Makita MAC700 VS MAC2400 – Let’s Find Out Similarities & Differences

You might have heard of Makita, which is one of the industry’s best air compressor makers. Finding a durable compressor that meets your needs has always been difficult. You can find various specs and sizes, from low-budget to premium compressors. Makita offers compressors in all ranges. But if you are looking for DIY projects at home and, most importantly, portable, then mac700 and mac2400 should be on your checklist.

Although these are excellent air compressors, you may still get confused about the specs and features. For your ease, we have tested these air compressors and found some differences and similarities, which we will discuss in depth. This article will give you the exact idea of which one is fulfilling your needs and be the ultimate choice for you. Let’s dive into an in-depth comparison between the Makita mac700 and mac2400.

Difference between mac700 & mac2400

Here, we will explain all the different features in both of these units and how functionally equipped they are.

The main difference between mac700 and mac2400 is the power. Mac24000 has higher horsepower than mac700. It has 2.5hp engine power, which gives an edge to mac2400 over mac700.

The other thing which differentiates mac700 and mac2400 is their weight. Mac700 is less heavy and easier to move around than Mac2400, weighing 52 lb.

Let’s discuss all these differences in detail for more clarity.


The design of an air compressor is fundamental as it gives more functionality and versatility to work. The design is also essential for the usability and overall aesthetics of the machine. Air compressors must be well-designed and built to avoid heating problems.

Makita mac2400 is a two-cylinder air compressor to store more pressurized air, eventually giving more work time. The controls are on the front, including a tank pressure analog meter, pressure regulator gauge, and two couplers. It takes more space due to two cylinders, unlike mac700.

Makita mac70 has one cylinder, which takes less time to fill the tank. Controls are on the right side of the compressor with a tank pressure meter and one coupler. It is compact with excellent build quality.


An air compressor’s portability is essential as it allows you to move around the air compressor if you want to work in different areas. Some machines are much heavier in the market, and you can’t move them due to their weight.

Mac700 is portable and easy to carry, having only 52lb of weight. You can easily lift this air compressor. On the other hand, mac2400 is a heavier machine with a weight of 88 lb, this makes it less portable and not easy to carry. Mac700 is a much lighter machine as compared with the mac2400.

Power Cord & Air Hose Length

Having a long air hose and power cord helps you when you are doing DIY projects or any task. It can help you to reach the long-distance item. There is no need for an extension and eventually, save some bucks.

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Motor Horsepower

If your air compressor can generate high power, it will help you get your job/task or any other project faster. Mac 2400 is a powerful machine as it can give you 2.5hp, which is more than enough power if you are doing any DIY project.

Mac700 generates pretty good power of 2hp, and it can do numerous jobs (nailing, stapling, pneumatic task) and task easily. It may look like less energy if compared with the mac2400, but it can do almost your entire job except for heavy-duty projects.


PSI and CFM are significant in air compressors because they measure the pressure and volume of the air delivered. The higher the PSI, the more pressure the air compressor can provide, and the higher the CFM, the more volume of air the compressor can deliver.

Mac700 can deliver 3.3 cfm of air running at 80-130psi, which is enough to operate brad and framing nailers, inflate small tires, and staplers.

Mac2400has an air through rate of 4.8cfm running at 40 cfm for many inflations tasks, but it is also capable of delivering 4.2cfm at 40 psi to run powerful tools such as spray painters, nailers, and staplers.

Tank size

Tank size is vital in an air compressor because it determines how much air the compressor can hold. A larger tank size means that the compressor can have more air, which is helpful for tasks that require a lot of air, such as inflating a tire.

The tank size of the Makita Mac700 is 2.6 gallons, making it more portable and easier to carry, unlike Mac2400, which has 4.2 gallons.

Tank filling time

The tank filling time in an air compressor is the time it takes for the compressor to fill the tank with air. This is important because it determines how long the compressor can run before it needs to be refilled.

Mac2400 takes 75 seconds to fill the tank. It has two cylinders, so it will run longer before you need a refill. On the other side, Mac700 has only one cylinder, which helps to fill the tank faster. It takes only 40 seconds to fill the tank.


The price of the air compressor matters a lot as it could be your long-term use product, so you don’t compromise on the quality of the air compressor. Mac2400 is an expensive machine compared to Mac700.

Mac2400 can cost you around $360, and Mac700 comes around $250. You can buy both air compressors at your nearest hardware store or online.

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Similarities between mac700 & mac2400

After testing for many months, we also found similarities in these air compressors. It would be beneficial if you knew the resemblances between these. All the similarities are given below.

Big Bore Technology

Makita initially introduced the big bore technology in the air compressor industry. This technology ensures the quality of compressed air and high flow rates. Mac2400 and Mac700 comes with the same big bore technology, which helps compressors run smoothly and efficiently.

Build Material

The build material of an air compressor can affect its performance and lifespan. For example, a compressor made with lower-quality materials may not be as durable and require more frequent maintenance. Makita’s build quality has always been top-notch. Both models (Mac2400 & Mac700) have iron-cast build material that will run longer than most air compressors and prevent rust.

Duty Cycle

The amount of time an air compressor is run throughout a cycle is known as the duty cycle. After some time of usage, the air compressor needs a break. Makita mac2400 & mac700 have a duty cycle of 50%, which means that they can run continuously half the time. We usually do this so the machine can cool down and continue our task.


A quiet compressor means that there is less wear and tear on the compressor, which can extend its lifespan. Quietness in an air compressor is important because it means that the compressor is running smoothly and efficiently. Both mac2400 and mac700 are quiet and have only an 80db noise rating which is very good compared with their sizes.


Warranty is important for air compressors because it ensures that the customer can get a replacement or repair if there is a problem with the product. If your air compressor is causing any issues, then the company is responsible for everything if it’s under warranty. Makita provides a one-year warranty on both air compressors (Mac2400 & Mac700), which is good because most manufacturers don’t provide this much warranty.


We have discussed similarities and differences earlier; now it’s time to decide to select the best air compressor for you. If you a looking for a heavy-duty air compressor that gives you an excellent tough put of air and has a good air filling, then Makita Mac2400 would be the best fit for you, but if you are in search of a more portable which also has a good horsepower air compressor, then Makita Mac700 could be the best fit for you. You can easily buy both air compressors at your nearest store; if not, you can buy them online.

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