8 Best 10 Gallon Air Compressor For Running Pneumatic Tools

You are looking for an efficient air compressor that can run light air tools smoothly. Is it right? We know many people are confused about finding a durable 10-gallon compressor, and it is challenging to choose the best one from several options.

These normal-sized tanks help to run spray painting tools, impact wrench, air hammers, tire inflation, air drill, & many others. Our expert team has a vast collection of air compressors with 10-gallon tanks and uses them for multiple purposes. With an experience of more than one year and after getting harder jobs from the tools, we finally shortlisted the 8 best 10-gallon air compressors for you. The compressor that impressed us so much and we picked on #1 is California Air Tools (10020C)

We will share a full post-mortem of each tool, including our experience, and tell which one is a great option.

Top Picks

  Product Queitness Price
California Air Tools (10020C) Air Compressor California Air Tools (10020C) Air Compressor Ultra Quiet Check Price
Craftsman (Cmxecxa0331042) Air Compressor Craftsman (CMXECXA0331042) Air Compressor Quiet Check Price
Wen 2289 Vertical Air Compressor WEN 2289 Vertical Air Compressor Quiet Check Price
Stark Usa (65151) Air Compressor Stark USA (65151) Air Compressor Quiet Check Price
Bilt Hard 10 Gallon Air Compressor BILT HARD 10 Gallon Air Compressor Quiet Check Price
Hulk (Hp02P010Ss) Quiet Air Compressor HULK (HP02P010SS) Quiet Air Compressor Quiet Check Price
Makita (Mac5501G) Air Compressor Makita (MAC5501G) Air Compressor Quiet Check Price
Quipall (10-2-Sil) Portable Air Compressor Quipall (10-2-SIL) Portable Air Compressor Quiet Check Price

#1: California Air Tools (10020C) Air Compressor

California Air Tools is a well-reputed brand in the market that is popular for making ultra- quietly compressors. Their CAT (10020C) model is a vertical-shaped compressor with an aluminum body to save it from rust, moisture, and excessive dirt. The 10-gallon tank can store maximum pressure up to 125 psi, which will ruin your paint sprayers for more hours. It is oil-free, and you don’t need to spend bucks after every month on its maintenance.

There are two air pumps available on the top that helps in making highly compressed air. A 2-horsepower motor is installed in it to get a quicker job.

The compressor design is awesome; all the controllers are installed on the front. You can easily check the pressure rating from the guage available on the forepart, maintain the pressure through the regulator,  dual couplers for getting two jobs at the same time, & one safety valve to prevent the tank from overpressure.

On the power side, the system needs 110 volts to run perfectly. Two tires are installed below the compressor to quickly move it with the help of a handle attached to the top. We’ve done many jobs with this CAT compressor; we especially love spray painting. Its high cfm airflow blows out the paint perfectly and colors the whole section within a few minutes. Further, we’ve done many tests while using this device, and let’s know why we considered it #1. 

Our Test

From quietness to durability, California Air Tools (10020C) compressor is superior. In the past, we had multiple paint spraying projects, and we decided to buy a compressor specifically for this purpose. After finishing days of research, we locked the final option California Air Tools.

It arrived in a brown cardboard box with a bit heavy weight of 82.5 lbs. No need to worry about lifting it because two wheels and a handle on the top are given to move the compressor. With a higher flow rate of 6.40 cfm, the compressor has provided us with an incredible job and maximized our painting speed. The tool runs at 125 max psi, which helps to do longer projects.

After we decided to calculate the total filling time of the compressor, so switched on the compressor at 0 psi. Also, it runs the stopwatch to measure the exact time. It takes 2 minutes and 5 seconds to fill the maximum cutout pressure of 125 psi. That’s a flash speed as compared to other compressors in our collection.

Furthermore, some people hate noise so much that noisy compressors are like a headache. So, quiet tools are the best option for them and others. We’ve taken measurements of the air tool’s noise level. First recorded the decibel level from 3 feet of the compressor with the help of a sound meter; it was an average of 71 decibels. We’ve moved a little far away, about 10 feet, and re-recorded the noise level. It reduces and goes to 64 decibels, which is super quiet.

