10 Best Air Compressor For Cleaning PC

We all love our computers and always try our best to maintain good performance. With time, dust particles enter the motherboard and affect its performance. A motherboard with dust can’t perform as well as a clean one.

Let me be a little bit clear. It is a motherboard made up of silicon, and to interlink external and internal devices, there is a network of fiberglass and copper printed on this silicon chip.

If those fiberglass and copper remain clean, it works fine, and we get better performance from our PC. But in case of our carelessness,  with time, dust particles enter into pc and directly affect the copper and fiberglass, which is a network or system bus for our PC. With this effect, these system buses can’t carry higher data than clean ones, so our PC performance went down.

To prevent these things, many computer owners try different methods to clean PCs, commonly used hair dryers, vacuums, and air compressors.

This article will go through air compressors and discuss some of the best air compressors for your cleaning PC.

What’s a safe PSI to clean a computer?

You may worry about PSI for your computer because air compressors usually have PSI from 30 to 180, which varies on the compressor model. In higher PSI, a lot of pressurized airflow passes through electronic components that can produce electric charge on them. And for your information, that electric charge can damage our PC components. So, we recommend you use a moderate PSI to clean your computer, which will be safe for your PC.

Based on our lab testing and observations, the safe PSI to clean the computer should be from 30Psi to 60Psi. If you go beyond this range, there are chances for an electric charge through airflow.

Things To Consider Before Buying Air Compressor For Cleaning PC

Are you confused about which one you should buy now? Because we will give you the ten best dust/compressors to clean your PC?Don’t worry; you are at the right place, and we are here to guide you thoroughly and clear your confusion. We will discuss some factors you should consider while buying a duster for your PC.


Warranty is an important one that every customer would love to read. Warranty is essential in this way; if your duster components stop working, then if it is in warranty, you can replace it with a new one for free. So, customers always love to buy products with more warranty. We recommend purchasing a duster for your Pc at least with One year warranty.

Durable Functionality

Many dusters come in dual functionality; you can control their speed to lower or higher, which is a good sign for cleaning your Pc. Because in your pc, some areas, like a supply fan and body, need higher air pressure, but sensitive components need lower, controlled air.

If you do not care about this, you may damage the motherboard components of the PC. So, we recommend buying a duster in which you can control the airflow from maximum to minimum.


Cleaning your PC depends on the airflow factors because if you have enough airflow power, it can blow out dust from your PC. But if you are unfamiliar with this and unfortunately bought a duster with low airflow, you will face difficulties cleaning the PC due to low pressure.

Our recommendation for airflow is a duster with at least 70 cfm to 90 cfm is the best suitable for you to blow out dust from the PC.

Power source

No doubt about this factor; you should remember which source will be suitable for you because a variety of dusters come in different power sources. Like from C-type USB cables to Charging through a wire. Our recommendation, if convenient, is to use a rechargeable duster, which you can quickly charge from a USB slot with a computer.

Editor’s Pick
Craftsman 6 Gallon Air Compressor

SIN SHINE – Electric air Duster

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

This SIN SHINES’s tool is the safest dust cleaner that won’t harm your device. You can easily clean the dirt on your PC, laptop, and keyboard with its high air-blowing power of 27 m/s. Due to its lightweight, you can take it anywhere and get long jobs. It is super environment friendly, produces less sound, & has a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. You should go for it; check their updated price by the given buttons.

Key Features

  • Lightweight & beautifully designed
  • It won’t damage your device after cleaning
  • Its use is super safe
  • Very economical price
  • Comes with multiple functionalities
  • Emergency light is provided for the night use

List Of 10 Best Compressors To Clean PC

1: SIN Shine Electric Duster

This air compressor comes in 550 watts, and this is portable and easy to carry anywhere, with outstanding performance and higher throughput. The advantage of this compressor for your PC cleaning is that you have a built-in long cord, which replaces canned air with more power than canned air.

No Doubt, this Sin Shine air compressor will make your work easy to do, and if you are cleaning a section of your PC in which you need light, then don’t worry; this compressor has a built-in light for you. Our team observed that this air compressor is usable for the owners of PC, Motor, and whoever has a copy machine. If you are one of them, you must buy this to make your appliances clean and neat.

