Makita Mac2400 vs Mac5200 – Choosing the Best One

Makita is a renowned power tools brand that makes quality air compressors. If you are a Makita fan, you know that their manufactured tools are made for running for a long time. We also have this brand’s products, and they are working superbly, with no extra maintenance costs and a good product warranty to use the tool without any worry.

We know you are considering buying Makita mac2400 or mac5200 and are confused about which one will be a better choice. Our team has used both units for more than 160 days and had a good experience with them. Also, we noted the similarities and differences of these units. Let’s have an in-depth comparison that will help you choose the best option.

Comparison At a Glance

  Makita Mac5200 Makita Mac2400
  Makita Mac5200 Makita Mac2400
CFM 6.5 CFM 4.2 CFM
Power Source Electrical Connection Required Electrical Connection Required
Weight 75 lbs 80 lbs
Maximum Pressure 140 psi 130 psi
Tank Size 5.2 Gallon 4.2 Gallon
Duty Cycle 100% 50%
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Noise Level 90 decibels 79 decibels
Total Tank Filling Time 120 Seconds 75 Seconds
Voltage 120V 120V
Design Normal Twin Stack
Lubrication Type Oil Oil
Build Material Cast Iron Cast Iron
Portable Yes Yes
Works in Winter Yes Yes
Motor Horsepower 3 HP 2.5 HP
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Similarities Between Makita Mac2400 & Mac5200

Here you will be able to know what functionalities or features are similar in both units.

Big Bore Technology

Makita dominated the competitors when they introduced their Big Bore air compressor series. Basically, units with big bore technology have a larger piston; high-quality cast iron is used to build pump cylinder and powerful crankshaft; this will help get highly compressed air, maximum airflow and rapid recovery rate. Both Makita (mac2400 & mac5200) come under the big-bore series so that you will work smoothly and efficiently.

Power Source

Both heavy-duty units don’t run on battery; you have to use an electrical connection to operate them. There is a long power cord that connects with a wall outlet and needs 120 volts to start the compressor. They are great options for use in a home garage and auto repair shops.

Lubrication Type

Oil-lubricated air compressors are built to use for long years; no doubt they need consistent maintenance, but you will get efficient and hard jobs easily with them. Makita mac2400 and 5200 have the same feature; they need proper oil lubrication to get a perfect working experience.

Oil also enhances the working of the compressor pump; in the presence of oil, pistons move more freely and compress air very quickly. You will get rapid tank fillings and recovery rates.

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Cold Weather Survival

In the winter, many air compressors stop working or do not provide efficient jobs. Especially, oil-lubricated units face this issue because due to freezing temperature, the oil in the air pump starts getting into a harder shape that disturbs the normal working of the piston. The piston doesn’t move freely, and we will not get the required pressure. As both Makita mac2400 and mac5200 are oil-lubricated, you have to arrange a heater to run the unit at normal temperature.

Build Material

Compressor build quality depends a lot if you want to use it for a longer life span. Many units with poor material used while manufacturing their tanks quickly got corrosion-type issues. Because when the compressor fills air in the tank, it also includes humidity; if you don’t drain the tank properly, it will cause corrosion, which may lead to tank explosion and leakage. In Makita mac 2400 & 5200, a high-quality material (Cast iron) is used to save the unit from rust.


A good warranty adds extra protection to the usage of the tool. Makita also takes care of their customers; their users get multiple benefits through the warranty. If your tool has a warranty and it starts malfunctioning or gets completely dead in 1 year from the day of purchase. You can contact the company and get free of cost replacement. Even if any part of your device is not working fine, you can repair it without paying any buck.

On Makita (mac2400 & mac5200), you will get one year warranty; you can use your device fearlessly.


After knowing the similarities between both units, now you can find out which compressor has good and more features and vice versa.

Key Takeaways 

  • The main difference between Makita mac2400 and mac5200 is that the mac5200 compressor has a higher horsepower motor than the mac2400. This gives an edge to mac5200 because with more horsepower; you can get ready your compressor tank within 2-3 minutes. 
  • Another best thing about mac5200 is that it gives higher pressure (psi) than mac2400. They both work great and help in getting your project done quicker. 

Below, we have given a detailed difference in features in both units.


A good design air compressor looks great when we place it in our home garages. If the makers have built the unit considering how much it will cover the space, more customers will like it. Folks prefer those units that work great, have good design, and cover less space.

MAC2400 comes in a twin stack design having two small cylinders to get more pressurized air. All the compressor controls are given on the front side, which includes a tank pressure calculator analog gauge, pressure regulator gauge, pressure regulator, and two couplers.