Our whole team also loves quietness and is obsessed with the working of CAT (10020C). You will get a smoother and more relaxing experience with this tool.

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In the end, we checked the amperes to know how much the values contradicted the given ratings of its makers.

If you also want to learn how to measure the amperes in an air compressor, follow the steps here:

We will note the total amperes used by the tool with the help of a digital clamp multimeter.

  • Put the power cord into the electrical outlet to turn on the compressor.
  • Take the clamp meter and place the power wire in that clamp.
  • The device will start showing the amperes.
  • Repeat the same procedure and try to calculate the amperes by turning on and off the compressor. You will get an average value.
  • The rating we got on CAT (10020C) was almost 13.8 amperes, which is very close to the manufacturer’s mentioned reading (14 amperes).

The compressor is worth considering; it provides excellent working and is built for running long years. We are happy with its purchase and had an incredible experience using it. You should go for it!

What We Like
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Fill the tank fastly
  • Portable
  • Provide high cubic feet per minute (cfm)
What We Don’t Like
  • Sometimes, it starts leaking
  • Hard to understand the owner’s manual

#2: Craftsman (CMXECXA0331042) Air Compressor

Another banger on the second number is Craftsman‘s (CMXECXA0331042) vertical style compressor adding more uniqueness to your garage tool collection. It is an average weight (65 lbs) device, and you can transport it easily. You will love its portability because a long holding handle is provided at the top, and two plastic wheels are attached to the bottom for moving it anywhere.

A decent airflow of 4 cfm will help you run any air tool like a nailer, paint gun, air drill, stapler, & others. Craftsman uses excellent quality steel to make it stronger so customers can use it for a longer time and don’t get rust. It will save your maintenance costs because the compressor is oil-free.

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Its super handy design makes it easier to run and control the compressor. All the controllers are installed on the head. You can quickly turn on/off the tool using a red button on the top, analyze pressure with the help of guage, control the pressure, and two couplers are provided to run more tools.

We’ve used this compressor for more than 390 days and will share how good it works and which problems we faced during that time.

Our Test

This Craftsman compressor works incredibly and provides long hours job to us. We had a wood project where need to run a brad nailer for nailing purposes. For this, we wish for a standard tank size compressor that can provide smooth work and perfectly run the pneumatic nailer. We got Craftsman (CMXECXA0331042) compressor that works entirely according to our requirements.

First, we noted the time tanks take to fill the pressure. The tank had zero psi pressure; we switched on the compressor. On the stopwatch, we noted 2 minutes and 55 seconds, and it’s pretty good according to the tank size.

Craftsman (Cmxecxa0331042) Air Compressor

Second, we recorded the noise level the tool produces while running. The sound meter tells us the average rating of about 86 decibels, which is a bit loud. Folks who like quiet compressors can wear headphones to reduce the sound, and we also think the company should make it quieter.

Lastly, we tried using brad nailer to know how efficiently it works and how long the 10-gallon tank lasts. So, I started nailing and covered almost 50 meters of wood on a single try, which means you can easily do a nailing job with it. Its maximum 150 psi pressure and 5 cfm air flow rate make our work quicker and easier.

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This model is an excellent option for running brand nailer-type pneumatic tools. This compressor will be an incredible addition to your power tools collection.

What We Like
  • We loved its design; it covers less space
  • Portable/Easy to transport
  • Don’t vibrate and move from its place while running
What We Don’t Like
  • Noisy
  • Pricey
Check On Walmart

#3: WEN 2289 Vertical Air Compressor

WEN 2289 is giving tough competition to its competitors and providing unique features everyone likes to have in their pneumatic tool. It is another oil-free compressor that doesn’t need constant lubrication. This vertical-style tool provides you maximum pressure of 90 psi. The higher airflow of 5cfm will help save time by providing a fast job.