In Sin Shine, there is no chemical gas, which makes it an environmentally friendly compressor.

With this compressor, you have three different types of nozzles, which make it easy to clean

your pc from different angles.

Our Test

During our team test, we observe, first of all, its power on/off button. This button is not user-friendly, and you need to keep pressing this button to turn on this compressor not; like other compressors, turn on the power and let it work. The next thing we measured was the weight of this compressor, which was 1.88 pounds; it seems pretty lovely because, in KG, it will be only 0.88kg.

Built-in light works fine during our observation, and whenever we turn on the compressor for a test, it automatically works nicely. In our statement, we notice one more thing: its temperature. After working with the compressor, the temperature from below rose, and it was hot, but it was okay overall. In contrast, we did not observe any severe cons about this compressor due to its acceptable performance during our test.

What We Like
  • Good throughput
  • Nice performance
  • Robust with a long cord
  • Built-in lighting
  • It is ideal for owners of computers, copy machines, and motor
  • Affordable price
What We Don’t Like
  • Over time, it decreases the throughput, while it should maintain its performance as new.
  • We don’t like its button functionality because our fingers are too tired to hold it.

2. X-Power A-5 Electric Duster

This air compressor is the perfect one for cleaning PCs, as this has more power as compared to another one. If you try this compressor over canned air, you will never go back for canned air because this one is cheaper than canned and has more performance than canned air.

You will see a variety of nozzles in the box for cleaning different angles of your PC. Generally, this air compressor is a bit noisy, but you can ignore it as it has more power. When this compressor works, it blows out hot air, making a static electricity charge. You have to be careful of this charge.

If you need less air for a leaf blower, then you can use it for both purposes as PC cleaning and a leaf blower; it seems like buy one get one free. Now, you are thinking about its weight. Don’t worry, and it’s not a heavier compressor; cleaning is lightweight and portable.

Our Test

Our Professional team performed some tests with this compressor, and the first result was that it gets hot and blows out hot air within a few minutes. We already discussed how an electric circuit could produce charge. One more thing, this has a short cord, so keep in mind you will get this short cord with this compressor.

When we keep checking their material, then it seems like poor quality. The quality of plastic used in this compressor will probably break down with time. And we are right with this point, we talked with some customers who bought this compressor years ago, and they have told us that with some duration, components of this compressor start breaking, for example, the nozzle breaking.

What We Like
  • Powerful than canned
  • Work great
  • Multiple varieties of nozzle
  • Lightweight
  • Parts are simple and easy to use
What We Don’t Like
  • Noisy but powerful
  • Heat up after one minute of use
  • Short cord

3: Compressed Air Duster

If you are looking for a small-size of duster from which you can easily clean your PC, as well as can charge from your PC, then this is the right product for you. Yes, you can set it with your PC because it has a USB slot for charging. With one-time complete charging, you can use it to till a minimum of 30 mint, while for a PC cleaning, the average time is only 15 mint. So, do not worry about the battery being down or needing to charge again to complete your task.

Another good one is the small size; you can carry this compressor anywhere. I know most PC owners don’t like stuff in their rooms, so this is an excellent way to keep it anywhere and decrease things in your room.

Our Test

You know our test is based on team observations, and we perform it twice or more for customer satisfaction. During the trial, we noticed this duster’s noise, which is a little bit higher. But due to its performance, I hope you can manage it.

We don’t know about your product, but in the case of our testing, the nozzle kept falling due to not fitting with the duster. I think the manufacturer should look at this issue because it is difficult to keep holding the nozzle.

If we talk about the pressure, it is not so high, but of course, you are going to clean your PC, for which this is enough, and you can use it. At this price, this is a good one in our recommendation.

What We Like
  • We like its rechargeable battery, and its timing was so good.
  • This size can blow out dust, which is another good thing.
  • Portable and small size
  • Seem expensive but good worth it
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor fitting of a nozzle
  • Not for heavy-duty work
Check On Walmart

4: AFMAT cordless air duster

This cordless duster is another good one to clean your Pc because, in this duster, there is no use of chemicals, making it environment friendly. Like another duster, this one is also rechargeable, and you can use it for 30 minutes with one-time charging.

