Who Makes Dewalt Air Compressors? Read Different Warranty Types

Dewalt is one of the most well-known names amongst the people who belong to different industries like Automotive, Food, Beverage, Construction, & Wood crafting. They are known as one of the best companies when it comes to power tools and even power tools accessories. Most people who have experienced using a Dewalt tool know the name is synonymous with quality and performance.

If you are looking to buy an air compressor, you will probably come across Dewalt air compressors. But who makes Dewalt air compressors? You would think Dewalt owns their products, but that is not the case. Dewalt is producing different quality products under a brand; we will discuss its complete history in this article.

About Dewalt

137 years ago, a man named Raymond DeWalt was born in 1885 in Pennsylvania, America. He loves machines and is always curious to know how they are made and how they work. As time passed, his interest in machines increased, and at the age of 37, he invented the radial arm saw in 1922. He earned a lot of fame, and after two years of his first invention, he established a company named Dewalt in 1924 that main purpose was to produce high-quality and efficient power tools.

The company started growing faster and seeing this AMF (American Machine & Foundry Inc.) purchased it and became the owner in 1949. AMF continued to produce different handy tools and served the customers for 11 years. After that, its market competitor named Black & Decker purchased it in 1960. They are also very famous for manufacturing power tools and home products, so they took the company to the skies.

Furthermore, Black & Decker also bought another market competitor, Porter-Cable, and merged it into Dewalt to make one company.

Dewalt Air Compressor Manufacturers

At that time, Dewalt air compressors are manufactured in the USA under the parent brand Black & Decker. The company is well known for using the best technology and design to make high-quality air compressors. You can use them for major applications like nail guns, air dryers, painting, texturing, tire inflating, & many more. If you are confused about different types of Dewalt compressors, then read below. I’ve mentioned all of them here:

Types of Air Compressors from Dewalt

I have given all of the air compressors models made by dewalt here:

  • DXCM201
  • DXCMLA3706056
  • DXCMV5248069
  • DXCM251
  • DCC020IB
  • DXCMLA1682066
  • DCC2560T1
  • DXCMH9919910
  • DXCMLA1983012
  • DXCMV5048055
  • DXCMV5018055
  • DXCMPA1982054
  • DXCMLA1983054
  • DXCMTA1980854
  • DXCMLA1683066
  • DXCMV7518075
  • DXCMLA4708065
  • DWFP55126
  • DWFP55130
  • D55167
  • DCC2520T1
  • D55146
  • D55168
  • D55154
  • D55140
  • DCC2520B
  • D55151
  • D55153
  • DXCMH1393075
  • DXCMTB5590856

Dewalt Air Compressor Accessories

You will need some accessories to perform different tasks or maintain an air compressor. See their names below:

  • Air Hose
  • Compressor Filter
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Water Separator


A company is loyal to its customers when it provides proper support for their products. Dewalt has been working for years to provide the best products and get a lot of positive responses from the customers. One of the main factors behind Dewalt’s success is its warranty types, where a customer can avail limited or lifetime warranty. They provide 5 types of warranties:

No Break Guarantee

The no-break guarantee provides facility to you if the product malfunctions due to any reason; it can be returned to the company, and you will get a new one without any cost. But you have to show a receipt or payment proof of the product purchase.

How to claim?

You can easily avail this offer by contacting Dewalt’s helpline or reaching their service station. They will evaluate the product to verify the case and replace it for free.

Do you know the air compressor manufacturers of following brands?

Warranty for 3 Years

You will get a three-year limited-time warranty on the product, and if it causes any issue within that time, you can get free of cost repair. Keep in mind that the company is not responsible for not replacing the product if it is abused badly. If you think it is a manufacturing fault, you can use this 3 Year’s warranty offer to repair the product or get a new one at zero charges.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the tool, you can get your money back within 90 days. To claim this warranty, you have to call on the helpline of Dewalt.

Warranty for 7 Years

For 7 years, you will get zero-cost repair and maintenance from Dewalt if your air compressor or any other tool faces any fault. If a customer is unsatisfied with the functioning of the tool, then he can get his money back within 90 days.

Note: The company will not accept the tool if it is opened or repaired by anyone outside the brand.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This limited lifetime warranty is also very beneficial for your tool health. Whenever the tool gets any fault, just contact the service center; they will repair it without taking any money from you. If the tool is damaged or abused, the company will not entertain your request and do not provide a free repair or replacement. For getting more information, you can contact the customer service of Dewalt.

Full Lifetime Warranty

This is the best warranty offer for Dewalt fans, where they can get lifetime support for their tools. He need not worry about repairing, malfunctioning, or any other reason. The brand will replace or repair the device if it creates any issue or does not even demand payment proof of product purchase. Through this warranty, you can work freely without any tension of maintenance.

I’ve given all the helpline numbers of Dewalt in the next section; you can contact them and get professional consultancy.

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Customer Support

If you have any queries regarding the products of Dewalt or want any assistance, then you can contact the given numbers below.

Call: 1-800-433-9258

Working Hours: 8 am-5 pm

Working Days: Monday to Friday

Email: support.dewalt@sbdinc.com


Are Dewalt air compressors any good?

After observing the multiple Dewalt compressor user positive opinions, including my own experience, I concluded that they are one of the best. Their machines work for years, and if you face any interruption while using them, good customer support is available to fix your issues. You can go for them without any worry.

What does LOP mean in Dewalt?

This is a type of error that Dewalt devices face when there is a low or high power issue. It can be fixed by attaching a flex volt battery that is specially designed to overcome power fluctuations.

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