How To Regrip Golf Clubs With Air Compressor? Step-by-Step Guide

If your golf club has lost its grip and you are struggling to find the right and quick way, then your solution is to regrip it with an air compressor. One of the essential pieces of equipment in the Golf game is the golf club which has two main components, i.e., shaft and grip. Both have their role while playing. 

Holding the club in a specific position gives the grip for a good stroke. But over time, these naturally lose their grip. Therefore, regripping the golf club would be helpful. It might be a hectic and time-consuming task for some golf players, who must regrip their golf club once a year. However, you can reduce the time and effort of an air compressor. 

By using the procedure described in this article, you can regrip your golf clubs. First, we go through the reasons behind regripping golf clubs.

Why should you regrip the golf club?

Maybe you don’t like regripping your golf club as you think it looks good. You might be thinking logically. Firstly, if your grip is accumulated by mud, lubricant, or sweat through your hands, then it will not be so hard to wipe it off. But with time, it can lead to a loosening grip and low performance. 

Secondly, your golf club lost its performance due to its excess usage. It can be torn out, and you are not capable of making a perfect stroke. You cannot fix a broken grip with a simple method. 

In short, you need to regrip your golf club not only for its better maintenance but also for your high performance in-game. It may cost you high if you choose to regrip this from professionals. You can change your grip using a DIY method with an air compressor.

Method to regrip golf club with an air compressor

Suppose you are not a fan of regripping your golf club with the traditional method in which vice was used. This method is used to consume a lot of energy and time. In contrast, you can use an air compressor to regrip the golf club. The benefits of using this method involve time-saving, cost-saving, and lenience. 

This method involved two sub-methods. One is the removal of the grip, and the second is an installment of the grip. We will thoroughly explain both of these. 

Required Equipment

Before starting the process, you need the following equipment. 

  • Air compressor
  • Golf-specific vice (optional)
  • New grips
  • Specific grips tools for air compressor
  • Masking tape

1. Remove the old grip with the compressor

After gathering the equipment, start removing the grip from the golf club by following these steps.

  1. First, you must hold the shaft with such material to keep it in one place. Cover the stick with a piece of rubber and fix it in the vice. It will not let your golf club get damaged.
  2. Then fix the nozzle in the grip hole.
  3. Turn on the compressor. 
  4. Apply short bursts of air until it loosens the grip.
  5. Then pull out the grip.

2. Install a new grip with an air compressor

When you remove the old and broken grip, place a new grip on your golf club with the help of an air compressor. Installing the new grip with the air compressor involves the following steps.

  1. First, clear out the old messy tape from the club.
  2. Attach the grip tip to the shaft’s end.
  3. When you settle the grip tip onto the shaft, firmly hold it back. With the help of the left hand, attach the air gun to the grip. 
  4. Start blasting the air with constant pressure ensuring the grip is pushing forward.
  5. Then, make sure your grip is properly fitted and aligned to remove.

Best air compressor for regripping the golf club

The most crucial factor in performing this task is what kind of air compressor would be fit for this process. The PSI, HP, and tank size of an air compressor all influence on its choice.

For regripping the golf club, your unit must not be too big or too small. However, a minimum of 90 Psi is needed to regrip the golf club that a smaller unit can produce. But choosing the minor team is not ideal as the air compressor will turn on/off after a short period. 

The noise level of an air compressor is yet another crucial factor to consider. It should be less noisy.

Therefore, we bring the best air compressor suitable for your regrip project.

The selection of this compressor is based on thorough research and practice. According to our expert team Makita MAC2400 is the best compressor for this purpose. 

It has 2.5 HP and can provide a maximum pressure of 130 PSI. In addition, it has a twin stacked pump that provides a 4.2-gallon tank capacity. All these air compressor specifications make it best to regrip the golf club.

It will not only help you in regripping, but you can also do many jobs. You can turn it into a pressure washer to clean your car, fence, walls, & any other dirty place. This compressor can do your vehicle tire inflating job pretty well. Makita’s Mac2400 will be the best addition to your home garage.

Final thoughts

Regripping the golf club is not hectic if you use a suitable air compressor for this project. You can regrip without spending money on specialists. You can follow this complete guide and easily remove and install the grip on the golf club. You can perform this task in less amount of time. But before using an air compressor, read some essential factors of an air compressor. 


Is it possible to reuse the golf grips?

Yes, you can reuse the golf grips. Make sure that your old grips are in good condition. Therefore, removing a golf grip with an air compressor is beneficial as you don’t need to cut with a knife or blade. 

What type is best while installing the grip with an air compressor?

Regarding the selection of tape, there is conflict among people. Some consider that double-sided tape is best to secure the grip. On the other hand, when you are using an air compressor to regrip the golf club, people choose masking tape.

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