank.

Model No (0120242A)

This is a 2-stack air compressor that is portable and has a 2-gallon tank to fill the air. It can easily be picked up due to less weight of 10kg. If you run a sports shop, there would be a need for a compressor to fill up those sports balls; this device is the best option. You can also use it for blowing pool floats, dust, & waste.

Must Read:

Model No (XC802000)

Heavy jobs demand a lot of pressure that can only build if an air compressor has a large tank. This model is famous in different industries for having a big tank of 80 gallons. Its weight is almost 185kg, so you cannot easily move it from one place to other. It can perform multiple jobs smoothly like Stapling, Roof & Finish Nailing, Painting, Air Brushing, Drilling, Bolting, Spraying, Sanding, and Cutting.


After consulting with the manufacturers of Kobalt compressors, we have made a maintenance schedule table below where you need to perform the different tasks on a daily, weekly, & monthly basis to keep your air compressor fit.

Checking Oil LevelOnce Per Day
Draining Compressor TankMust Drain the Tank Daily
Checking Air FilterOnce Per Week
Checking Safety ValveOnce Per Week
Cleaning of UnitOnce Per Month
Checking Tightness of BeltOnce Per Month
Changing OilChange Oil Every after Every 3rd Month to get better Performance
  • Tip: It is recommended to change the Oil when the compressor’s first 50 running hours completes. After that, you can replace the Oil after every 3 months or pass 200 hours. This will help to increase the life of your air compressor and enhance its working.


Generally, when you buy an air compressor, its warranty is mentioned in the specifications. If you want to extend the warranty, you can contact their helpline to get detailed information. Lowes is providing 6 types of warranties on the Kobalt air compressor.

  • 90 Days Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty

These warranties will facilitate you at the time when your air compressor malfunctions or not working properly; you can visit the nearest Lowes service center and replace the product without any cost. Just show your warranty card, product purchase receipt or any other proof to the team. They will provide you with a new product at no charge. The company says we will not accept the products if it is damaged or abused badly.

How to Register Warranty?

You can visit the Lowes service center or call them to claim the warranty. Tell them what type of warranty do you want to register. We suggest you take a Lifetime warranty because you can use the tool without any tension for lifetime; whenever it causes any issue just contact the support team. Your problem will be fixed within a short time.

Customer Support Details

Lowes provides maintenance or services for all types of Kobalt tools. Open the map on your phone and locate the closest Lowes services center. Visit there to get a detailed inspection and fixation related to your tool. Further contact details are given below.

Phone Number: (1-888-3KOBALT)

Email: customercare@lowes.com


Are Kobalt Air Compressors Made in the USA?

Yes, Kobalt compressors are manufactured in the USA, but it also has markets in Canada and Mexico.

Where to get Kobalt Air Compressor Parts?

You can easily get all types of parts in the Lowes store.

How to find the serial number on a Kobalt air compressor?

A serial number is very helpful at that time when you go to a service center for tool replacement. The team will ask for your tool’s serial number to check if it has a warranty or not. Finding a serial or model number on the Kobalt air compressor is not a difficult task. Simply locate the sticker punched on the compressor tank where all the details are mentioned. Here, a number is imprinted like (AS77444); this is the serial number. On the opposite side, another number is available, e.g. 99007 (VLK1582609); this is the model number. See the image below to get a complete understanding:

If the sticker is not available and you fail to locate the serial number, then call the helpline. They will assist you in finding the correct model number.

Kobalt Air Compressor Serial Number

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