For your easiness, the charging slot is C-type which is very common nowadays and comes with mobile. In the box, one surprise for you is a duster brush that you can easily attach to it. With this brush, you can clean narrow areas with more dust.

Our Test

First, we would like to appreciate their better customer support services, which will guide you completely in case of any query or difficulty. Let’s now discuss some drawbacks of this duster; during our testing, the noise was louder than others.

While the material used in manufacturing this duster is poor, for example, you can see an external plastic body made up of cheap plastic. Due to this material, this product is not a long-life product because, after a long time, it will break, or its components will not work correctly.

If you want to carry this duster, there is no doubt that it is portable, but you will not have any case to take this duster which should provide by the manufacturer.

What We Like
  • This duster is eco-friendly, which is good for our environment
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging slot
  • Attachable duster brush
  • Good customer support
What We Don’t Like
  • Cheap material, feeble plastic body
  • No case to carry

5: CompuCleaner 2.0 Durable ABS plastic air duster

The name of this duster looks challenging to pronounce, but this product’s working efficiency. If you are looking for a duster with a durable function, this one is the best for you. Because of this, you will get two buttons for higher speed and lower speed; this functionality comes up in a few dusters or compressors.

For customer satisfaction, they included rubber pads at the bottom of the body to prevent it from slipping while you are working with it. That seems reasonable and sounds like a perfect product. Another one is that the cord of this duster is lengthy and covered up with nylon like an insulating wire.

Overall, the material used in this duster is also good. The material makes this duster lightweight and qualitative, which you can use for your purpose.

Our Test

We know you are waiting for our testing phase, and then we would like to say if you have earplugs or a head mask, then you can use this duster because the sound of this duster is higher. Our professional then had to take a test; due to the sound, the dog started barking, which is not a good sign. It disturbs humans as well as our pets.

Another bad thing is its temperature; when you have to use it for just a few minutes, it will be hot after 3-4 mint. And the button is not user-friendly, and you have to press it until you want it to work. Yeah, it has the durable functionality of a button, but you need to push it to turn it on and work.

What We Like
  • The good one is it works instantly.
  • Good cord length, cover up with nylon, which seems promising.
  • Rubber pads to prevent from slipping.
  • Dual Button (Low and high switch)
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Good quality plastic stuff
What We Don’t Like
  • Noisy (need earplug or head mask)
  • It got hot over time
  • You need to press the button

6: X-Power A-2 Airrow Pro Multi-Use Electric Computer Duster

If you are a canned air user to clean your pc and keyboard, then with a duster, you will forget to repurchase canned air. The working of this duster is lovely, and you will love to work with it. The noise level of this compressor is not so high, and it will not disturb your routine while working with this duster.

Overall, this is a powerful product, with a sound pressure throughput, and the working of this duster is quiet too.

Our Test

During our test phase, we heard some noise from internal components, indicating that the interior is made from cheap material. When we surveyed people who have used this duster for years, they told us the main problem they faced was that there were no extra accessories and attachments with this duster. So, if your accessories break, you will face difficulties getting them from the manufacturer.

What We Like
  • Fine working during cleaning of PC
  • Low noise level
  • Powerful product
  • Quick work
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor internal material
  • No more attachment or accessories comes from the manufacturer, which is not good.

7: Forty4 Electric Duster

If you are not familiar with working with a duster and looking for one that works easy to use, then this one is best for you. Along with easy work, this duster is portable, which you can carry easily anywhere in the home or outside.

And if you are thinking of cleaning or blowing out dust from small areas, you can use this duster in those small areas. You will get good suction power at this affordable price.

Our Test

Like other dusters, this duster has a high noise level, but as it is affordable and suitable for cleaning, you can ignore its noise. In a survey from old customers, our observation is negative for this duster because many customers gave poor feedback and told us to have issues with the duration of time.

When we check the quality of this duster, the suction power is good, while the blowing capability of this duster is poor, indicating you can use it as a vacuum cleaner but not blow out the dust in your home.