MAC5200 also has a good design; a cylinder is given on the front to store maximum air. It looks especially made for a construction site; a long handle is attached alongwith two tires to move easily. In this unit, the same controllers are given on the top side. There are two types of handles installed in this pneumatic tool, one is for those who can bend down and lift it, and the second is for those who don’t want to bend down and move the compressor by standing.

Both have good designs; you can go for any of them.


The compressor should be portable because if you want to move it from one place to other, you can easily do that job. Some units in the market that are heavy weight make trouble every time we try to move it, and even some unit needs 3  to 4 people to pick it up. So, always go for the tool that is easy to lift and move. Makita mac2400 is a normal weight 77lbs compressor that can be able to move from a single guy. On the other hand, the Makita mac5200 has a bit more weight than the other unit, and it is 88 lbs, which may require two persons to lift.

Mac2400 is lightweight compared to Mac5200.

Power Cord & Air Hose Length

The units with long air hoses and power cords will help reach things long distances. For example, the compressor is placed in your garage, and you want to inflate your vehicle tires at a distance of 10 feet. If your unit has a long hose, it can easily reach the tires; if not, you have to add more extension, which will add an extra cost.

Are you thinking of extending the power cord? Please don’t do that; we recommend increasing the air hose length instead of the power wire. Because the extra cord may cause some voltage issues, and it is not good for the compressor motor.

Motor Horsepower

Higher horsepower compressor motors help get faster jobs than low-hp motors. If your unit has a good hp motor installed, it will help fill the tank quickly, less overheat the system, and provide fast recovery.

Here mac5200 wins because it has more horsepower motor 3hp than the mac2400 2.5hp.


Higher air flow rates provide more efficient running of pneumatic tools. You can operate your nailers, inflate tires & pools, sanders, drills, impact wrenches, and others very smoothly. On an industry level, there is a need for higher cfm rates that helps in running multiple air tools at a time. You will get consistent work with Makita Mac2400’s strong air flow rate of 4.8 cfm.

Mac5200 also has a greater air flow rate of 6.5 cfm than MAC2400, which means it will run tools more effectively and is a great option for Jobsite use.

When a combo of high cfm and psi is made, it doubles the functioning power of the compressor. On the psi side, again, Mac5200 wins because it has larger pressure of 140psi than Mac2400 with 130psi.

Tank Size

The greater the tank size, the more you can store pressure in the tank. Makita has made different air compressors depending upon the requirement of the user. Larger tanks are normally used in industries for operating heavy air tools, but a small tank size would be the best option for home garages and light jobs. Mac2400 has a 4.2-gallon tank that is smaller than Mac5200 5.2 gallon tank. You should go for the unit with a big tank size, i.e. Mac5200.

Duty Cycle

The duty Cycle is defined as the total time of compressor compared with starting and stopping time. For example, if your unit has a run time of 20 minutes with a 50% duty cycle, the compressor will run for 10 minutes and the remaining 10 minutes are for the system to cool down. Makita mac2400 comes with a 50% duty cycle, meaning you have to wait half time (The time the tool takes rest) from the total running time. Similarly, the Makita mac5200 has a 100% duty cycle, so you can keep running the compressor until it gets hot.


We prefer the compressor that quietly performs indoors and outdoor. Many units seem quiet outdoor, but it screams when we run into the home garage. So we have recorded both mac2400 & mac5200 noise levels using a decibel meter. Let’s know the reading we got and which is more silent.

For both indoors and outdoor, mac2400 produces the sound of 75 decibels while running, which is very quiet. Conversely, mac5200 is louder indoors and outdoors; it creates a sound of 90 decibels while operating. So, if you like a quieter compressor, you can select mac2400.

Tank Filling Time

You need a compressor with a fast inflation time for quick jobs. If a unit fills the tank slowly, it reduces the operating speed and makes the compressor usage boring. That’s why we have noted the total time taken by Makita mac2400 & mac5200 to know which one is faster.

Mac2400 takes almost 75 seconds to fill a 130 psi tank; that is a pretty good speed. In contrast, mac5200 takes an average of two minutes to fill 140 psi pressure, and both have good speed, but mac2400 quickly fills the tank here.


There is not such a big difference in prices of both Makita models. They are worth using, and instead of spending every 6-7 months on a new compressor, you should go for a bit pricey but a very good tool. Mac2400 is cheaper than mac5200, and you have to pay 50 bucks for it. It is much more beneficial for you if you get an efficient unit under 500 bucks.

Final Verdict

So, you have read the similarities and differences between Makita mac2400 and mac5200. Both units work perfectly, but if you want greater options like high psi & horsepower, a larger tank, and a good airflow rate, then mac5200 is the best option. If you prefer quiet, rapid tank inflation time and portability, then mac2400 will be a great choice.
We are still using mac5200, and it is working excellently; you can also go for this unit that will cost extra 50 bucks.

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