To make the compressor more portable, WEN has given two high-quality wheels below and a long handle on the top to move it quickly. The controlling features are installed on the right side, where you can count the pressure rating, use a safety valve, and much more. This air tool helped us a lot in our garage work by running multiple power tools. Here will tell you how this tool performs and what issues we faced.

Our Test

The first thing that we liked about this compressor was its design. A great combo of black and orange color enhance the look. We have used this tool for various purposes like operating nail guns, sanders, air drills, inflating tires, and other jobs.

This was one of our favorite projects where we had to make three wood dining tables. We had an air sander to make the wood surface smoother but were thinking of getting a compressor that could run for a long time. Then, we found WEN 2289, which is a master in running pneumatic tools for hours.

This compressor can provide a maximum pressure of 150 psi, adding more running time for your tool. With a strong airflow of 5 cfm, the sander will run faster.

You don’t need to wait long to refill the compressor because it fills pressure in the tank quickly. We’ve noted the total time; it reaches a maximum of 150 psi within 2 minutes and 50 seconds. That’s wonderful! Now, we can keep running the sander and finish our project rapidly.

It is louder than others in the list; we also did a noise test on this model. The average reading we got on the sound meter was 86 decibels. Overall, we love using this product, but its loudness sometimes irritates our crew. For this, we have used noise cancellation headphones to reduce the noise.

We want to say that this WEN 2289 will indeed work for a long time and should buy this tool.

What We Like
  • We can run multiple air tools very efficiently
  • Build pressure speedily
  • Loved the portability
What We Don’t Like
  • Loud
  • The leaks should be fixed
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#4: Stark USA (65151) Air Compressor

Pneumatic tool owners will also love this Stark USA (65151) compressor that will provide a maximum pressure of 125 psi. It has a horizontal styled air tank, and two plastic build wheels are fixed at the bottom to move the tool from one place to another. This unit can provide a high airflow rate of 7 cfm to run the air tools efficiently.

The plastic housing is provided on the top where the motor, pressure switch, gauges, and valves are installed. You can get dual jobs at a time because two air hose connections are given. You must do proper maintenance every 3rd month and lubricate it adequately for smooth functioning.

We loved the automatic shutoff feature; if your compressor reaches the cutout pressure, it will auto turn off and save from overpressurizing. Let’s see how good or bad our experience is with this Stark USA compressor.

Our Test

We used Stark USA air compressor because this unit works best for painting purposes. We have an old car with faded paint and thinking of refinishing it. So, we bought this yellow-colored compressor that provided high-pressurized air. Its delivery was a little late, and we are waiting for its first impressions when it is reached.

Everything was ready, and we attached the paint sprayer gun with the long air hose, added paint, and started painting. With this 10-gallon tank, we successfully painted the maximum part of the car. Again refilled the tank, and it took 2 minutes and 25 seconds to reach the pressure of 125 psi. That’s good!

We are a bit unhappy with the loudness of this compressor because it is louder than other units on the list. The recorded noise that Stark USA produces while operating is about 88 decibels; from 10 feet difference, the noise level was 79 decibels. The compressor works efficiently; it has done an excellent job on our car.

What We Like
  • An excellent option for running spraying tools
  • Easy to move
  • Good design
What We Don’t Like
  • Louder
  • Pricey

#5: BILT HARD 10 Gallon Air Compressor

BILT HARD is one of the dominant air compressors, with a 10-gallon tank providing the highest pressure of 175 psi. This is a blue-colored horizontal style pneumatic tool having dual wheels that is very convenient for moving; you can use a big handle on the top to take it anywhere, just like pulling a suitcase.

With a strong airflow of 4 cfm, you can run any air tool efficiently and for a long time. It has extra protection from rust because the whole tank body was designed using steel. We love oil-free compressors because they need less servicing, and it also saves your bucks. The tool is self-lubricating, and you don’t need to add oil to run it smoothly. After using it for 13 months, we want to tell you how far this performs, good or bad.

Our Test

BILT HARD is the first compressor in this list that gives upto 175 psi pressure, which means you can perfectly operate any pneumatic tool. We’ve done various jobs with this lovely compressor and noted some factors.

