Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide – Know Major Reasons & their DIY Solutions

If you own an Ingersoll Rand air compressor, there is a possibility that you might encounter troubles with it at some point. This also depends on how much you have maintained your air compressor. So, here we are going to provide a comprehensive troubleshooting manual that will help you diagnose all the possible common problems with the air compressors and give the best solution. It can be used by anyone who works on or maintains an air compressor and also covers all types of compressors, including hermetic, piston, screw, rotary screw & centrifugal.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide – Fix All Issues

Ingersoll Rand air compressor is one of the leading brands of air compressor that is used in industries and homes. As these air compressors are powerful and efficient so if a person buys a new air compressor, then he will be able to use the machine for years with proper maintenance.

If the machine starts creating issues, shutting down after a while, and not working properly then you have to follow the troubleshooting guide given here. We will also assist you to resolve all the problems using fault codes.

But, before starting the fixation you should have an idea about what issue you are facing. Try to solve simple & small problems yourself, as most of the people face issues like high rise in temperature. It is due to the low amount of the oil in air compressor and can be solved easily by adding the required amount of oil.

Again recheck if there is any severe issue, once you got the exact problem that the air compressor is causing then you can do the possible actions that we have given here.

Continuous Unit Shut Off

If your air compressor is continuously shutting down then it may be due to the following reasons.

ReasonDIY Solution
Machine Fan Belt Broken Change the belt with a high-quality fan belt
Wiring IssueCheck if there are some loose or broken wires, repair them, and place new ones.
Low Amount of FuelIf your air compressor is fuel-based then add good quality fuel.
Increase in Water TemperatureCheck the temperature scale on the machine. Now, add cool water to reduce the engine temperature.
Battery Low VoltageCheck the battery, if it is not working properly then change it.
Blown FuseFuse blow-up is also the main reason for the engine shutting down, you have to change the fuse to start operating it again.

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Machine not starting

People become worried when their air compressor is not turning on. There is a need to know the exact issue that is causing your machine not to start. We’ve collected here the possible reasons that are stopping your air compressor to start and provided the best solutions to fix them.

ReasonDIY Solution
Fuel ExpiredMaybe you’ve not changed your air compressor oil for a long time. That’s why the oil expired. Remove the current oil from the machine and add a new one.
Low Amount of FuelLow oil level is also one of the main reasons why your machine is not starting. Add enough oil to the engine so it can work properly.
Fuel Filters BlockedAn aged air compressor mostly faces this issue, it is caused due to the thick matter that is blocking fuel filters. Simply, clean the filters. Your machine will start.
Broken Turn On SwitchYour machine will not start if the power switch is broken. Change the switch to turn it on.
Malfunctioning AlternatorAir compressor voltage issue may be due to malfunctioning of the alternator. That’s why the machine fails to start. So, change the alternator.

Producing Horrible Noise

A machine looks terrible if it starts producing irritating noises. To make it the quietest air compressor you need to know what issue is causing the noise. Then you can fix it easily. We’ve listed the issues and their quick solutions in the given table below.

ReasonDIY Solution
Low Oil Level in Crankcase Less amount of oil in the crankcase can also cause loud noise issues. So, add oil to reduce noise.
Wobbling Belt Shaking belt disturbs the proper functioning of an air compressor & also produces annoying noise. Simply tight or change the belt.
Loose Belt GuardThe belt guard noise can be fixed by tightening or replacing it with a new belt cover.
Loose flywheelIf the flywheel is in good condition and still producing noise, then tight it properly. The noise issue will be fixed. On the other hand, if the flywheel is damaged or in a bad condition then you should replace it.
Wobbly PulleyTighten the pulley

Machine Temperature Indicator Remains ON or OFF

If you notice your machine’s temperature indicator is not turning on or off then following are the possible causes and you can resolve them with the help of given solutions.

ReasonDIY Solution
High TemperatureWhen the sensor detects a continuous increase in the temperature, it remains turned on. This issue can be fixed by decreasing the temperature according to the air compressor specifications.
Circuit Board Bad FunctioningThe temperature sensor bulb stays on may be due to the bad functioning of the machine circuit board, so try to fix or replace it.
Dusty EnvironmentA dirty environment also keeps the temperature indicator on, so keep it in a clean place.
Blown BulbChange the circuit board to fix this issue.

Machine Oil Pressure Indicator Remains ON or OFF

You may face the issue that your compressor engine oil pressure indicator remains on or off. We’ve provided below the possible causes and how you can solve them yourself.

Oil pressure indicator remains ON

ReasonDIY Solution
Blocked Oil FiltrationThe oil pressure indicator remains on due to a clogged oil filter. This problem can be solved easily by replacing the oil filter. The indicator doesn’t point out any issues when you put in the new oil filter.  
Insufficient oilYour air compressor may start malfunctioning if there is less oil in the engine, and that’s why the indicator remains ON. To fix this issue, you can add oil. The machine will start working smoothly again, and the indicator will turn off. 
Faulty Circuit BoardOne of the main reasons the oil pressure indicator remains ON is the defective circuit board. You can resolve this issue by replacing the circuit board. This will be a technical task; you can hire a compressor expert to change the circuit board. 
Unsuitable Lubrication OilThe wrong oil usage in the air compressor engine may cause the oil pressure indicator to stay ON. This problem can be solved by replacing the oil with the right specifications that match the air compressor.

Oil pressure indicator remains OFF

Sometimes you’ve noticed that the oil pressure indicator always remains OFF and doesn’t point out anything. This may be due to some reasons; we’ve discussed these issues below and provided their efficient solutions. 

ReasonDIY Solution
Defective Circuit BoardFaulty circuit board is also why the oil pressure indicator remains OFF. A malfunctioning circuit board is causing the issue & can’t turn ON the indicator. So, to fix this issue, you can replace the circuit board.
Lamp Burned OutYou may notice that the indicator stays OFF and not turning ON to signal any issue. It may be due to a blown bulb that remains OFF. You can replace the bulb to fix this issue.

Final Thoughts

Ingersoll Rand air compressors are a popular choice among professionals and homeowners. These are built to last, and they deliver powerful results. If you own an Ingersoll Rand air compressor, it’s important to know how to troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise. So, we’ve given the complete guide to troubleshooting an air compressor here. You can ask any question related to the compressor machines, we will respond it as soon as possible.

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