What We Like
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Convenient product
  • Good for small areas
  • Affordable
  • Good suction power
What We Don’t Like
  • The sound level is louder
  • Low blowing power
Check On Walmart

8: Black + Decker leaf Blower

This duster is mainly used to blow out leaves, as you can see from its name. This one is easy to carry anywhere because of its flexible size. If we talk about working this duster, that is great with instant working.

With solid material, this duster is lightweight and easy to store anywhere, even under the table of your pc. This duster is affordable, and with this price, you will get a powerful duster that you would like to work with.

Our Test

In our testing, we love the body material of this duster because it seems harsh and solid. Look like a long-life product. The speed of this compressor is much higher, and we tested this duster for a different purpose than we tested on a PC, to blow out dust from the floor and leaves from the ground or garden. In all testing, this duster’s performance remains unbelievable, which means it was perfect.

You need to keep some extra money to buy an extension for this duster, and there is only an on and off function button, which means only higher speed and off, not between them.

What We Like
  • Great performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Solid and powerful duster
  • Easy to store
What We Don’t Like
  • Require an extension which is more costly
  • Not variable speed; you just have to turn it on and turn it off
Check On Walmart

9: MECO high-pressure Duster

MECO is another duster that is small in size but in working powerfully. If you are thinking of buying a leaf blower and want to clean electronics products and computers, then this duster is suitable for you.

You do not need to read lengthy instructions to work with this duster or search on the internet for usage; this duster is so simple that anyone can use it instantly for their essential purpose.

Our Test

In our test, we would like to say the fast shipment of this duster, we were expecting a little delay in delivery, but they delivered to our team before our expectations.

This duster blows hot air and gets warmer after just 5 minutes, which can be dangerous if you work with electronic equipment. There was an issue with its functionality; it works fine at higher speeds but poorly at a low rate, which the manufacturer should update.

What We Like
  • Better performance
  • Ideal for computer, leaf blowing, and electronics clean
  • The superb quality of this duster
  • Simple to use
What We Don’t Like
  • Blow hot air, which is not a good sign for electronic equipment
  • Louder noise level
Check On Walmart

10: Metrovac Computer/Electronic Duster

Metrovac comes with different accessories for other purposes, and you can clean your PC and keyboard easily because this duster is designed especially for this purpose. If you are going to invest in this, which means buying this, then you will never regret your choice because of its solid body and quality of work.

Moreover, this duster is environmentally friendly, and no use of chemicals or gases will affect our environment. You will have a potent motor for your work with this duster, and your PC will be clean with it in a few minutes.

Our Test

First of all, we face issues with its hose; the size of the hose is small, and if you need to work with it, it gets warmer in a few minutes. Because airflow reduces and it produces resistance due to which heat produce but the manufacturer can’t do anything with this because you can say this is a rule from physics too.

The noise level is higher, and if you need to work with it continuously, then you have to give some time to this duster to make it cool, like after 5 minutes for a few seconds, you can stop it, and sooner it will be cool, use it again.

What We Like
  • The built-in quality of this duster is solid and reasonable
  • Environment-friendly in usage
  • Powerful motor for efficient performance
What We Don’t Like
  • Get hot after a duration of time
  • Small hose
Check On Walmart

Comparison Of 2 Best Products

We choose the two best product comparisons for you that you will love to read. Remember, this comparison is based on our lab testing and observations.

Black + Decker Electric Leaf blower

This is the best product we have chosen for you in our comparison. Don’t forget we don’t select this just randomly; we have a detailed analysis on this product as this black + Decker electric blower is best suitable to clean your PC as well as you can blow out leaves from your garden or house. Yeah, you are right; it seems like buy one get one free because getting it for PC and clean for PC as well as your home.

7amp motor will provide you best performance, and built-in LED light working will enable you to work continuously without any problem. LED is suitable for narrow areas.

SIN SHIN Electric Duster

That is another duster, which is best suitable and environment friendly for cleaning your PC, as this is lightweight and portable and can carry anywhere. Its stylish design will attract you as well as its performance is the best one too. At the same time, this one is a powerful and handy product, with the advantage of different types of nozzles.

6 Steps to Clean PC With an Air Compressor

If you don’t know how to clean your computer with an air compressor, don’t worry about your ease; we will guide you in simple and easy steps which will be understandable by every person.