Recently we’ve done some auto detailing work, and there is a need to tighten the bolts that are removed while cleaning the vehicle. We have an air-powered wrench but a powerful compressor with maximum pressure required. We see no one best than BILT HARD that can run wrench smoothly.

Its high pressure helped the wrench produce stronger torque that firmly tightened the bolts.

We are stunned by its fast recovery; it fills the tank in just 1 minute and 58 seconds. You can run the compressor for long hours with this excellent duty cycle. Another thing that impressed us so much is its quietness, the compressor runs very quietly, and the sound level we measured is 72 decibels.

It does not overheat because a cooling fan is mounted on the motor that keeps throwing maximum heat out; it also adds more life to the motor and the tool. This is a value-for-money compressor; you shouldn’t ignore it.

What We Like
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Maximum 175 psi pressure
  • Oil-less
  • Best for running impact wrench
What We Don’t Like
  • You must buy a separate hose to use with the compressor because it is not added to the package.
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#6: HULK (HP02P010SS) Quiet Air Compressor

As the name HULK (HP02P010SS) explains, it is one of the superb air compressors that do hard jobs reliably. It comes in a vertical design with orange color, and the name HULK Power is imprinted on the front. The compressor controlling assembly is given on the top to use all the features efficiently. Here you will get two gauges, a pressure switch, a device tun on/off button, and a single connector to attach your hose. The pressure regulator allows you to control the pressure; if you want to increase the pressure, rotate the knob clockwise and vice versa.

Its design is average compared to others that we mentioned here. Two rubber wheels are available for moving the compressor with a firm grip handle. We’ve seen there are two air pumps installed to make the air more compressed. To quickly empty the compressor, a drain valve is given in the bottom to help remove the moisture and water inside the tank. Further, our pneumatic experts have done several tests on it. Let’s know what they found.

Our Test

The main reason we considered this HULK compressor good is its ideal working. Its 10-gallon tank is sufficient for running different air tools, and with a max of 150 psi pressure, you can operate it for more hours. The unit is oil-free and won’t break the bank every month on maintenance.

This HULK unit tank takes precisely two minutes to fill the pressure of 125psi. Most of the compressors in this list build maximum pressure within 2 minutes almost it’s a good factor. We also prefer a device that takes less time to fill the pressure.

As it is a quiet series, so we have done a noise test on it to check its quietness level. So, turn on the compressor and place a decibel meter at a difference of 3 feet. The average numbers we are getting on the meter are about 81 decibels. At the distance of 10 feet, the sound level on the meter was 65 decibels. It means if you are standing near the unit, it seems louder.

If you use it outdoor, you will not get much irritated.

We don’t understand the manufacturers also provided a silencer with the unit to reduce sound, but it is still loud to us. It is perfect on the working side if you haven’t a problem with the noise then buy it. 

What We Like
  • Perfect in size & cover less space
  • Run efficiently
  • 2-Years warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Overprice
  • Loud

#7: Makita (MAC5501G) Air Compressor

Makita’s air compressors are known for their excellent job and last for long years. They are the most reliable, provide good pressure and airflow rate, and smoothly run pneumatic tools. We have used this Makita (MAC5501G) for construction and regular tasks.

It has a great design; two cylinders are connected at the bottom. A tire helps to move the compressor, and four feet are given to place it on the ground. We loved that two air pumps in v shape installed that helped to get more compressed air.

The compressor doesn’t use electricity; you must add gasoline to run the machine. An excellent 4-stroke engine is installed on the top, connecting with an air pump through a pulley system. Similarly, the belts connect both pulleys and this way it runs the pump. We think you have to change the belt whenever it gets broken or lost. We want to share more things on the list, including the performance and the problems we have faced.

Our experience with Makita (MAC5501G)

One of our team members had construction projects where they had to install wooden doors in every room. They have to finish the project quickly because other projects are also on the list.

