Husky VS Kobalt Air Compressor – Let’s Find The More Durable One?

If you struggle to choose between husky and Kobalt air compressors, this post is for you. Husky and Kobalt are both famous brands due to their quality products. These brands work on the rules of making no comparison when it comes to the functionality of their air compressors. Therefore, you may find these two air compressors similar in various specifications. 

So selecting one is a hard decision. Indeed, you will only pick one that is perfect for your present and future projects. 

But you don’t need to worry. We bring this thorough comparison of these two. This comparison is based on both my own experience and the opinions of other customers.

History of Husky & Kobalt


Husky is an old brand founded in 1924 by the home retailer “Home Depot.”However, earlier products were impact wrenches, and the brand name was Husky Wrench. The brand went through various changes and under different ownership. 

 Now the brand is again under Home depot’s ownership and is focusing on making various pneumatic tools, hand tools, and other tool storage. These tools include air compressors, sockets, screwdrivers, and many other devices. 


In contrast to Husky, Kobalt is the latest brand founded by Lowe’s in 1998. The brand’s products build by various manufacturers. It is famous for producing different power tools, air tools, hand tools, and outdoor machines. 

Kobalt got famous in 2011 with the production of a lithium-ion battery-powered tool. Most products are made in a method that consumes less power.That’s why homeowners and DIYers can easily handle these. 

A thorough comparison between Husky and Kobalt air compressors

Now let’s comprehensively compare air compressors from these two brands. Today, both brands have manufactured air compressors of various types and sizes. Whether you buy one from Kobalt or Husky, you have many choices for picking the best air compressor under a single roof. Make sure to read the specifications carefully. 

The following comparisons between Husky and Kobalt air compressors allow you to pick one without confusion. 

Main objective

For building any object, there must be a central objective behind that. Both brands manufacture their products for performing a specific operation. If we talk about Kobalt’s air compressors, we would say that these are manufactured for smaller and lighter projects. If you are DIYer, it will be ideal for you.But for the larger project, you cannot depend on this. 

In comparison, Husky manufactures such air compressors that can be suitable for both home and commercial purposes. However, the starting objective was the same as Kobalt, which was to provide affordable air compressors to their customers. 


If we compare the design of air compressors for almost similar capacities, we can notice a considerable difference between them. Let me give you an illustration of how the difference was demonstrated.

We compared the Husky 4.5-gallon air compressor to the Kobalt 4.3-gallon air compressor. We noticed that Kobalt’s button is designed to provide ease to their customers, while Husky has a different style button for turning it on. While both have two pumps, the Kobalt is smaller than the other. 


Husky and Kobalt are famous brands that provide air compressors of different varieties. You can pick the version that is best for you.

Considering the Kobalt air compressors, you can have different air compressors with varying tank capacities. But if we check its other features like oil-free or oil-lubricated pump, you will find most of the compressors with oil-free features.

On the other hand, Husky is famous for providing a vast range of air compressors with oil-free and oil-lubricated specifications. Similarly, you can get more options of units for different lighter to higher projects.  

Noise level

When selecting any air compressor, this is the focused feature for the buyers as they need to work in such circumstances where they don’t want to disturb the people of their surroundings. Sometimes it might be possible they need to work in small apartments then noisy air compressor could be not suitable for them. 

We compared almost similar air compressors from both brands, i.e., Husky 4.5 and Kobalt 4.3. We found that the Kobalt 4.3 compressor shows a noise level of 68 dba while the Husky 4.5 produces an almost 70 dba noise level. You can notice the same comparison for other size compressors.


Now, if you want to know about the weight difference between the compressors from both brands, then let us tell you that there is a minor weight difference. However, Kobalt has proven itself to produce less-weight air compressors. 

On the other hand, Husky’s products come with a little bit more weight. But the difference is ignorable. We noticed this difference in two similar size air compressors of, Husky and Kobalt. 

Still, if you want to decide based on the air compressor’s weight, then Kobalt would be perfect for you. 


Most manufacturers provide their customers with lifetime or limited-time warranties. By doing this, they build a strong relationships with their clients. 

So if we talk about Kobalt, most of their air compressors come with a three years warranty. Additionally, they offer a lifetime warranty on a select few tools.

In contrast, Husky does not provide an extended period warranty. They provide their products with a durability warranty of only two years. You can only get a warranty for faults in material or construction. It could be a drawback of Husky air compressors.


It is a crucial consideration when choosing anything off the market. But here we are comparing the products of two brands. If we take a close cost estimation, then Husky and air compressors, with similar specifications, have almost the same price. 

However, if you are not a fan of paying a little bit high, then you can choose the Kobalt air compressor since Kobalt is selling its product at a slightly low price. 


As you know, everything comes with some benefits and drawbacks, so these compressors also have disadvantages. We discussed the specialties of both brands’ air compressors. Now we will talk about the downsides of both brands as the downside also has an equal role in deciding the perfect one for you. 

Drawbacks of Husky air compressor

High power circuit

One drawback of a husky air compressor is that you must use a separate heavy-duty circuit. You cannot run it on the typical home circuit. So building a different circuit would be a daunting process. But if you are okay with that, you can go for it. 

Short usability

We noticed another drawback of husky air compressors is their short usability. Their performances are only suitable for a more straightforward project where you must take a short break while performing the task. In contrast, when your project is long, and you need to run the air compressor continually for a more extended period, your husky air compressors cannot run along. Some users try to use them for a more extended period, and they end up with motor failure.

Drawbacks of Kobalt air compressor

Repairing issues

The main drawback of these air compressors is that when your unit is not working correctly, then the brand will not repair your unit. The brand does not provide repair services and hence is not responsible for any issue in your unit. So, go for those brands taking responsibility for their delivered products. 

Price Value

Kobalt claims its customers provide the value of their paid the price. Here we mention that the brand is not fulfilling the price value. You will need to compromise on that. Similarly, if you expect to run your Kobalt air compressor for a long time, you might need to be corrected. It is not made for such a project. 

Final thoughts

We have provided a detailed comparison between Husky and Kobalt air compressors. We hope you’ve already decided to purchase one that will work for your project.Until now, Husky has been proven more useful as they come with more PSI and can perform multi-purpose tasks. Despite a bit of a high cost, you can enjoy this for various projects. It could be a lifetime investment. So, we recommend you buy a Husky, the more efficient air compressor. 

However, your product choice depends on your project’s needs. We have made a comprehensive comparison. Still, if you have some confusion, you can contact us.

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