Who Makes Bostitch Air Compressors? Let’s Look at Its Full History

The name of brand Bostitch is a combination of two words, Boston & Stitch. It is a famous brand founded in 1896 for manufacturing different staplers, nails guns, and other power tools. The real journey started when the founder of Bostitch, Thomas Briggs, invented a book stitching machine. The people much like it, and due to increased demand, the company started manufacturing staplers of other varieties at the industrial level. After 70 years, the brand Bostitch is purchased by an American company Textron. More 20 years passes, Stanley Black & Decker purchased Bostitch from Textron. Now, Stanley is the owner of Bostitch, and all the tools including air compressors, nail guns, & nailers are made under this parent organization.

Bostitch Manufactured Air Compressor Types

No, doubt Stanley Bostitch made high-quality air compressors and it is admitted by thousands of users. These compressors are known for their best performance and long-lasting running time. Let us see how many types of compressors are made by Bostitch:

Combo Kits

There are 7 types of combo kits in the list made by Bostitch:


Portable Handheld

Bostitch made wheeled air compressor is the best option for construction works, Jobsite, and emergency tire inflating. There are six compressors in the list that you can easily carry and take anywhere.

  • CAP1512-OF
  • BTFP01012
  • BTFP02028
  • CAP2040ST-OL
  • BTFP02012
  • BTFP02006

Accessories & Parts List

If you are a Bostitch tool user and your machine starts malfunctioning or any part got damaged, you can easily find all the replacement parts on their official website. We’ve compiled a list of accessories that you can get for your Bostitch power tool.

  • Air Hoses
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Manifold
  • Male/Female Thread
  • Drain Valve
  • Adapter
  • Coupler
  • Lubricator
  • Gauge Kit
  • Tire Chuck
  • Compressor Oil


Maintenance is a vital part of a healthy life of an air compressor. On average, every air compressor owner should run maintenance after 3 months. It increases your machine’s life, and minor damages or issues will be fixed. For the maintenance of Bostitch air compressor, you can visit your area service center. They will do all the inspections and tell what things are wrong in your compressor and how much it costs to get fixed. If you have a warranty on your tool, they will not charge you anything. For warranty details, you can read the section below.


Bostitch provides three types of warranties to its customers, 1 Year, 3 Years, and 7 Years warranty. There is no lifetime warranty provided. If you have one of these warranties, you can get a free repair from any Bostitch service center and replacement. You have to pay the charges if the warranty is expired; the second thing you can do is renew the warranty. You can contact their customer support to get more details.

Bostitch is not responsible and does not provide any free replacement if the tool is abused and damaged. You will also not be eligible if you have any third-party services in the past to repair the tool. Those who are not satisfied with the working of Bostitch air compressor have an option to return it. Read the return policy here:

Know who makes air compressors for the following brands:

Return Policy

Bostitch always thinks for customers you can return the tool in first 90 days when purchased if not happy with its working. The company will give you your money back.

Warranty Registration

There are many dealers or retailers that are selling Bostitch air compressors. You might be purchased your product from one of these retailers. Your product should be registered in the official records of Bostitch to get maximum facilities. Similarly, there is a need to register the tool’s warranty to get free repairs if face any issue. To register a product’s warranty, go to the Bostitch official website and click on the support button. Here you will see a section named “Register Your Product” click the option and provide all details. Click on the button “Complete Registration” to submit your request. Shortly, you will receive an email of successful product registration.

Customer Support Information

You can call on the given number to get more details about the warranty or to search for a local retailer.

Call 1: (1-800-556-6696) For USA users

Call 2: (1-800-567-7705) For Canadian Users

Also, visit their service center to get a brief guide about Bostitch tools and free consultation.


Where to Find Model Number on Bostitch Air Compressor?

Mostly people do not pay attention to remember the model number of the air compressor or any machine. It is much more beneficial at that time when your air compressor gets bad or you want to do a replacement. Those who remember their air compressor model number can quickly get the repairs and parts. But those who forgot their serial number can find it by following this guide.

Check all sides of your air compressor; an instruction sticker will be available. On the sticker, there is a number written at the top like Model Number CWC100. It’s your compressor model number, and you can tell it to get new replacement parts & fixation.

Bostitch Air Compressor Model Number Lookup

How Good is Bostitch Air Compressor?

I’ve been searching for an air compressor to operate a nail gun for my wood project for a long time. I use a Bostitch compressor combo kit for that purpose, set the pressure at 80 psi, and believe me I put 200 plus nails at a time to make my furniture. It’s made my work easy and fast. It’s the best combo to do nailing-type projects and much more.

Who Sells Bostitch Air Compressor Parts Locally?

You can find the compressor parts locally from the Bostitch brand products retailers. For locating the retailers go to the official website of Bostitch, click on “Find the Retailer” option, and put your zip code in the box. You will get all the information related to the retailer that sells all about Bostitch.

Where are Bostitch Air Compressors Made?

Currently, Bostitch compressor manufacturing plants are working in the USA, in the town of East Greenwich in Rhode Island state.

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