Who Makes Makita Air Compressors? Service Centers, User Support, & Other Details

Air compressors are something that you need for any DIY project, workshop, or garage work. They are an essential tool for anyone who does a lot of work with different tools. Similarly, there is a famous brand in the market that has been manufacturing power tools for years. It is Makita, which was established in 1915 by a Japanese man Mosaburo Makita. The company manufacture different tools and equipment like transformers & drills.

Furthermore, they are the first inventor of a cordless drill with a powerful battery that works for a long time. Their designed power drill is also featured in the Chicago hardware show. The company continued to succeed and earned more than $3 billion in a year by selling different power tools. 13k+ employees are working in this brand, and their product goes worldwide. One of the major productions of Makita is air compressors; below we will discuss the types of Makita compressors, warranty details, & how you can get maintenance.

Types of Makita Air Compressors

As Makita itself manufactures air compressors, so you will not get any compromise on the build quality and functioning. We’ve mentioned all of the compressors from Makita’s brand with model numbers here.

Quiet Air Compressor Series

There are 5 air compressors in Makita quiet series; their model numbers are:

  1. MAC100QK1
  2. MAC100Q
  3. MAC210Q
  4. MAC320Q
  5. MAC5501G


  • AC001
  • MAC2400
  • MAC5200
  • MAC700
  • AC310H

Makita Cordless Air Compressors

Many traveler handymen face issues when they go outside and no electric power source is found. A tool that runs on a battery is a must for those people. As Makita is the first brand that manufactured cordless power tools, you can fully rely on their made compressors, giving more up time than other tools in the market.

You can take it anywhere after complete charging and do your projects for long hours.
There is a cordless inflator from Makita (DMP180ZX) that helps inflate your vehicle tires. It is the best inflator for bicycles, pool floats, basketball, and motorbikes that gives maximum pressure of 120 psi. Its weight is just 2.7 pound you can easily keep it in a small bag and take anywhere. 

Warranty Details

Makita feels proud to take care of their customers; they provide not only high-quality power tools but also provide professional maintenance for that tools. They offer 30 days, 2 years, & 3 years limited warranty on different tools like batteries, chargers, and nailers. But for air compressors, Makita provides a General product warranty in which you can fix or replace the compressor or any part without paying bucks. They do not offer a lifetime warranty on any product.

As every company has their own rules for repairing its manufactured tools, Makita also tells some conditions to the customers whether they are eligible for tool replacement or not. You will not get a free repair if:

  • The tool is damaged or broken
  • Any third person repairs it
  • Excessively abused and mishandled
  • Its original parts have been changed

If you do not fall under any of the mentioned conditions, then visit the nearest Makita service center and get free of cost maintenance.

  • Tip: Before operating the air compressor or any other tool, you must read the user manual guide to avoid misuse. It will help in the future; if your tool malfunctions, you can get free fixation.

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Customer Support Details

You can contact Makita customer support to get detailed warranty information, for locating the nearest service center, or any other query. Their contact details are given below:

Call: (1-800-462-5482)


Where are Makita Air Compressors Made?

Makita air compressors are made in Japan on a larger scale, but for fulfilling the demand of these compressors worldwide, they have units working in many countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Mexico, & Romania.

Are Makita Air Compressors Good?

Makita air compressors perform best for almost any job, whether you want to run a nail gun, tire inflating, painting,  or any other pneumatic tool. They are excellent compared to some of the other cheaper alternatives. Makita offers a range of portable ultra quiet compressors from 0.5 HP to 5.5 HP.

There are some air compressor models that you will have to pay a little extra, but in the long run, you will save money because of these compressors’ performance.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Makita Air Compressors?

Yes, Ace Hardware is selling multiple Makita brand tools. You can get any air compressor ranging from high to low prices.

How to Get Service for Makita Power Tools?

Makita air compressor is the most liked tool for DIYs and mechanics because it lasts for long years. But if your tool is not working correctly or unsatisfied with its job, you can go to the closer Makita service center and fix the issue. You should be a Makita tools warranty holder because it has many advantages. If your tool has a warranty of 1 year, then at any time if the tool malfunctions you can go to Makita’s maintenance center and repair or replace the tool without any money. We’ve discussed all warranties in the above section; you can read them and must apply for a warranty.

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Where to buy Makita Air Compressors?

There are a lot of sellers in the market who sells quality Makita air compressors, such as Amazon, Home depot, Acme tools, Ace Hardware, & and Makita itself. You can buy from anyone but keep in mind the price may differ.

Final Thoughts

Makita air compressors are superb; you can do many different tasks at home, garage, or construction site. They are all extremely reliable, run smoothly, and easily move. These are the best compressors that run for long years without causing severe issues. Through the warranty provided by the company, you can repair the tool for free. Their customer support is top-notch because I’ve personally experienced it. If you have any further questions about this brand compressors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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