As you know, for woodwork, a framing nailer is compulsory equipment. We have to run many framing nailers at a time, so a quality air compressor is required that provides a suitable pressure rate. We got Makita (MAC5501G), which worked efficiently to run our nailers for long hours.

Due to 135 psi pressure and powerful airflow of 12.5 cfm helped us operate the nailers smoothly. It is portable; you can take it to any job site easily by placing it in the back of your truck. The tool is not too light, its weight is 235 lbs, and two people are required to lift it.

Two handles are provided to hold the compressor; you have to bend down to hold the handles and then move.

  • Attention! If you are an old guy or have back issues, don’t try to lift this Makita compressor.

The tank filling time that we noted is about 2 minutes and 10 seconds, so when the pressure goes to zero psi, you can again fill the tank in almost 2 minutes. It does not overheat and also runs quietly. This unit is a great choice for contractors and construction site work.

What We Like
  • Run pneumatic tools perfectly
  • Highly compressed air
  • Fills tank fastly
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavyweight
  • Difficult to find replacement parts


#8: Quipall (10-2-SIL) Portable Air Compressor

Quipall’s made air compressors are one of the underrated tools that many people don’t know. Their (10-2-SIL) unit is the quietest compressor on the list, and that’s why we think it is worth mentioning here. It is a small, vertical-styled tool that can provide maximum pressure upto 125 psi.

The body is steel to save your device from rust and any severe damage. Its 10-gallon tank provides a max of 5.6 cfm airflow, enough for operating different air tools.

This lightweight tool makes the movement easy because 90lbs weight and two wheels below add more potability. A dual pump is installed on the head to fill the tank quickly. The dual gauges on the front side make it easy to note the pressure. We purchased this Quipall unit for doing light jobs and will tell you how it performs at high pressure, how loud it is, and many other things.

Our Test

We loved this compressor on the home use level; it’s helped us do multiple jobs like inflating vehicle tires, painting different things, using a drill machine, and others. It has a good duty cycle; after getting a job, you can again fill the tank quickly without overheating issues.

This compressor is ultra-quiet compared to others on the list. Folks who have issues with loudness can use this device for long hours. To know the exact decibel level, we thought to do a noise test. The noise reading we are noting on the meter is about 69 decibels. We conversed, but the compressor’s noise was not disturbing us. It’s the best for use in the home garage.

What We Like
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Very easy to move
What We Don’t Like
  • Pricey
  • We face very difficulty while getting its replacement parts.

Ultimate Buying Guide For 10 Gallon Air Compressor

If you are confused about choosing the best 10-gallon compressor for your home and worried about what to choose or not. But, don’t be afraid we are here to provide buying guide for you based on our team testing.

Pressure & Air Flow

Cubic feet per minute shortly CFM means is that the volume of air per cube in a minute. The efficiency of a compressor depends upon the cfm. According to our experience and the conclusion from our testing, a 10-gallon tank must have an air flow rate from 3 to 5 cfm. So always check the airflow rating before buying a compressor. It also depends on what type of job you want to get from the tool. For normal kinds of work, this tank size is the best option.

Similarly, the higher the pressure, the longer you can use the tool. You should go for the compressor that gives pressure from 100 to 150 psi.

Style of Tank

This is an essential factor to consider when you have a shortage of space in your home. Then you have to check which tank style and size will be suitable for your home adjustable.

You can go with a vertical shape if there is a shortage of space as you can adjust it in any corner of the house and not occupy more space.


Everyone wants a quiet compressor; primarily, when you use it outdoors, you have to care for neighbors. No one wants his compressor to make noise and disturb others’ work which will cause hypertension.

So, according to our testing team, you should buy a compressor with a sound level of not more than 80 db.

Horsepower (HP)

Horsepower of the compressor is an essential factor that can’t be ignored. If your tool’s motor has a high HP, it will fill up the tank quickly, and you do not have to wait, which will reduce your resource consumption like electricity and others.

On the other side, low HP pneumatic tools have many issues, like they do not provide long-hour jobs and low recovery rates. Your compressor should have a minimum of 2 hp motor installed to provide a smooth experience.