So, why are we giving you a wait? Let us start with very easy steps to guide you in the following.

Step 1:

In the first step, you must turn off your PC for this purpose. After turning it off, plug it out from your electric outlet. Because removing from the outlet, will eliminate a chance to produce electric charge during cleaning.

Step 2:

In this step, start your compressor and wait a few minutes to let it build pressure for you. After your compressor is ready, open the computer Lid and keep things away from your PC because dust will blow out, and your things can be dirty.

Then, move your compressor’s pipe towards the PC, and first, keep your finger on the PC fan. It will stop rotating your PC fan when you clean it with a compressor.

When performing this step, try to keep your PSI on a low scale and keep a distance from the interior of the computer, like from the motherboard, components, card extensions, etc.

Step 3:

After cleaning the interior parts of the PC, now start cleaning your supply, as this is a critical part of our Pc. Some people, whenever clean their PC, they forget to clean their supply section. And dust remains in supply which can disturb the power later on to our computers.

So, you carefully clean the supply of your computer, and later, you will see your computer performance change from lower to higher.

Step 4:

In this step, you have to clean the heatsink of your computer; it is a part of our motherboard whose purpose is to cool down our processor during work.

In the heatsink, you will see thermal grease; clean it all and place a new thermal grease on it before you put it on the motherboard. Thermal grease, plays an essential role in heatsinks.

Step 5:

Now, you have done almost everything; you just have to clean the computer ports on the backside of the board. As these ports provide us connectivity to USB and other devices, cleaning them is a much better idea.

Step 6:

In this step, keep the lid of the CPU again and close it. After the above steps, turn off your compressor and plug in your PC power into electric outlets. Turn On your computer, and start enjoying the better performance.

Get The Infographic For Cleaning PC

Infographic For Cleaning Pc

Final Verdict

We have discussed cleaning your Pc with a compressor and why you need to clean your PC. Because a clean Pc can perform better operations than a pc with dust, a cloud of dust on the PC also causes heat to our Pc.

To clean your PC, you can go with a duster that comes with multiple accessories, like for narrow areas and more prominent places, because we know well in our PC, we have to clean the Supply area, motherboard, and Fan area of the motherboard and the overall body of the Pc. For this, we suggest a Black + decker electric leaf blower, which you can use to clean your PC and home garden.

The price of this blower is affordable for any user, and more advantage is their manufacturer provides you the facility to choose only the blower, with other accessories. When you decide on only the blower, the price for this will decrease more. Which one is a good thing from manufacturers for their customers.

I hope this article will benefit you and you understand better now which duster you should buy to clean your pc.


Is it okay to clean my PC with an air compressor?

Yes, that is okay to clean your PC with an air compressor, keeping your compressor PSI from 30 to 60. During this, keeping a distance between the motherboard and your compressor nozzle will be safer.

Can you use a portable air compressor for cleaning PC?

Yes, it is a great idea to use a portable air compressor to clean your PC because, in this way, you can carry the compressor easily to your PC room and easily clean it. If your compressor is heavier and not portable, then maybe have it in a PC room and there to clean different sections of the PC, but you face problems.

How to clean your PC out with an air compressor?

To clean out your PC with an air compressor, you can follow our six simple steps in this article. After reading those steps, you can easily clean your PC.

Why can’t I clean a PC with an air compressor?

Some experts suggest you can’t clean your PC with an air compressor because of the electric charge. A pressurized air flow through PC components can produce an electric amount that may harm our PC life. But if you adjust your PSI and safety measurement, you can use it without any problem.

Is it safe to clean PC with an air compressor?

Yes, cleaning your PC with an air compressor is safe; as we described above, certain conditions can be just in case you have a compressor with higher PSI.

Can I clean out my PC tower with an air compressor?

A tower PC is the same as a desktop PC; you can clean it with the same steps in the above article.

Since I have cleaned the PC with an air compressor, it won’t turn on – What’s the Solution?

If your PC doesn’t work after cleaning it, then maybe during cleaning, you break down some wires or damage hardware components. But first of all, open the lid of the PC and check all cables to see if those plugs are correct and if no one is damaged or broken. If something is damaged, then carry your PC to the repair shop.

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