Power Source

Most people prefer a compressor that runs on electric connections, but it also depends on the need. If you are a contractor or seeking an air compressor for construction, a gas-powered tool would be the best because some places have no electric power source available. So, here you can use a gas-powered compressor and do the job. We found electric-powered compressors more reliable; there is no need to spend extra dollars for buying gasoline, and they require less maintenance.


The portability of any product makes it easy to use. We want to say just buy an air compressor which is portable for you and can carry to any corner of the house quickly. Even if some compressors are heavily loaded, they should be easily moveable from one corner to another corner of the house.

Short Comparison between 2 Top Picked Air Compressors

Still, if you are confused about selecting which 10-gallon air compressor is the right option, we have compared 2 best performing and durable compressors to help you make the final decision.

CAT (10020C) Air Compressor

This California 10-gallon compressor is the G.O.A.T; it wins the competition in this tank size. From the performance to the reliability, CAT (10020C) is at the top; you will get an ultra-quiet job, run it for maximum hours, and provide 125 psi high pressure and 6.40 cfm airflow speed. This is an average-weight device and very portable; you can easily transport it. It also offers a good warranty, meaning you will use this compressor for many years. A great value for money air tools, and you should go for it.

Craftsman (CMXECXA0331042) Compressor

Craftsman’s this runner-up unit is another 2nd best option that you can choose. It is very famous for quick tank filling and running pneumatic nailers excellently. You will get a higher pressure of 150 psi and a 5 cfm air flow rate to double your job speed. It proves a worthy purchase for us, and you should try this unit.

Final Verdict

California Air Tools (10020C) remains the king on the #1 position as we have fully analyzed its working and maintenance costs. It gave the best performance and made it run for a long time. The other excellent air compressor in 10-gallon tank size is Craftsman (CMXECXA0331042), which is becoming very popular due to its durability and hard jobs. This unit rockets your working speed fills the tank rapidly and provides a long lifecycle.

We don’t want to miss another prime compressor, WEN (2289). It is one of the superb quality tools that are worth buying. This unit is oil-free, and no continuous lubrication is required to perform well.

There are other air tools on the list, but according to our tests conducted on all the compressors, we found these three the best options.

We hope you liked this in-depth guide; if yes, you must share it with your friends.


How to repair my 10-gallon air compressor?

If your air compressor motor runs OK but does not build pressure inside the compressor tank, then first of all, you have to clean the pump valves and then check if pressure is built again. If the problem is still facing, you have to replace the valve of the compressor.

How to set up a 10-gallon air compressor?

The first step to setting up an air compressor is opening the hose and plugs. While setting up the plug, do not confuse due to various plugs. You must care for the male and female plugs and then fit them to the compressor’s hose.

Fit all the hoses and components airtight, so there is no leakage from the compressor tank. For this purpose, you can use Teflon tape to make it airtight.

During these, if you face any difficulty, just read the documentation book that comes with an air compressor. There you will understand the procedure with the help of pictures.

How much does a 10-gallon air compressor cost?

According to us, the price of a 10-gallon air compressor varies depending upon the model or company. The average price of a 10-gallon air compressor varies from $250 to $500.

At what psi will a 10-gallon air compressor cut out?

A cutout is the pressure point at which the pressure inside the compressor increases from its normal level to the maximum level and then switched off; here, the maximum pressure level at which the device shuts off is called the cutout pressure. The cutout pressure varies in different compressors and depends on the tank size. If your tank can build pressure upto 150 psi, the cutout pressure will be 150 psi. 

Can you paint with a 10-gallon air compressor?

Yes, 10-gallon compressors are adequate for doing spray painting jobs. You can efficiently run any painting guns or tools and get a good job with it. These air tools fill the tanks very fastly, and no need to worry about cooling down the machine. Just fill the tank and use it, and keep doing the same. 

How long does a 10-gallon air compressor last?

We also favor compressors that are manufactured to run for longer years. The air tools that we mentioned here in the list, all of them are durable. The average life cycle of an air compressor is about 12-15 years.

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